Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's going on with our Police Dept. ?

We received the following letter in an e-mail and find this information disturbing and something that every citizen in Winchester should be made aware of. We have also spoken with several people about the content of this letter and will post more information as it becomes available and confirmed ..

This is a copy of a letter I faxed to the Attorney General's office last week, I have talked to them and I have heard of others who have talked to them. But they say they are too busy to help right now. What can we do about this as a community. Please help look into this. FYI - this is information I found out about by myself, can you imagine what we can do together. I heard from a business person in town that Officer Nate Jette told him that Det. Sgt. Reppucci is on Administrative Leave. What's up with this? Is this true? If so why?

To: Chief Investigator Paul Broder
State of New Hampshire Attorney General

Dear Investigator R. Tracy,

Per our conversation on Monday, July 6, 2009 I forward to you the following information.

I took it upon myself to do some investigating which disclosed the following.

In reference to Officer Nathan Jette I spoke to Paul McCoomb about a bicycle which belonged to the Winchester Police Department Bike Impound. Paul McCoomb told me Officer Jette admitted to having a bike “which he was not authorized to have” and shifted the blame to his Sgt. at the time, saying his Sgt. said he could have the bike. It is my understanding that Officer Jette is still in possession of the bike. It is also my understanding that Officer Jette failed the polygraph portion with the Town of New Ipswich in which he was disqualified due to integrity issues.

It is my understanding that Sgt. Reppucci may have other collaborating information pertaining to Officer Jette’s unethical behavior.

It would probably behoove the Attorney General’s Office to speak with Secretary Maryan Platz who seems to have her nose in everybody’s business.

I spoke with Gene Parks regarding the firearms issue which you and I had discussed on the phone on July 6, 2009.

I went to Granite State Productions in Hinsdale and spoke with the owner and I inquired about Sgt. Christopher Roberts. I went there three times. I asked the owner if he knew if Sgt. Roberts ever threatened his neighbor with a firearm, (I got this information from Steve Formica) and I was told that and many other reasons are why Officer Roberts is no longer employed by the Town of Hinsdale. The owner of Granite State Productions was very adamant that there was criminal threatening with a firearm towards one of Sgt. Roberts neighbors. At this time I haven’t verified which neighbor. It is my understanding that this allegation was not properly investigated.

It is also my understanding the neighbor threatened a lawsuit if Sgt. Roberts was not terminated. The owner of Granite State also confirmed there was litigation between Sgt. Roberts and the Town of Hinsdale which was settled behind closed doors and Sgt. Roberts received and undisclosed monetary settlement. It may behoove the Attorney General to research Sgt. Roberts Form B with Police Standards and Training. I wonder if this information was disclosed in Sgt. Roberts background with the Winchester Police Department. Would this not be a potential litigation issue if the Town of Winchester knowingly hired Sgt. Roberts with this information in his background?

Also, I went to the Town of Hinsdale on June 4, 2009 to research citizen complaints against Sgt. Roberts. I found approximately 30 complaint letters pertaining to Sgt. Roberts unprofessional behavior of which several of the complaints contained profanity towards several citizens. I have personal knowledge of Sgt. Roberts using profanity with my brother. Approximately three weeks later I returned to the Town Hall to make copies of these complaints and found only five. I came back a couple of days later to make copies and there were none. They have all disappeared. I find this highly unusual.

It is also my understanding that Sgt. Roberts insulted the manager at Kulick’s Supermarket in Winchester with his unprofessional behavior. When a complaint was filed, it was just swept under the carpet. Interestingly, this occurred right before Sgt. Roberts became Lieutenant. How is this possible?

I stopped at the Texaco station at 63 and Main Street and asked a general question and they directed me to Shippe’s Auto Repair in Hinsdale. Someone at Shippe’s Auto Repair mentioned that Sgt. Roberts may be involved with an incident involving some rims that were stolen out of a pick up truck sometime last fall and the rims may be on his truck. Shippe’s directed me to Vinnie’s Towing Service.

I am trying to get additional information and I will be sending information as I get it.

I have serious concerns about Officer Jette and Sgt. Roberts credibility especially the criminal threatening of Sgt. Roberts with regards to his neighbor. I have these concerns because I frequently visit my family in this community and I would like these concerns to be thoroughly investigated.

I ask that the Attorney General’s Office take these concerns seriously and investigate them thoroughly and I also request that the Office of the Attorney General respond to me in writing the results of these concerns.


name withheld at writer's request

We have also received information that a citizen of Fitzwilliam, who works in town was followed to her home by an off duty police officer in his own vehicle and verbally harassed in her own driveway. This person filed a complaint with Winchester's Chief of Police back in April over this matter .. We are attempting to find out just how this was resolved or if any action was ever taken at all on the complaint.


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I GIVE UP said...

Do you think the right people are the same people that ignored the voters and gave the PD not the 10 that they wanted but 12,000 thousand for a new cruiser ? WHY VOTE!

June 19, 2009 7:03 AM

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Anonymous said...

All you get out of Sherm Tedford is " thank you for your comments, we'll take them under advisement". Then it's just more business as usual. As you can see, even with Gus Ruth the new board chair, it's really Sherm getting his way as usual. What part of NO didn't he understand when the voters voted no on the police warrant? And what about the rest of them that went along with him? Now we know why there aren't bigger turn outs at the polls, votes don't count in this town.

June 21, 2009 8:42 AM

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????????? said...

Speaking 0f a new cruiser, the word is that its getting lettered by someone from out of town, when we have a business in Winchester that does that work. Can some one tell why we are sending our money out of town?

July 6, 2009 7:34 PM

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Whats up at the PD ? said...

At a recent selectmen's meeting it was stated that the police chief stated he was under staffed. The planning board may be out of control, its sounds like our police dept. needs a complete overhaul. The sole purpose of this dept seems to be detail work.The selectmen should count the cruisers and check on how many officers are on leave for what ever reason, and when there are no cruisers at the PD where are they.

July 16, 2009 2:53 PM

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word on the street said...

They may want to count the bicycles at the same time.

July 17, 2009 7:35 PM

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Does no one care ? said...

At around 11am today 7/29 the Winchester cruiser with 2 people was [4 wheeling ] on old Hinsdale rd in Ashuelot and went all the way to the ledges. Were they chasing someone or just out having fun at the tax payers expense. Things like this are the reason the tax payers in Winchester held back on police vehicles. If it was a joy ride the police dept should be taking disciplinary action.I hope this apparent wast of time and money will be looked into by Bob Gray and the selectmen.

July 29, 2009 3:07 PM

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Say it ain't so said...
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Anonymous said...

The "old" police cruiser is being advertised for sale. The blue book value is over $5,000 used retail, but the selectman all agreed that they would be willing to take as little as $2,500.
It would be nice if the police department ran like the ambulance service and made a profit...instead of sucking us dry!

Only In Winchester said...

Things like this might even wake up the most stanch dept. head supporters. Time to evaluate all the depts. starting with the PD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. My husband travels and I am now concerned as when I ask for extra patrols who is going to watch out for my safety or for others safety in this community. Gee whiz, I thought that the good guys were there to uphold the law. We all need to be on top of this situation.

Anonymous said...

In regards to comments about the old cruiser.
Why wasn't it offered as a trade-in when the new one, that we all voted NOT to purchase, was bought against our will? This looks awful suspicious that the select board would agree to take less money than what the vehicle is worth. It will be interesting to see who purchases this vehicle and for how much.

Anonymous said...

I realize that many small towns have some issues but this is getting really quite alarming when on top of all the other problems we are having with the zoning and planning boards, the selectmen, fire chief and the water plant and highways dept foremen and now issues with the police dept too. We really do need to be very aware of who we vote into office and who gets hired to work in our town, after all this affects the lives of all of us and it is our money being spent. More people need to pay attention and start getting involved. Thank god we have this web site and the other to be kept abreast of what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody is looking into this stuff.How much more don't we know about? Even if one of these things is true it's too much. When will it stop? Who's in charge anyway? Anyone?

The Jigs Up said...

In the Sunday Sentinel is an article about a neighborhood watch on elm street in Winchester. Its a good idea, and its not necessarily a black eye for the towns PD. I hope when they round up these renegade kids the parents get hauled in as well.I also hope the selectmen and the budget committee don't swallow the line that we need more money, people, and cars. Winchester PD has had two or three people at a time on detail work out of town in past years, doesn't sound like we are short of anything. The next police chief needs to have a business background and a conscience would be nice.

Amazing........... said...
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Keene Sentinel 8/3, $3.4 billion dollar shortfall for N.H. pensions. One of the reasons is police detail work, and some days we have as many as three officers and cruisers in the Keene area doing just that. Isn'T it strange that the other towns in Cheshire County aren't all over this work, guess in most towns the police dept. doesn't have the town fathers buffaloed.And just how long are the taxpayers going to pay for Mr. Reppuccis administrative leave?

Anonymous said...

WE get a new cruiser that we (taxpayers) so no in March two. Then in June we spend over $2000.00 dollars on Expedition that is fallen apart with cab mounts that have failen . Then the police chief does not even replace that worse one in the fleet. He saves that one so he can ask for a new one in March because it will not pass state inspection,,, I have seen many good people loose there house in town and a Police Chief can not wait another 6 months and give tax payers a relief,,,,

Anonymous said...

Okay, so our Police Chief now has a new man at his side-Roberts; a fired, reprimanded, cast off from another town. His detective is on administrative leave. The rookie Jette is talking about how the Chief and Roberts are sinking the department while his affair is covered up and he says, "The board of dopes" don't have a clue... The cruisers are time bombs that are being allowed to stay in the fleet because they help with sympathy votes for new cruisers. What the heck was that article the other day in the Sentinel---"not enough manpower".........heck----------this is just another one of the Winchester's finest attempts to get people to think they are working hard. Why don't they try and make the officers work shifts when we REALLY need them---instead of 6 on days and one at night------DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?????SOMEONE STEP IN AND MAKE THIS DEPARTMENT A REPUTABLE DEPARTMENT AGAIN!It needs a overhaul!

Anonymous said...

Is it true Officer Fisher is coming back to WPD? Didn't he leave because he wanted a gravy schedule and Sepe wouldn't give it to him and Gary Phillips did not give him what he wanted for a salary as he said he would. Is it true Chief Phillips is giving Fisher a work schedule so Fisher can go to school. Isn't this why Fisher is leaving Swanzey because Sgt. Chamberlain will not give Fisher a set schedule. Is it true Fisher is coming back as a detective? How can this be when he has a little more than two years experience full time? What does Fisher want? What are we paying him? Why wasn't he required to do an oral board & physical testing like Officer Ammann & Breau had to? Or does Gary Phillips do random hiring processes for his buddies? Why didn't Officer Smith and Meecham have to do the run test before they were hired like Officer Zeigler did. (Is it true Smith failed the run test in June?) Can they even do the run? Is it true Jette had an affair with someone from the ambulance squad a fun time with a female at Mr. Mike's(the old bank) a few years ago? Is it true it was caught on camera? Why is Jette still employed if he admitted to having a bike from the impound which does not belong to him? What's going on at the WPD? Is it true Erin is going to replace Maryann. It sure looks that way. What are Robert's qualifications? Does he even have a degree? Is it true he was a Lieutenant at Hinsdale and later demoted to a Sgt. with out supervisory powers or responsibilities? How can this be? Is it true the new cruiser has to be re-lettered? Why didn't Phillips allow Lawrence Signs to do the cruiser lettering? Why are we sending business out of town? When is Reppucci coming back...or is he? How much is this going to cost the town? If the PD is so short staffed, why are there always officers available to do details in Keene. Is it true Phillips worked most of the track details? Why doesn't he share? How many details has he worked in Keene this summer? Is the chief padding his retirement? Why does Roberts come in at 6:30 before the chief and leaves at 2:30 before the chief? What can be so important that he has to come in at 6:30. Sounds like Roberts writes his own schedule and is trying to run the dept. Rumor has it Phillips want's to retire and stay on as an administrative chief so he can collect his pension and a salary from the town. Why doesn't he volunteer as chief so the town can get its money back?

still hope? said...

Phillips wants to stay on as an administrative chief, hell he would fit rite in with water and hwy. I bet he doesn't want to give up the details. Let me tell you when this news gets out to the real world we will be the laughing stock of the state.If you run into to any of the selectmen tell them how you feel, they may surprise you. Where were all the cruisers at 9pm last nite 8/4, maybe gone home with the people doing details in the morning?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Bob Gray and and the Selectmen have a link to this site?If they do they sure can't keep saying we didn't know anything was going on.

What is really going on????? said...

Winchester paid for Fisher to go to the full academy for 3 months, a couple of years ago and then 2 months later he left to go to Swanzey because he didn't like his schedule. What is he going to do for Winchester now? He has no loyalty but it's obvious he must have demands that were met in Winchester that couldn't be met in Swanzey. Again no loayalty. How much more paid training will he get in Winchester before he leaves again because he didn't get his way?

more word from the street said...

Are the same things going on in Winchester as what went on in the Jaffrey Police Department? Did anyone ever check into Gary Phillips background before hiring him? After doing a little research, it seems Chief Gary Phillips left Jaffrey Police Department abruptly in March 1997. There are at least three newspaper articles about this and they are very interesting. The Keene Sentinel, The Transcipt and The Ledger all reported this news. All these articles can be found at the public library. The articles all say that he gave his resignation and if took effect immediately and with no job prospect on the horizon. It’s not like he had another job lined up. According to the articles, John Sistare said the selectmen accepted his resignation (effective immediately) but that there weren’t any problems. Gary Phillips says he was on vacation the week before and it just seemed like a good time to put in his resignation. The articles also say it was so sudden even his police department didn’t know about it until after it happened. The articles also say that a female member of the police dept left abruptly at the same time. Gary Phillips then went to work for DHL delivering packages for some years, again this is after he left his Chief of Police post in Jaffrey????? Something just sounds a little off here. Why would the Chief of Police of Jaffrey turn in his resignation effective immediately, after being on “vacation” for a week, when there was nothing going on to go work for DHL delivering packages??? Anybody have any thoughts or additional information?????

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is the police chief has told officer fisher he would pay him $ 5000.00 more then he recieved in Swanzey. His girlfriend would have a job also,,, HOw many police chief's in the area work details ? THey give them to there officers but not in this town,,,, Sargent Roberts it was his uncle if anyone cares who is his neigbor,, Officer Jette has applied in Hinsdale, Swanzey, Keene,Jaffery and many more there is a reason why he was not hired,,Can he pass a physical test which is required by the state. Officer Breau took two years to finally be a police officer that the town paid for out of our tax dollars. Officer Reppucci is required to due a physical test due to the face he was out of law inforcment for more time then required and has done a test to date???? it is time for a change,,,,,

Anonymous said...

The Police Department is a disgrace.Last week the Keene Sentinel reported that the Winchester Police Department took a Timothy Merrifield to the County Jail in Westmoreland. According to the article he was "highly intoxicated" and was shooting a gun in the air.He never went to the county jail as reported.He stayed in Winchester.How do we get these people out?Who needs to be contacted? The AG's office?The FBI? Other state or federal agencies? Or all of the above? We need to take the town back and it starts with the people who make the decisions. They all care about themselves and not about the voters. They don't tell the truth. They cover up the truth and tell the taxpayers they are working for them and then do what they want to do.

Looks like a conspiracy..... said...

Why are the selectmen protecting Phillips and letting him get new cruisers for details? Do they get some sort of favors from him?

Something fishy goin on.... said...

Where is Repucci? The reason why the police department is going down hill is because Repucci isn’t around to take of things. What have they done with him anyway? Nobody seems to know. More big secrets in Winchester.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand why a Officer Jette can peg names like, "The Board of Dopes" on the selectmen and no one says BOO. He should not be running his trap that he is the next chief of police rumored to have said 'once we get rid of philips'. If that is what was really said he should have walking papers. Why is a town official allowed to do that? He also has not been quiet about how he feels about the Winchester people and our toothless and uneducated ways. Educate this!Now he is believed to have stolen property? And,Is it true that all the fulltime officers now can take the cruisers home? WHY are we paying taxpayer money to cover THEIR gas? Another thing, why are the police officers above everyone else and are allowed to have their WIVES or girlfriends ride in the cruisers with them????THIS is a huge liability and I am sorry===JUST wrong---Maybe Jette is right---maybe the selectmen are "Board of Dopes" cuz they just look the other way! They should just CLEAN house!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like this all goes back to the Chief Sheets thing 7years ago or so. Does anyone remember the selectmen making a deal with phillips to get everyone to turn on Sheets?Phillips kissed their butts to get that position as long as he turned ear on Sheets.....Sorry Folks but Sheets was the best thing that has happened to our town-look at us now! It is a disgrace that these "men" are running our town, wasting our money and padding their pockets. Get another Chief who knows what he is doing in there and maybe, just maybe we can be proud of this police dept again.
Roberts and Phillips are the ones that have ganged up on reppuchi-everyone knows it and he's not quiet about it. If you don't fit their cookie cutter mold then you are run out. What really happened to theresa Seep? I think she knew alot more than she said and maybe got out before they ran her out too. Screw police details-stop making the officers happy and do what the rest of us have to do--_WORK!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is it true they fired Repucci because he knows the real secrets?Do he know that these cops are using our money to get fancy equipment that they don't even have training to use? Police infidelities? Files disappearing? What about allocated money used inappropriately? how about--does anyone really know how many days or nights they get call from their houses and BILL us for the time they sit at home and watch tv? how about hanging out at the bank in kulicks to see girlfriends while wives sit at home? tHE ABUSE of power? the coverup? Anyone wonder why they made him go awway?At least he had the gall to stand up to the four cops that are running things-that blonde guy with the wige, jette,robert and the chief guy. First time since we had that last police chief that actually someone is firing back. Unfortunately, they are going to do the sam ething they did to that Sheats cop and get him to leave or get fired. Sheats had balls at least. WHERE are the selectmen? Are they afraid of Phillips and his crew? WE need help here! SOmeone needs to step in and talk to Repucci,what does he know? Maybe we need to go higher up the chain of command and get someone to do a official investigation. I think Repucci wouold have been a better chief than this yahoo.

Anonymous said...

I have to say- Mr,anyonymous---are you Sgt Lt Chief repucci because this sure sounds like alot of juicy info?

Daniel Reppucci said...

In regards to the above post of August 6 at 10:35 PM asking if I am the writer of the above post. No I am not. I too have been following what people are saying here in the informer as I have done so many times in the past years. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have ever posted a blog to this website. Obviously people in the community have concerns. Peoples concerns should be listened to whether they are true or not as every citizen has a right to know what goes on in their government at all levels, not just on the local level.

Daniel Reppucci

Anonymous said...

Why do we have so many officers who have come from other towns for various reasons on our force? Does anyone know what the hiring criteria is for a police officer in Winchester? Why do we have so many cruisers in such a small town and yet not one can be found at the station or in town on most days and why are citizens who live out beyond the racetracks told to call Swanzey police with their concerns on some days? Just how many of our hired full time officers work on night patrol and what areas are they assigned to? We seem to have many problems with no answers.

Anonymous said...

Mr Repucci,
I am anonymous too and you are absolutely right! I don't think that anyone here has anything negative to say about you but there are some serious concerns about why you aren't working for our police department anymore. Our family for one wonders why all the good cops aren't there anymore, you included? I think this site is total in support of you but r questioning why you and the old police cheif and theresa aren't working here anymore and we are left with these other political, ego seeking dingdongs? I think everyone in this town knows all about police and ambulance business because the people involved talk about it AND I have never heard that you were out there telling people police business---so you R one of the good guys! Heres to you being the next police chief for our town!

The JIGS Up said...

We don't need to bring anyone back,too much baggage. This PD does need to be investigated, the taxpayers of Winchester are being had and its time it stops.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted at 1:18 August 7, 2009.

What has been written these past few days has been very interesting.
However,it is easy to lose sight of what is important and that is correcting what is wrong with the police department and moving forward in a positive direction. It is easy to point the finger at others when all are frustrated. Before anyone makes accusations or speculation about the officers of Winchester Police Department it might just behoove those who are quick to judge to talk to each officer to get their side of the story. Who may find out some interesting information and maybe the truth. One may also find there a few officers with integrity and compassion for the community. I must caution those who seek may or may not like what you hear. One thing for sure is there is a lot of information out there and if someone has the "balls" to ask each member of the police department how they feel, one may find that several officers are not happy with the administration, both past and present. Some officers are willing to talk but fear they will lose their jobs if they go to the Board of Selectmen. Although it is appreciated that Reppucci is not around, he is not the only good guy and for anyone to think any one person makes or breaks a police department is sorely misinformed and misguided. One should do less speculating and more fact finding before one speaks.It makes for better credibility. Again, if information and facts about the Winchester Police Department are what people want,they should talk directly to each individual officer both past and present. A good place to start would be with an open and public forum in front of the Board of selectmen, police officers and the citizens of Winchester. Until this happens, the reputation of the Winchester Police Department, good or bad or otherwise will never change. One should be careful for what they ask for for one may not like what they.


I think the chiefs only concern is detail work to inflate his retirement and i don't think he is always honest(my opinion).I also don't think we need anyone that he has let go, back on the force. This force is an embarrassment to the town and i wonder why the selectmen aren't all over it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Chief Phillips, if you truly have nothing to hide, you will invite the public and the Board of Selectmen together to discuss some of the things being said in and around town and about the speculation about you and your officers, as suggested in the previous post. The easiest way to dispel a myth is to set the record straight. It would seem to me that if I were in the position of Police Chief and I had all these negative and potential criminal accusations flying about I would not want to allow my officers and employees to be subjected to all the negative publicity if it were not true. Ignoring something in the hopes it will go away usually does not work. But, it definitely doesn’t work if there is any, even the slightest bit of truth to it. People tend to forgive someone, if that someone is big enough to admit to making a mistake. People don’t tend to forgive people when they can’t admit to making a mistake. People don’t tend to forgive people who make mistakes and blame others. People don’t tend to forgive people who make mistakes and try to cover them up. So Chief Phillips it appears that you can very easily dispel any and all myths if you want to and why you wouldn’t want to protect yourself and employees is a cause for speculation in itself. Apparently, you must like and must thrive on this negative publicity. I dare say there seems to be something that just doesn’t seem right here. As a Police Chief you work for the people, why not be honest with us?

Anonymous said...

The citizens of Winchester should be concerned about the Department. Ask why two respected Officers, one with 20 years on the job and the other with 6 suddenly up and left for another town. Now MR. Repucci is on paid or admin leave, one is out with a back injury, the Chief has promoted a Sargent to LT with questionable character issues. One of my questions to you the Citizens of Winchester is that why was Mr. Reppucci placed on admin leave last year for a Domestic issue. He had his weapons taken from him and had a restraining order in place as well. One week later, he was re-instated without further review by the Chief. What a liability ! At the very least he should of had a physiological evaluation and a review either by State Police or the Attorneys General's Office. Mr. Repucci was a detective but what cases did he actually solve? Privately several people had asked, "What about my case, or if there were any suspects." Mr Repucci would not or did not even call them back to keep them up to date with their cases. Maybe his hands were tied with both issues and the Chief just wanted, Business as usual. Either way the Chief is solely responsible for the PD and the personnel working for it. Its time for HIM to be questioned not the Officers.
On another note, I always wondered why there were so many Officers on during the day and no one stopping cars or just out on the roads. Just listen to your scanners people, then listen to them at night, THEY ARE BUSY. They do what they can at night by the sounds of it but there is a lot of stuff going on in this town that people just don't realize, ie drugs and there usually only one Officer on duty at those times, maybe two. Makes me wonder anyway. Maybe its time to stop speculating and throwing accusation into the wind about what the police department is doing. I noticed that on of the bloggers got it right when they wrote that the people should speak to the Officers directly. I will add that the Selectmen should follow suit. Maybe someone should talk to Sepe or Pelkey to find the real reasons why they left. It should be time for actions not words. This is the only way to make things better with the Winchester PD.

Anonymous said...

The people in charge obviously don't want to take action. That's the problem, how do you fix it? You can complain but to who?

Anonymous said...

In regards to the citizen in Fitzwillam who was followed to her house. The citizen was a female, the officer was Nate Jette who followed her for nearly 13 miles(what a bazaar thing to do) to her residence and confronted her with an attitude. As for Chief Phillips looking to this matter, Phillips did not do anything because it did not happen in Winchester and therefore it was not his problem. This is not the first time Jette has confronted someone off duty. A few weeks ago, Jette confronted Brian Jordan at the 4 Corner's Store in Richmond. Jette,(who was on duty and in uniform in Richmond) was standing in line in front of Brian Jordan. Jette turned around (in the presence of other store associates and Brian's mother)and told Jordan if he had something to say to Jette's wife,Jette would take Jordan to Jette's house where Jordan could say what he wanted to say to Jette's wife instead of sending an anonymous letter.What Jette said and did to Brian Jordan was accusatory and inflammatory. Did Jette have proof Brian was going to send a letter? If so, what proof did Jette Have? These are questions Brian Jordan should demand to have answered in writing from Jette. Brian Jordan should also demand a written letter of apology from officer Jette. Brian Jordan filed a written complaint to Chief Wood regarding Jette's actions and demeanor. Chief Wood investigated Jordan's complaint and because Jette did not violate any law,the complaint was unfounded. Maybe Chief Wood should differentiate between inappropriate behavior(conduct unbecoming an officer)and harassment.Just because no law was violated does not mean the officer did not violate policy. Chief Wood should know this,after all he is a Chief of Police in two towns. What Jette did was unprofessional and a personal attack on Brian Jordan, plain and simple! It was also a non Richmond related issue and accusatory in nature, maybe even slanderous. In Chief Wood's letter to Brian Jordan, Chief Wood acknowledged officer Jette did confront Brian and did tell Jordan he would take Jordan to the Jette residence so Jordan could confront Jette's wife. What in the world was Jette thinking? What Jette should have done was shut his mouth and let the matter go instead of letting his ego get the better of him(what little there is)like it did when he stopped the female and when he confronted Corey Carpenter this past winter when Corey was working at his job at Sears. In fact what Jette should have done was nothing at all and treated Mr. Jordan in a cordial and courteous manner. Jette seems to have difficulty with people who challenge him and who are below him. This is not a good trait for any police officer to have. Jette's actions may fall within the Harassment RSA 644:4 which states the following: a person is guilty of a misdemeanor if he insults,taunts,or challenges another in a manner likely to provoke a violent or disorderly response. What would have happened if Brian Jordan did go to Jette's residence and an argument ensued? What would have happened to Brian Jordan? What would have Jette done? Jette should thank his licky stars it was Brian Jordan and not some else with a temper and disregard for the law. The Richmond issue needs to be looked into a lot further than it was.

Interested in the truth said...

Any way we can see a copy of this letter? Maybe it can be put on this website?

the Winchester Informer said...

Though we have received a copy of the letter in question, before we can publish it here on the blog, we would have to obtain permission from the letter writer first. We will make every effort to obtain her permission.

Anonymous said...

Questions regarding comments of Anonymous 8/11 at 4:24 …. Let me get this straight - So there is a letter to Brian Jordan from Richmond Police Chief Wood that says Chief Wood admits there was some sort of confrontation between Brian Jordan and Nate Jette - while Nate was in uniform and on duty for the Richmond Police and that Nate offered or asked Brian to come to his house to confront Nate’s wife about some rumors instead of Brian writing an anonymous letter? Ummmm….. If that is true it sounds like a setup. 1) why would any police officer worry about rumors if they are just rumors? 2)why would any police officer want to have anyone confront his wife? If this is true at least Brian had common sense because he didn’t take Nate up on the offer. Maybe he should be the police officer instead of Nate, he seems to have a level head. Nate has kids – would they have been there for this too? 3)Since Nate was in uniform and taking care of what can only be personal business on company time does Chief Wood say that in his opinion it’s OK for him to do that? 4)Since Nate works for the Winchester Police Dept even though he was on Richmond’s dime that would be a reflection on Winchester. He might even be a liability for the taxpayers. Was the Chief of Winchester notified? Nate is certainly a liability for Richmond taxpayers. 5)I’m a little confused about how a Chief would condone this behavior because since he didn’t break any laws it’s OK to do this? 6)Does Chief Wood really believe it’s OK for police officers to confront citizens just because? Just because they can? I’d like to know what the logical thinking is that would allow for such a statement if in fact it was stated that way. 7)Don’t the police have their own rules and regulations beyond the law that require them to act professionally and with courtesy or something to that effect? 8)I would be interested in asking Chief Wood if there is some policy that his department has to follow or if his police offers can just act anyway they want to. 9) And according to this letter there is a history of this? Perhaps it is documented somewhere. 10)Why don’t the selectmen of either of these two towns do something to stop the abuses that are under their wing? Do they really want to be remembered as the boards who couldn’t?

Anonymous said...

It seems like the people in charge are no different than a bunch of addicts. They are in denial and they crave their addiction: power and control.

Keep The Information coming so the people get smarter said...

In reading the previous artice - Planning Board Chair violates citizen's rights again - In response to NEW ERA - This applies to all parts of the town and it's departments and employees: This is a NEW ERA – when people get informed they become educated and when they become educated they can THINK on their own and come to CONCLUSIONS ON THEIR OWN and talk amongst themselves for what is best for the whole instead of what is best for the few. THEY BECOME EMPOWERED AND THAT IS THE THREAT TO THE HIGHER UPS - Slow steady baby steps – INFORMATION, EDUCATION AND THE ABILITY TO STAND UP AND QUESTION WHY? The people of WINCHESTER ARE NOT DUMB AND STUPID AS SOME HAVE PUBLICLY STATED – INFORMATION has been withheld for far too long so the masses are not able to make decisions and the issues become too cloudy. Now some information is starting to come out because there are those who want to see the people empowered so they can make decisions for themselves and their families. Decisions that will make things better not make them worse by keeping the people uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the police department put their logs online like so many other departments do so everyone knows what they really do? That would let people know what they are or aren't paying for. Maybe they can just keep them out in the lobby at the polcie station - this is all public information anyway and anyone can ask to see them you don't need special perrmission. Simple solution. Why does everything have to be so complicated by the people in charge?

Time for Change said...

Due to technical difficulties the following newspaper artice from the Monadnock Ledger has been transcribed to this blog word for word and copies and the newspaper article can be found at the Jaffrey Public Library and copies will be circulated arwound town. As the other articles get transcribed they will also be published and circulated in the same manner. All credits for the original article are included.


Jaffrey police chief quits

Resignation effective the same day it’s given

By Eric Poor
Monadnock Ledger Staff

JAFFREY Jaffrey Police Chief Gary Phillips resigned suddenly Monday for what Town Manager Jon Sistare describes as “personal reasons.” Sistare informed the selectmen of the resignation at their Monday evening meeting, saying Phillips had submitted a letter of resignation that day effective immediately.

Selectmen did not comment o n the resignation during the public session. Sistare declined to provide the press a copy of the resignation letter. Phillips told the Ledger he would not provide a copy either, on advice of his attorney.

Tuesday, Sistare said he could not comment on the resignation because it is a personnel matter and therefore non-public.

The resignation became effective at 5pm Monday. Sistare said Lt. Robert Pelio has been appointed interim police chief until a successor is named. The town will begin a search for a new chief immediately.

Phillips said Tuesday he was not forced to resign. He declined to discuss specifics, on his attorney’s advice and said he feels he has “achieved all my goals in Jaffrey.”

“I don’t want to say anything bad about any person in Jaffrey” Phillips said. “My wife and I decided it’s time to move on and the Board of Selectmen, by accepting my resignation, obviously agrees. I honestly feel my decision was for the good of the town.

Phillips, who has been a police officer for 15 ½ years, said he plans to finish his career as a policeman somewhere else. For the moment, however, he is jobless.

He dispelled rumors he was under recent suspension from the Jaffrey department, saying he had taken five days vacation just prior to his resignation. The resignation was a family decision, he said. Phillips said he wishes he had not spent his vacation time previous to resigning, since he is now without an income.

“I’m leaving with my head held high,” Phillips said.

His personnel file is without a single blemish and he isn’t in any trouble, he said.

“I haven’t broken any laws or been accused of breaking any laws,” he said. “I’m not being investigated for anything by any agency. This is not a police chief that’s in trouble.”

Phillips became a part-time police officer in Ashby, Mass in 1978 and joined the Rindge Police Department in 1979. He became a Jaffrey officer in 1982, rising through the ranks to become Lieutenant in 1989. When former chief David Barrell resigned in September 1992 to become the head of the New Hampshire Department of Safety Services, Phillips was named as interim chief. He was appointed chief two months later.

Anonymous said...

Some of us town employees used to have access to the big room and the bathrooms in the emergency services building. It’s kind of funny that a few months ago we all got locked out. I think it was because some of us employees have even seen Chief Phillips on his computer in his office looking at his stocks and investments. He’s kind of sly because he always tries to close it out before any of us can see it. Who does he think he has fooled? I’ll bet if someone was to look at his computer history you would see this stuff has been going on for a long time as we have been seeing this for a long time. Where are the selectman for this one? Sleeping on the job again? I have a proposal – lets fire the selectmen and hire Ronald McDonald at least we’d get a Happy Meal for all of our wasted money.

Anonymous said...

To everyone reading this blog and those blogging - here is a novel idea: talk with all of your neighbors (& relatives) and get EVERYONE to attend the next Board of Selectman's meeting on Wednesday, AUGUST 19th at 7 PM.
Come armed with all of these legitimate questions and concerns. Let's see if we can PACK THE HALL with all of the tax payers concerned with how all of the departments are being run. Nothing is going to get resolved here - but in person.

the Winchester Informer said...

To: interested in the truth and anyone else who asked about the Richmond incident;
The party involved was contacted and at this time she wishes to remain anonymous and not have her letter published. We can only guess it's from fear of retaliation that she chooses not to get involved. We respect her wishes and will not reveal her name or post the letter she sent to the police dept.

Anonymous said...

Must be the police department is reading the "blogs". I just saw the crusier go by my house. I haven't seen a crusier out on patrol in three weeks. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 2:12 Aug 16,09 PM.
Yep...the police are watching...Yep the police are reading ...everybody...we need to keep the pressure on...demand the selectmen do their job and listen to the people...there is a closed meeting at 1PM 17 Aug 2009 for Dan he staying or is he going?... what is going on?...what is it going to cost the town of Winchester?...demand answers and all the information(no bits and pieces)from your town leaders...your selectmen...accept noting less...if we don't demand answers,we will keep getting the same old bull s_ _ _ _ from our selectmen...

Anonymous said...

August 17, 2009
1:00 PM

1. Non-public session under RSA 91-A:3II(a)
2. Adjournment


Anonymous said...

... how convenient...

Anonymous said...

oh is has been gone for 7 weeks so they had to offer him money but how much ? IF Dan R did something that bad he should have been fired and gone within a week or two at most not seven and paid too. SO How much money was offered at the meeting ? I hear a officer is out on Work comp for getting out of a cruiser and hurting his back,,,,Wow over weight must be,,What is that going to cost tax payers ? I see Fisher's Girlfriend coming out the back door of the police station must be she has a job ? Everyone else uses the front public door,,,

Anonymous said...

Why did Fisher leave 2 years ago? Anyone no?

Anonymous said...

Curious about Fisher? Ask him.

Curious about what happened to DR? Ask him.

Curious about the officer out on Work Comp? Find out who that officer is and Ask.

Quit speculating and wondering and ask those directly whom you want to know about.

none said...

Is true that officer Ken Smith has a D.W.I in North Carolina if this is true . I am sure this came up in his background check .But the town still hired him keep in mind people this person is also captain of the ambulance.Does he even have a drivers license or license to treat people in the ambulance?Why is the the hiring people with past histories or no crednitials?This makes me very uneasy about calling for services that the people of this town pay so much for .

The past has spoken said...

Gary Phillips was forced out of Jaffrey. Why else would leave so abruptly? It's not normal behavior for a police chief to just up and quit for no reason. If he didn't have anything to hide he wouldn't have upped and left. He would have had a nice good luck and going away party.

none said...

Is it true that Cheif Phillipps is having realationships with two differnt females?Some may say so what.Think about it could he be using the town cell phone and town time to contact these females why should your tax dollars pay for his personal intrest and if the tax payers tolerate this then why not put in next budget an articlle for the chiefs escort service maybe this is why he was done in Jaffrey if so then he did not learn anything and will contiue with his ways until we say enough is enough how long will that be will it be to late and will his ways cost the town millions lets not let this happen

Anonymous said...

After reading all of the comments and speculation I wish to once again raise the concern as to "whom is protecting our safety?" I am very uncomfortable with all of this information. I need to know that if I have a problem the officers that are responding are certified and able to do the job. Perhaps the selectmen and the chief need to address this issue. (Yes, I do know that you all read this site so now I suggest that you "pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off" and do the job that we hired you to do!) Barack Obama
Thanks for reading and listening!

none said...
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none said...

Where is Jette how come you never see him only when he is bugging someone or is he hiding waiting to stalk someone or is he scoping out your back because you have better bike then his kid make sure you do inventory when officer Jette comes town and there is afew people who should check over there shoulder to make sure he is not stalking them

Police putting us in danger? said...

How come the new Lt. won't do his job? Why is he saying things that the police used to be able to do can't be done now? What is he too lazy to do the job or does he just not know what he's doing? He got fired from Hinsdale for the same thing. What are we paying him for? What about his boss the Chief? How come all of a sudden we're not being listened to anymore?

Say it ain't so said...

If you are going to the Hopkington fair keep an eye out for the Winchester 4x4 cruiser. Rumor has it that it was there last year pulling a camper.

Anonymous said...

As "Time For Change" posted just above - it really is Time For Change - ..........

Anonymous said...
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No Respect ? said...

No one from the Winchester PD or the town hall went to the Sheets funeral? If that's true you have some idea what we are dealing with in Winchester, no respect.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is getting very old ,, I see a new cruiser in the service bay in the fire station but i tcan be used on the road due to the fact the new lettering from the company out of town has to be redone ????? How many police officers are on during the day ? WE have one on at night and atleast three during the day. Dan R was offerd a settlement to leave , SO TOWNS PEOPLE open up your wallet we will have to pay sooner or later and it must be big.

No leadership said...

It's called leadership and the police department doesn't have any and it's a disgrace. When you have no leadership what can you expect - a police department that runs properly and takes care of it's citizens? No - What you get is a police department with no desire or capability to fight crime and more of an ability for the police department members to commit crimes. Incompetence and no leadership are a bad combination.

Its Crazy said...

Saw a Keene Police cruiser getting fuel at cumberland farms on main street Keene, my question is why does Winchester drive to base hill rd to fuel and Keene doesn't? A Winchester cop and car on detail in Peter borough, bet we made a lot of money that day. Got to wonder why no one in the town hall can see that we have a problem. I have never seen such lack of respect for some of the Winchester dept heads and its plane to see they don't give a dam what we think.

Anonymous said...

Well as a reader, I can honestly say that there is a very small group of idiots in Winchester that have nothing better to do than whine about everything. If they actually knew what was going on (which they should with people like Brian Jordan following the police everywhere they go and takes photos) they have photo proof that the Winchester police ARE doing their job, stopping cars and answering calls, and patrolling your community. Their are Officers working with the community to start and expand the Neighborhood watch which by the way is working very well! And did you all notice that the INSIDE scoop of the PD has stopped since an Officer injured himself getting out of the cruiser? and since then the spelling and grammar has gotten much worse (good job Brian Jordan) not much without Warren are you? If the GOOD people of Winchester that do read this trash they will observe on their own and hear on their scanners that they really do have a dedicated group of police officers. I know that anytime I have needed them they were always there, fast and professional. Some of you should really find a job and get off welfare (oh thats right, you are the ones screwing us taxpayers!)Anyway, Winchester PD, Keep up the good work and be safe!

Cathy said...

Oh yes, wasteful spending, unaccountability, questionable conduct and other irregularities are surely nothing to whine about, right ? As for your small group of idiots remark, well we'll just consider the source and say, if the shoe fits. Lastly, to attack a group of people less fortunate than many others and point the finger at them as the cause for our taxpayer woes in Winchester really shows just who the idiot really is.
I know that my comments have nothing to do with the topic on this blog; but I really felt that the above poster was really out of line with his remarks. Oh and I am not on welfare and have a full time job and I do think that there are problems that have been brought to the surface here and that do deserve a response from our elected and appointed officials.

Anonymous said...

You can cloud the issues but you can't dispute the facts. The facts are you have a Chief of Police who has a history of problems with running his police departments, in Jaffrey and in Winchester. Check out the newspaper articles about Phillips past life in Jaffrey, a couple of them have been posted around. The newspapers don’t lie. Winchester looks too much like Jaffrey all over again. You have another cop that Hinsdale didn't want because of all the problems he caused when he was there both in the community and in the police department. You have another cop who has stated he "took a bike" from the police department’s property and he thinks that is OK. What an example for his kids and everybody else’s. I sure don’t want my kids growing up thinking that it’s OK for the police to do things like that for them to say It's OK to take something that doesn't belong to you. By the way that is stealing - because giving property to cops is not a legal way to get rid of property regardless of what it's eventual outcome might be. There are plenty of people in town who will dispute that they get fast and professional help from the police. In fact more and more complaints are being made as to the professionalism of the police department. Being told that they can't help because they are too busy is not professional. Just because you do a thing or two here or there doesn’t mean it makes up for everything else. For instance the police association making a donation to the town – Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of July 8, 2009. It’s illegal to do that. You can’t collect money for a non-profit and then spend the money on the Town. This is another example of incompetence and lack of concern of the law. The truth always prevails. The problem with the police department is that the employees of it think they are above the law and can break laws as they please and yes there are many people who are watching and they are observing. The problem with the police department is that they are so arrogant they don’t think people are paying attention or if they are they are ignorant, incapable or in the minority. But they aren't any of the above and they are watching and they want answers and sooner or later we will have them.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Cathy above, to the poster before her, if the shoe fits. Sounds like one of the cops getting defensive but that certaninly doesn't give them or anyway else the right to criticize those that want the truth as is stated in the post after.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roberts, when you drove the marked police Expedition to get it inspected on Monday,did you forget something? With all your training and experience you still managed to overlook the expired rejection sticker. The P.D. had 60 days to correct the problem, yet you drove it anyway. Could this be an example of offier misconduct or an arrogant above the law attitude? You owe the state some money. The citizens of Winchester are watching!

Anonymous said...
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New Era said...

80 comments, some are way to nasty, but it sure looks like the towns PD has big problems. Word is the State is taking an interest, if that's true its about time. The days of hiding whats going on are over.

Anonymous said...

The Selectmen and Bob Gray are condoning this behavior, supporting this behavior, making excuses for this behavior and turning their backs on this information and are all a part of the problem as well as is Gary Phillips and at least some of his police department.

Anonymous said...

...infections eventually pop...keep the pressure going and this infection will pop...keep up the good work citizens of Winchester...

the Winchester Informer said...

Come on folks, let's stop with the personal attacks it's not needed not wanted and will not be tolerated. I'm not into censorship and really have better things to do with my time than removing questionable posts on this blog. You are all welcome to post your opinions, comments or what have you; but please refrain from attacking others.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps with all of the comments this blog will get the attention of the select "people". These posts may encourage them to make some changes in the department or at least generate explanations for actions. Without the blog none of us (myself in particular as I live outside of the center of town) would have known about any issues and concerns. Small voices do make a difference.
Thanks for the blog.

Concerned reader said...

Thank you, Winchester Informer, for voicing a stand against "personal attacks". I like reading and keeping up with the Blog, but was becoming increasingly uncomfortable about the personal affronts, however; much truth they hold. A factual, kinder way to get the facts across would be appreciated. We need the information for sure. Thanks. ps. How many police officers do we actually have at this time and who are they?

the Winchester Informer said...

The last staff list I had listed as follows:

5 Full Time Officers;

Chief .. Gary Phillips
Detective Sergeant .. Daniel Reppucci
Sergeant .. Christopher Roberts
Patrolman .. Scott Hurley
Patrolman .. Nathan Jette

6 Part Time Officers

Patrolman .. Richard Pratt
Patrolman .. Victor Malavet
Patrolman .. Warren Breau
Patrolman .. Ken Smith
Patrolman .. James Meachen
Patrolman .. Eric Ammann

Administration Support .. Maryan Platz

Animal Control Officer .. Gene Park

This list may have changed as I don't know the outcome of Det. Reppucci's hearing or if any have received promotions or are out on leave of absence as there isn't much public info on what's going on at the police dept.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that one of the writers says that the inside scoop has stopped since one of the cops got hurt in the cruiser. It really makes it sound like they know that this stuff is more true than not.

Anonymous said... the last blogger Sept 3 2009 8:54 are on the ball!!! are on the right track...keep digging and you will hit pay dirt...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I have, or knoww someone who has asked at least three of the part time officers if they would explain what is going on at the winchester police dept...Amman said "not sure, I don't know"-Richie Pratt said "things are fine as far as I know" and Fisher said "not sure what is going on, ask the Chief". Sounds like a coverup???The boys in blue sure protect each another and their department. hummm

Anonymous said...

To the last blogger who commented about the "Boys in Blue". Fisher says he is not sure and to ask the Chief about what is going on at the PD. Thats it possible he recently commented to a Winchester citizen(could he have said this earlier this morning?)the dept was cleaning up the and getting rid of officers... if there are no problems with the PD, what are they cleaning up and why would he make this comment? (or did he?) there a problem at the PD...Hmm,makes you wonder doesn't it...for someone who is not sure about what is going on at the PD Fisher is apparently "in the know" enough that he could make such a bold the citizens of Winchester...keep"diggin"...keep up the good want answers?...insist that an outside agency (other than surrounding police departments)look into these concerns...stay tuned folks for further correspondence and a current WPD Winchester
PD,happy reading:...

Anonymous said...

Updated Winchester Police Dept.Roster:

Full-time Officers:

Chief G.Phillips----------400
Master Patrolman N.Jette--402
Officer S.Hurley----------403
Officer F.Ziegler---------404
Officer J.Fisher----------405

Part-time Officers:

Officer R.Pratt------------408
Officer V.Malavet----------409
Officer K.Smith------------410
Officer E.Ammann-----------411
Officer W.Breau------------412
Officer J.Meachan----------413

Fulltime civilian(s)

Secretary. M. Platz

Part-time Civilian(s)

Secretary E.Gusan
Secretary E.Kilanski

Anonymous said...

Maybe the PD should bring Dan Reppucci back or even listen to what he has to say. The PD ran alot better when he was there. Whenever I had a question he always seem to make sure he returned my calls.Maybe it does need a overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Is it true, Once again the word is that the winchester police department is trying to coast us as a tax payer more in our taxes. The word is that they are looking in to add a swat team or to become part of a regional swat team if this is true then as a tax payer and a concerned citizen I would like to know first of all what in our small communuity would warrent such an advanced and heavily armed police force; is there something that we are not being told something that we should know. second I would like to know where the fuunding for the training and equipment is going to come from; grants will only cover a percentage of the coast the rest will fall on us tax payers, Third we as a tax payer should demanded a line by line break down of what it would coast and we should ask the quistion of who would be quilified to work on this task force; we also should know if it would be localized or would it cover other towns and if it did who's going to pay for that and most of all what about the research on how many times other simular angencys have been sued for wrongful death suits and who would carry the liability for that in fact speaking about liability what about the injury's that will occur with this task force , we already have injured officers as of now would they be part of this task force if so who would be liable for them; we as tax payers can't handle any more burden we all ready carry to much, any way's if this is true we as tax payers really need to take a long look at our town and those who run it.

Anonymous said...

For those who may be interested, please review the following web site-

Anonymous said...

Hello, About three Sunday mornings ago at 7-7:45 a.m. Across from Mr. Mikes I was hand Jestered by a Winchester officer in a cruser for doing 35 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone. coming up to lights. Many other people had this happen to them. What about the race track people coming into town on your bumper then passing you in a no passing zone doing 50 m.p.h. or more? Where are they then? To Winchester, P.D. try to hide in old trailer home parts store (on Saturday or Sunday between 7 a.m.-7:45 a.m.) and I will guarentee you will get someone from Mass. or Conn. douing 50 -60 m.p.h. Lets not pick on everyday hard working people who live in town and only do 5 m.p.h. over speed limit. I have been driving into Winchester and out of Winchester for 25 years on Route ten and do only 35 m.p.h. and this is the first time this has happened. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Way to go 5 over the limit (9/5/09-9:43 PM post. Good for you for speaking out.

enough said...

Almost 100 comments on a Police Dept., if i was a selectman it would wake me up.

Anonymous said...

I am the reader that voiced concerns about my safety when my husband travels (July 31). Last night I had to call the police department regarding an issue. The officer that responded (Mr. Amman) was very professional,courteous and concerned. I am hoping that the behavior that I saw from this officer last night will rub off on others. Perhaps the department is reading this blog and trying to make the appropriate changes.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Officer Ammann. I personally know Officer Ammann and there would have to be extenuating circumstance(s)for Eric to be less than professional.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous that has alot to say about Brian Jordan and the police department. I have read these blogs and I see alot of people who care about their community trying to get the word out to the people of winchester about the police department how much of it is true?, well Brian Jordan claims that this can be backed by document's can the police department make the same claim? if so why aren't they getting the document's out there for the people of winchester to see for them self. About Brian Jordan following the police around and taking photo's, well after what I'm hearing and reading maybe someone needs to do just that, if they are doing thier job as you claim they are then it won't matter, although I myself have seen the winchester cruiser parked on oak circle for hours at a time; this must be the dedicated police department that you speak of right. You also speak about officer's being out there working with the community to start a neighborhood watch program, well I haven't heard of such a thing no meetings no flyers no nothing so if this is true it must be for the few chosen ones right. You comment about people being on welfare! well if that is true they must be eligible but that isn't for you or me to decide it's up to the state welfare office to decide thats what they get paid for; it's not right for you or anyone else to attack someone because they are in need. you also attacked Mr. Jordan about his spelling and grammar, if it is even Brian Jordan doing the bloging seeings how I don't see any names signed on any of these blogs I can't be sure, but you seem to now right! any ways you must be realy educated to attack someone about thier spelling and grammar, does it realy matter? as longs they take a stand about what they believe in is all that matters you know what they meant or maybe you are the one that needs help understanding. Speaking of not knowing you spoke about Brian Jordan not being much without Warren. You must be trying to accuss Warren of being involved some how; what would make you make that claim, how do you know that it wasn't some one else; wouldn't it be a possiablity that it could have been someone like Dan I mean didn't Dan and Warren leave about the same time! Look I'm not trying to say who could be the inside scoop I'm just trying to say that it is impossible for us to know who is or was giving the inside scoop; but seeing how you actually name Brian and Warren you obviously have proof at least I hope you do because the last time I knew it was illegal to make statements about someone without proof. You spoke about an officer injurying his back getting out of the cruiser(wich by the way you wrote it I assume it was officer Warren Breau) seeings how you have the inside informantion of how the officer was injured I assume that you are either an winchester police officer or someone who is affiliated with the police department some how, wich if this is the case it shows what kind of mentality the winchester police department realy has. I tank you for all of your information.

Anonymous said...

Within 5 weeks of Brian Jordan's letter being posted there are 100 blogs. "Power to the people"


the Winchester Informer said...

It is a shame that not one of our elected town officials or the chief himself has declined to comment on the concerns posted in this topic, even though we offer the opportunity for both sides to be heard. The chief has already made his views known in the newspaper article published in the Keene Sentinel about giving credence to any questions asked; perhaps he should worry more about the integrity of his dept. than that of citizens asking honest questions. As for our members on the Board of Selectmen, again it's a shame that they too have not commented on any of the questions raised about our Police Dept. here, and I doubt you'd get any answers attending a meeting and raising your concerns on the floor either, as past history would show.
It truly makes you wonder why all the secrecy when it comes to getting public information from public officials about a public body .. inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

To the reader that requested I post this blog with this story as well as with the other story -here it is. In this post I’ll explain how I actually got the information so easily. I did a google search on “police abandoned property nh” and immediately saw that abandoned property is governed by RSA 471 – which I then went to. For those who don't know how to access the RSA's simply google NH RSA and you will see New Hampshire Statues - Table of Contents. Click on that site and you have the table of contents for all the statutes for the state. As you can see, it is a wealth of information at ones fingertips. If you go to RSA 471 you will see section C:13 deals specifically with “Property held in Police Department Property Rooms” which is what I have attached here. The internet can be helpful in trying to sort through some of what is and isn’t true. Officer Nate Jette has openly admitted that he took a bicycle that the police department had in it’s possession. Officer Nate Jette was not the owner of the bike because he already openly said he took it. He did not buy it in an auction because there was no auction at least not one that anyone I have spoken with was made aware of. He could not have turned it in and been able to get it because he is a Winchester Police Officer and Police Officers can’t have or keep property they find. So what do we have here? This IS the law not some made up rumor. How do you explain this? I guess everyone needs to draw a conclusion on his or her own because I doubt we’ll get an explanation from the police chief or the selectmen. Too bad some of the local businesses don’t keep their outdated or damaged goods on pallets outside their buildings as they await to return them, then we could use the argument that they were only going to get rid of it anyway therefore we are entitled to it. Actually, that wouldn’t be a good attitude to take because that would condone stealing. I think it is terrible that police officers in particular knowingly, blatantly and without regret or regard violate the law. What is more disturbing is that the thinking is so deep in the system that even superiors look the other way. What is scary is do they look the other way for only what pertains to them and their group or do they look away when other real crimes are occurring with citizens because they now don't know the difference between right and wrong?

Section 471-C:13
471-C:13 Property Held in Police Department Property Rooms. – Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, all noncontraband abandoned or lost personal property which has a value of $250 or more and which has been held in a police department property room for a period of at least 180 days, or which has a value of less than $250 and has been held for a period of at least 90 days, may be disposed of by the police department by returning it to the finder, if known, if the finder was other than a police officer who discovered the property during the course of the police officer's usual police duties. If the property cannot be returned to the finder, the property shall be sold at public auction with the proceeds to be turned over to the town or city treasurer. Except that any bicycle which has been held in a police department property room for a period of 90 days or more shall be sold at public auction with the proceeds to be used for the support of local bicycle safety programs, or, if no local bicycle safety programs are available, then with the consent of the local governing body, to be used for any other purpose. The police department shall be relieved of all liability for any claim thereafter arising or made with respect to property disposed of under this section. A good faith judgment of the value of the property by the police department shall be determinative for purposes of this section.
Source. 1986, 204:1. 1995, 84:5; 295:18. 2000, 237:2, eff. June 6, 2000. 2005, 48:1, eff. July 22, 2005.

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern .This is Brian Jordan just set record straight whom ever you are you claim to know alot me when in reality you know nothing about me because if you did you would know that Ido not get welfare and that I got a severe head injury from working on a jobsite and that I will never because that so to add that Iwas assulted in front of 136 main street 0n October 5 2006 and recived severe damage to my right eye and once again our wonderful police department showed how capable they are they did not even file any charges Iwas pcd and taken to cheshire medical center and treated for my broken bones wich I still get medical treatment for to this very day so to who ever made the comment that I cost this town money by being on welfare maybe I should cost these tax payers somemoney by suing the police department for not even investigating crime I will have problems from that incident for the rest of my life for that one incident yes Ithink know who you are so I will beat you to and tell everyone I was drinking that night so does that mean that the winchester police department did not have to do their job so may be before something else dumb comes out your mouth you should consider quiting your job going on welfare so you can go back to school and learn not to say such dumb things so you think you are so smart and think Warren gave me info you are very dumb as many people know I was a member of the ambulance walls in the bathroom are thin inside the emergency services building do not have to be smart or on welfare to figure that one out and just for you winchester police I can prove all of can u

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Brian Jordan again just read my closing statement and that is not a spelling problem that I have it is putting my words together in my last blog I posted in my closing statement that suposed to be that I think I know who you are and that I will beat you to the punch and tell every one that I was drinking that night

J.S. said...

I am one of many people following this site very closely. It appears after Brian's comments that the post above his may be onto something when it's questioned that the police might not be doing their job because they are not sure what is right and what is wrong. I wonder if some of the other citizen's in Winchester and out of Winchester who have dealt with the police have had a similar problem. Maybe intimidation is a factor for some to come forward. Maybe fear of retaliation is a factor. It’s hard to believe that with all the problems the police department seems to be having the only thing you hear is it’s only one person and therefore it should be ignored. I think that is what is happening – the BOS and the Chief and his LT figure if they can ignore it long enough maybe it will go away. If it goes away they don't have to discipline the officers. I for one don’t believe this is going to just go away. Unless I misunderstood something, I don’t recall reading that Brian Jordan is the one who got the bike out of the police property collection for Officer Jette. There are too many unanswered questions here and when you do get an answer it doesn’t really make much sense or it may make sense on the surface but it doesn’t make sense if you think about it and put it together with everything else. Keep up the good work getting the info out. There can never be too much information in the publics hands when it comes to it’s government. Informed people make informed decisions and informed votes.

Tim said...

To all the people who know the truth please come forward and let us know. We are waiting to hear it. Protection in numbers. Tim

Anonymous said...

Way to go Brian keep em honest.

Also concerned said...

Integrity and knowledge are the the key factors here. If mistakes are made and acknowledged, foregiveness and trust can follow in a compassionate world. To forget, not so essy. Winchester needs openness and honesty.

Anonymous said...

Credibility tends to get tarnished when the truth continues to be denied. As stated above it’s not necessarily the acts, as we all make mistakes, so much as the denials of them that are of concern. When one refuses to admit that they have made a mistake, when one refuses to change behavior that is wrong, when one refuses to change behavior that goes against public policy it can only be that they have crossed over a line that can only portray them as above all else and anyone else. Not good and certainly not a person deserving of being a police officer or anyone else in authority or serving the public for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Chief Phillips, the Police Department, Selectmen and citizens,

This is but another example of the Chiefs attitude towards the people, from another time and another department but certainly still relevant as it shows the same disregard and flippant attitude. Comment is welcome.

March 1997

Police chief quits quickly in Jaffrey
Phillips resignation is immediate

Sentinel Staff

JAFFREY – Jaffrey’s police chief resigned abruptly this week without a word to his fellow officers.

Chief Phillip gave his letter of resignation to Town Manger Jonathan B. Sistare on Monday, citing personal reasons for his sudden departure from the job. His resignation took effect immediately.

The town’s 11 other full-time officers found out they’d lost their chief after the fact.

The suddenness of his exit, and the lack of explanation, is fueling plenty of speculation.

However, Sistare said this morning that Phillips simply decided it was time to leave.

“He was not being investigated by anyone; it was for personal reasons,” he said.

Phillips, appointed chief four years ago, after 11 years as an officer, could not be reached for comment.

Last week, town officials accepted another resignation from the police department, from part-time dispatcher Lori Durand. Sistare said Durand resigned because “she didn’t feel the atmosphere at the police department was altogether suitable for her.”

Asked if Phillips departure had anything to do with Durand’s, Sistare declined to comment. Durand, who lives in Jaffrey, could not be reached for comment, either.

Sistare reiterated that Phillips was not being investigated and that his resignation was not forced. “t was his decision,” Sistare said.

Lt. Robert A. Pelio, who was second in command to Phillips, is acting chief now. Pelio has been out on sick leave, recovering from recent surgery.

Pelio said today he and other officers were surprised by Phillips’ resignation, but referred all questions about the resignation to Sistare.

Phillips “did a lot of good things while he was here.” Pelio said. “He facilitated the move to the new police department and upgraded a lot of equipment. He also got the police involved heavily with community affairs.”

Sistare said selectmen will begin discussing next week how to replace Phillips. Pelio a Jaffrey officer of 12 years, said he plans to apply for the job.

Jaffrey has about 5,425 residents.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Gary Phillips seems to have a pattern with making the news. Why would a Chief of Police just suddenly decide at the spur of the moment to leave his job as Commander of the police department? While he is doing that he leaves his Police Officers and the town alone and in the dark.Nice touch. What kind of Commander does that? In my opinion a true Commander wouldn't do that. What kind of integrity is that? It’s the same kind of integrity that Gary Phillips brought to Winchester it seems. With Chris Roberts having a questionable past for his leaving Hinsdale abruptly (fired) and for questionable reasons at that, and Nate Jette admitting to activity the rest of us would be arrested for, how does this police department function knowing the difference between right and wrong? How can we expect people of this caliber of integrity to perform their jobs the way they were meant to be preformed? How do the selectmen continue to allow this to happen? It’s been tossed around town that this blog is being monitored by them and then you have a front page article in the Sentinel this past Saturday, 9/5/09 that must have been seen by at least some of the leaders. Hey, Bob Gray, make sure the selectmen get a copy of the Sentinel article to read in case they haven’t seen it yet. Print off the blog too. Your statement that “the employees of Winchester need to do their jobs with integrity, and fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities to the people in this Town”, from the Selectmen’s meeting of August 26th would no doubt include you and you need to ensure that your bosses are well informed so that they can make informed, intelligent and fair decisions based on facts and the truth.So if there is no truth to anything going on then they surely would want the citizens to know that by giving them the facts so they can put an end to this and publicly do something to set the record straight. Or do they have some reasons why they don’t come forward? Perhaps there are more cans of worms out there? Hopefully that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Who ever is posting the newspaper articles and letters about Phillips and Roberts all around Cheshire County, good job. I saw a new one in Keene today. Maybe you can hook up with Hoosett and maybe some corruption will really get exposed and it will get cleaned up for a change. Is that you Brian Jordan?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jette, why did New Ipswich PD decline to hire you? Was it because you fessed up to them during phase two of the polygraph that you admitted to them you took a bike because you wanted for your kid (boo hoo) and windshield washer fluid from the PD because you needed it and they did told you there was an integrity issue with you and sent you packin. You were so desperate to leave Winchester you went to KPD and they too found too many disciplinary issues with you and declined to hire you. In fact you were so unhappy with Phillips you were thinking about returning to your old job delivering water. How did Phillips deal with you taking the washer fluid? Could it be Phillips said just put it back? Jette the next time you have to go to a shoplifter call tell them to put it back. Hey jette, when you took the washer fluid did you tell anyone or get permission to take it? What about the time at the Northfield Drive-In when you took marijauna and pipe from a minor and you left the minor with his buddies? Did you tell anyone? Could it be the irate mother of the monor called and complained that her son was left with friends and not told about the incident and found out about it through her son? What did you do with the pipe and dope? Could it be you conveniently threw it out of the cruiser window? Wasn't the pipe and dope evidence? It makes you wonder what other qustionable things Jette has done without telling anyone. Jette, how does delivering water sound to you?

Anonymous said...

to tell you truth I'm not he can be trusted to do that since he took the windshield wiper fluid. What's the difference between that and a jug of water?

Anonymous said...

Hey Roberts, when you work on the cruisers in the fire department bay are you doing the work on the town's dime or do you have a big heart and do it for free? I doubt the latter is true. Doesn't the town of Winchester have a mechanic who does installations and repair work for the cruisers? If this so why are you working on the cruisers? How much did Herb Stephens pay you to build the wall with non-ADA compliance doors in the training room or was this on the department's tome too? Who did the final inspection and approval on the wall? Hey Chris doesn't is suck when there is so much information floating around? Next time keep the fire dept bay door closed. Oh yeah, tell Kenny Smith he doesn't have to keep an eye out for you when you work on the cruisers, its no secret what you do.

Anonymous said...

The inspections for the wall construction and doors that went along with the addition of the new room should be with the building inspector.
The town must have to maintain records for insurance purposes.
I'm sure under the Right To Know the public would be able to inspect the records at town hall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hey citizens of Winchester, the following information is with the permission from Greg Patch,the manager of a reputable business on Warwick road. Please feel free to contact Greg if you have any questions about this blog. During this past winter, Roberts investigated a snowmobile accident behind the business in question. When Greg heard about the accident he called dispatch to find out what happened. In turn, the dispatcher reffered Greg to Roberts. Sgt.Roberts met with Greg and Greg asked Roberts what happened and why he was not told. According to Greg, Roberts said, you are all a bunch of idiots and don't know anything. Needless to say. Greg was not to happy with Roberts comment. Greg told Chief Phillips what Roberts said and Phillips said he would take care of it. A couple months later, Greg asked Phillips for a copy of the report regarding Roberts comment to which Phillips said he alreeady talked to Roberts about it. At my job, as well as any other company,if I said this to a customer, I would have been fired. It is my understanding, most police departments would have investigated an officer for conduct unbecomming, they would have been suspended and most likely fired and a written letter of apology would have been given to the offended party. Furthermore, my company would have prevented me from getting a promotion after making such a comment. I am sure most police departments would do the same. The question to be asked here, is why was Roberts promoted to lieutenant after making such a comment? How could Roberts, who has nineteen years experience, make such an insulting remark? It sounds like the chief was going to promote Roberts, no matter what. Judging by all the blogs,it sounds like Roberts has a history of being rude and this must be par for the course. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

September 13, 2009 10:03 PM

Anonymous said...

Are we safe in this community? With all the corruption that seems to be going on in the police department, I for one will lock my doors at night. People need to group together and stand on the steps of the town hall and speak with the selectmen, maybe "shake the tree!"

Anonymous said...

It's well known and documented that Chris Roberts has a serious problem when it comes to dealing with the public and performing his job that represents the police community.There are many people in the police community who are well familiar with Chris Roberts and have a very negative view of his tactics, attitude and blatant disregard.Many of his counterparts in other departments do not like him and feel that he is one of the bad cops that give good cops the bad name.There are many more instances of Chris Roberts being rude to citizens, thats one of the reasons why Hinsdale had to give him the boot.There are instances where Roberts refuses to follow up on complaints, instances where he is rude to people making complaints, instances where he won't even get out of his vehicle to talk but makes the people come to him.Maybe some of these people can tell their stories too.Thanks Greg for coming forward with this.We'll be asking Chief Phillips for a copy of your complaint through the RTK request.Complaints to towns including about police officers are public domain.We have a right to see them.And Greg you press Phillips for that written response if you don't already have one.Write another letter stating you want a written response for your files that he is at least aware that you made the complaint.Make him put that on paper so we the public can start seeing the documentation build.That's why we never get anything from Phillips.If he puts something in writing than he has to deal with the problem and he doesn't like dealing with problems that are real.He'd rather say it's everyone else with the problem and eliminate their ability to show the truth, prove the lie.That's why some of the officers arent't there anymore so they can't tell and prove the truth.There have been too many complaints left unanswered.Corruption is an understatement in this town.Pressuer needs to be kept on this BOS and the top guys in the police department.Where are the other agencies we need in here to go through this stuff and monitor things?Time is running out for the truth to stay buried.Thank you Greg, many of us already know this story and know you have integrity and would not lie about this as well as the other people there to hear this comment and are grateful for you to allow this to be brought out into the open.On your behalf as well as the otheres we will show that these are not isolated instances, but rather a part of the daily day in the life of Chris Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Is that why they took away your rank and you were demoted in Hinsdale Chris Roberts? You were the Lieutenant and then they made you a Sergenat.What was the reason for that? The public has a right to know. We need to know if you can be trusted if we need your help.

Anonymous said...

You want info on Roberts? Ask to see his police applications and background investigation it could prove to be very interesting. If the selectmen reviewed the applications and background investigations they could conduct their own vetting process. What a novel idea!

Time For Truth said...

I had posted this somewhere else on this site but think it needs to be here too.
Corruption in this police department both internal and external must not be tolerated by the people in this town. Too much power in the hands of those who can not handle that power is very dangerous.
It creates a police state where average citizens don’t question the law or their rights because of fear of revenge or retaliation against themselves, their families and their neighbors.
It breeds an atmosphere of unaccountability and unruliness. It allows for property to be unaccounted for such as drugs, cash and other items of value.
Checks and balances are good to have.
Sweeping problems under the carpet that are illegal and go against public policy in an effort to thwart off consequences of the truth are unethical and just plain wrong.
We need to have some independent people assessing what if anything is happening.
It would seem to me that if this was all nonsense and lies as the Chief and his officers state then they would not object to having an open, public meeting to allow people to ask questions about these allegations made against these officers in HIS department.
It would also give HIM and HIS officers a chance to prove that these allegations are not true.
It would give the people of this town an opportunity to decide how they want to deal with it if they are true.
It’s obvious that this police department cannot operate properly in the midst of all these allegations and one has to wonder what we don’t know about if in fact these allegations are true.
How about it? Why not set up a meeting with the people so we can see and hear for ourselves your side?

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know what happens to those who take a stand? They are oppressed? Do you know what happens to those who take a stand gainst the Winchester Police Dept? They quit or get fired? Sgt. Reppucci has (emphasis on has) a lot of information and he was fired. Officer Breau is next. Like the other officers he too has alot of information. Chief Phillips has submitted a recomendation to the BOS requesting Officer Breau to be put on unpaid Administrative leave for refusing to cooperate with a so callecd investigation. So everyone is aware, Officer Breau is temporarily out of work due to a back injury he sustained when he fell into the brook off Pine Woods Road while he was recovering evidence which should have been Recovered by Chris Roberts who knew about the evidence in the water several days prior. This can be verified by Paul McCoomb who helped recover the evidence and it can also beverified through the report that was submitted to the U.S. Postal Inspector. Officer Breau has given permission for this blog to be posted and has authorized to have his number posted so the citizens of Winchester can feel free to call him and ask him questions. He is not afraid to talk. His number is 603-321-7489. For those who are curious, Chief Phillip's recommendation to put Officer Breau on Administrative leave will be before the BOS this Wednesday. In the police profession, Administrative leave is a prelude to termination.If there are truly interested and concerned citizens out there who want to know what is going on call Officer Breau. Keep Officer Breau's phone ringing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Winchester,could you imagine what the Winchester Police Department would be like if Roberts makes Chief once Phillips leaves? I pitty the town of Winchester. If the you think Roberts isn't bucking for chief you are sorely mistaken.

Anonymous said...

MINUTES of the
June 3, 2009

Chairman Ruth reads two excerpts from the Police Department’s May 2009 Activity Report, which include part-time Desk Officer Erin Gusan, and former Police Officer James Fisher donated six hours of cleaning, which included waxing three floors, cleaned and changed the light bulbs on all the light fixtures and cleaned the edging of the lobby area in the Emergency Services building; and Sergeant Chris Roberts and Emergency Management Director Herb Stephens donated several hours of their own time painting, constructing and sanding new downstairs conference room wall, along with construction of the wall to enhance efficiency and security for both departments. Selectman Tedford says thank you on behalf of the Board.

This was posted as part of the BOS meeting of June 3, 2009.

In reviewing past meeting minutes I do not recall seeing any mention of any other members of the police department or other departments being thanked for the contributions they made to help improve the towns Emergency Services Building.

Beginning around 2005/2006 some major changes and improvements began happening at the emergency services building.

4 new doors were put in, including an access door to the bathroom so that it could be accessed from the lobby area of building. Electrical wiring was done, 2 new walls were put in, the booking room was separated from the patrol area for Officer safety purposes, walls separating the rooms did not reach the ceilings affording no privacy and were fixed so that the wall reached the ceiling, floors and carpeting were installed, the entire police department was painted.

Almost all work was done on the personal time of the officer either before a shift, after a shift or on a day off.

Warren Breau is the one who started this project. He began by painting a wall here and a ceiling there. He enlisted the help of other officers..

Royce Pelkey – helped with the mudding of the new wall – 2007.

Brian Moser – fixed the walls separating the rooms so they reached the ceiling, put the new door in for access to the bathroom from the lobby – he donated many days of his time. Completed 2005/2006.

Warren – painted, mudded, got lumber from Lowes (where he worked part time) for a discounted amount because of some lumber that he knew they were getting rid of for cheap, donating many hours and days of his time – ongoing from 2005/2006 – 2009.

Brian Jordan – spent a day helping Dan Reppucci put the wall up that separates the booking room from the patrol room – 2007.

Dan Reppucci – helped put the wall up that separates the booking room from the patrol room, helped do mudding on the wall, built wall and put door in booking room, various carpentry work – Completed 2007-2008.

Helped do mudding on new wall, carpentry work, installing booking bench – Completed 2009.

Eric Ammann – helped scrape floors of old tile so new tile could be installed. Completed 2009.

Dan and Warren for the most part, with some assistance from Gary Phillips, were the ones who prepared the rooms for painting and improvements by moving files, furniture, in the offices and front office areas and then returning these items back in place.

Just to let the public know, these are some of the people who worked very hard and gave up many, many hours and days of their own time to help improve officer safety, help improve working areas and help improve pride. None ever did so to get recognized, but I think it only fair and appropriate to recognize all if you are going to recognize a few.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see someone who believes in the whole picture not a partial one. Give credit where credit is due!!! To set record straight Nate Jette did not lift a finger to help with any of the improvements.

Anonymous said...

As a citizen of Winchester I witnessed some poor behavior from Kenny Smith during the fireworks the other night. I witnessed an adult harassing an underage child using a threatening manner. Officer Smith seemed to have questioned both parties involved after having to call Officer Scott Hurley for some advice. I'm not quite sure what the outcome of the situation was or why this so called adult was not arrested for threatening a teenager. Officer Hurley spoke with the childs mother and left with Officer Smith shortly afterwards. Officer Smith returned to the fireworks moments later and "hung out" with the adults involved in this situation giving them "high fives" and conversed with them for the rest of the night. As an officer of the law, shouldn't he have separated himself from this situation and done a little foot patrol at the center? What teenager would feel comfortable with approaching this police officer after they were threatened and harassed by these adults that he continued to laugh and joke with? Is something wrong with this picture? Kenny Smith should be reprimanded for his actions and think about how this looks for the police force in Winchester- it's unfortunate that actions like this make the people in the community judge all of the other police officers when not all of them are this unprofessional. Officer Hurley seemed to be very professional with this situation and returned to his duties. As for Kenny Smith- you did the wrong thing by making it seem to a teenager that you were bias in this situation and unapproachable. Maybe you should return to the academy and review some of the things that you forgot to learn.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who commented on Kenny Smith. Kudos to you for speaking out.(1) There should be a call for service documenting what you saw.(2)Check to see if one was completed.(3)File a formal written complaint,the forms are in the lobby at the police department. It will be interesting to see see how this will be handled. FYI, Nate Jette trained Kenny Smith. This is sounda like a double oxy-moron.(1) Nate Jette a field training officer(2)Nate Jette training new officers.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the police department of Winchester? In two words- Childs Play! All the squabbling over who did work in the department is irrelevant as to the statement of corruption that was insinuated! My take on the matter is; fire the whole department and hire real men for the job! The people deserve better than a handful of self-centerd, ego-headed idiots!! Form a volunteer squad if you want to help out the budget and make Micky Mouse your new Chief of police. Geesh, cut the BS!

Anonymous said...

I didn't take reading that people were recognized for what they did as squabbling myself. Or that it had anything to do with egos. I thought it was a nice peek into some of what does happen and who makes it happen especially when you hear people try to say they did it all by themselves. It's corruption in the sense that without the truth the unethical would be seen as ethical.It is interesting to see some treated differently than others. More double standards as has been said numerous times.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 2:27 am.
Please don't take it out on the officers for the post about work done at the police department. Please don't think it was posted because of anyone's ego.
That post was not posted by any police officer.
The post was put together after hearing comments that were made about work being done at the police department and having seen the meeting minutes.
The comments were not quite the truth and I new that.
I decided to do a little asking around.
If you ask the people mentioned the information can be verified.
As a taxpayer, it's nice to hear that town employees have enough pride in their town to want to improve.
It's these little things that we sometimes never find out about when it comes to the many people who do things to improve our town. If I see inconsistencies somewhere else I will post them as well.
Everyone should be recognized and counted and yes the other reader got it - it's the double standard. Have a policy of recognizing all or recognizing none but be fair about it.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first observation of improper conduct by Kenny Smith.
Be observant, take notes, video the the police department in action, take pictures.
Many cell phones have video & picture capabilities.
It can't be that the only sane and ethical people in this town are the ones running it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the selectmen make sure they get the truth this time as to what is really happening and what is really going on.
They should have a copy of the call for service in hand tonight at the selectmens meeting and they as well as the Chief of Police should make a public statement about whether this is true or not.
IF it is true the Chief should tell us what he plans to do about this.
If he says it's not true publicly then it's found to be true with witness statements then he should be fired for lying.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous RE: KENNY SMITH. If this is true and there is no reason to doubt it that it isn’t, then the truth will be known. This information would never have reached so many people if not for the Winchester Informer and we thank them for their hard work too. As people begin to tell there stories these incidents won’t continue to go unchecked. If these are the actions in public what might we not see behind closed doors? This type of unprofessional behavior has been observed before with this officer and others. The selectmen DO need to address these issues and get involved with the job they were hired to do, which is to SERVE THE PUBLIC. I hope there is a huge turn out at the Selectmen’s Meeting tonight at 7 PM, to hear what the selectmen have to say about all that is going on and more importantly what going forward they intend to do to make sure the truth doesn’t continue to be hidden and swept under the carpet. By not addressing these issues and by not demanding the truth they are just as much to blame. They must learn to ask questions before jumping off skyscrapers. These are serious issues and serious concerns.
To their credit it appears that a personnel action will be occurring tonight. According to their agenda they have this posted in the Town’s website they have reserved a time for the following: 5. Non-public session under RSA 91-A:3II(a), and any other as necessary –

that is defined in RSA Section 91-A:3

The dismissal, promotion, or compensation of any public employee or the disciplining of such employee, or the investigation of any charges against him or her, unless the employee affected (1) has a right to a meeting and (2) requests that the meeting be open, in which case the request shall be granted.

So it appears they may want to discuss some personnel problems. Maybe they are finally hearing that there is a problem and that they need to address the problems.

Anonymous said...

The meeting tonight is to review Chief Phillip's request to have Officer Breau put on unpaid administrative leave. Read and understand the bloggs!!!!! Has anyone called or talked to Officer Breau? According to the blog he is willing to talk. I guess people would rather speculate than hear what is really happening.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Sherm Tedford influence the BOS to have Roberts investigated? He knows Robert's past. Roberts must be sailing under a lucky star to be forced out of Hinsdale and a little more than a year later he is promoted to Lieutenant without having to test or prove himself as a worthy employee. I hear tell Roberts performance evaluation which was done by Phillips shows he has a problem dealing with people. If this is true Roberts should not have been promoted instead he should have been demoted. Roberts performance evaluation is public information.Did anyone or the board of selectmen look into the harsh remarks Roberts made to Greg Patch? Did anyone address the fact Roberts drove an uninspected police vehicle? These two incidents alone should be investigated and if they are found to be true there would be enough against Roberts to have him demoted back to patrolman or fired. Judging by Roberts past he probabaly wouldn't survive being demoted and being told what to do by Jettey or Hurley. OMG, the town of Winchester has a solution to one of their problem?

Anonymous said...

And a bunch of us know Sherman's past too. Say no more.........

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment. The Winchester PD should know this. Maybe tha Winchester PD should get new uniforms and boots. Gray & Black and they should all grow dark mustaches and demand all citzens to click their heels, slaute and shout Heil Roberts. Do your job and quit questioning innocent people about what they say and who they talk to. Yes, there are police officers of the Winchester PD actively questioning citizens about who they are talking to and what they are saying. Censureship is a dangerous thing. By questionong innocent people about what they are talking about and who they are saying it to is skating on the cusp of free speech and dangerously close to violating a persons civil rights. Maybe the Federal Government(FBI)should be contacted. They are experts in investigating civil rights violations.

Anonymous said...

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
Everybody get together
try to love one another right now

I said.....

*Come on people now
smile on your brother
Everybody get together
try to love one another right now
right now
right now .........................................................

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To the poster above,
instead of quoting Dave Clark Five lyrics it would have been more appropriate if you had quoted the lyrics of Johnathan Edwards to describe how people in Winchester truly feel:

Sunshine go away today
I don't feel much like dancing
Some man's gone, he's tried to run my life
Don't know what he's asking

He tells me I'd better get in line
Can't hear what he's saying
When I grow up I'm going to make it mine
But these aren't dues I been paying

How much does it cost, I'll buy it
The time is all we've lost, I'll try it
But he can't even run his own life
I'll be damned if he'll run mine, Sunshine

Working starts to make me wonder where
The fruits of what I do are going
He says in love and war all is fair
But he's got cards he ain't showing

Sunshine come on back another day
I promise you I'll be singing
This old world, she's gonna turn around
Brand new bells'll be ringing

Anonymous said...

This Brian Jordan. I just want everyone to know that I had a conversation with Investigator Tracey from the AG’s office this morning. We spoke for about 20-30 minutes. Investigator Tracey asked me a lot of questions and I gave him truthful and honest answers and I have the impression that AG’s office is interested in finding out the truth. Thank you Brian Jordan.

Anonymous said...

That’s good to hear about the AG’s office but I really think the FBI needs to be called in as there seems to be serious problems of abuse within the police department. The allegations of theft, unethical behavior and the other ongoing problems need to be addressed. People are now being intimidated into not speaking freely and their freedom of association is being infringed upon. Their first amendment rights are being violated so I think that the FBI needs to be called in, they have the resources and they have the manpower.

Anonymous said...

Chief Sheats I hope you get to see this, again we’re so sorry about your wife and I for one wish you were back here. PS – I’m not the only one thinks that.

Anonymous said...

Some information had been brought to the attention of the AG's office recently regarding the police association and some alledged wrong doing.
Christine Gauntt of the Chartable Trusts - an Investigative Paralegal at the Department of Justice can be reached at 271-3591 to help verify this information.
It's been alledged that both Chris Roberts as Vice President and Gary Phillips as Acting - Treasurer have conducted business of the association in a manner against the by-laws of that association. More than a month ago they were asked to produce information that would have shown whether the allegations were true or not and as of the other day had still not responded back.
If this is true then why would that be?

Anonymous said...

It's seeming to look as the other reader stated that the reason the selectmen are saying nothing is because they have things they are trying to hide. If they didn't have soemthing to hide they would say soemthing, anything. Maybe they are all in too deep and know that.

Anonymous said...

There are grumblings being heard from different corners of the county, from the general public as well as police officers wanting to know what’s going on in Winchester.
They are asking why the Chief of Police doesn't just either dispel what's on this blog or admit that it is true.
They are looking closely at the actions of Gary Phillips, Chris Roberts and Nate Jette.
When they ask if what they read is true they are told that YES most of what you read is true.
Then they say something like... well that makes sense, otherwise the Chief would have said something already, saying it's not true. This has been going on for months now, it doesn't make sense, although a few have suggested that maybe some sort of investigation has been going on and because of that he can't talk.
Gary Phillips won’t be able to keep pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone including in other police departments.
The more people are hearing the other side the more people can make sense of what’s really going on and the more people are saying that they are understanding, especially given the people involved, both the ones employed now and the ones employed in the past.
For instance when it comes up about Jette and the bike, the question is always if Nate Jette didn’t take a bicycle that doesn’t belong to him why not just say so?
Maybe it’s because he can’t say that without making an explanation that it is true?
I'm pretty sure that most people accused of stealing would have wanted to set the record straight.
Nate Jette has admitted this publicly himself, come on, you can’t even own up to what your officers have already told people themselves?
People are questioning things like Chris Roberts doing investigations about actions of Nate Jette or Gary Phillips investigating actions of Chris Roberts and realizing that it's questionable if the truth would come out right or wrong with the reputation these police officers have given themselves - Phillips in Jaffrey - newspaper articles from Jaffrey, Roberts in Hinsdale - Fired and Jette - well lets just say his mouth is one of his biggest enemies.
You can’t keep saying it’s a couple of disgruntled people, spreading lies and rumors unless of course you say some of that couple still works for you.
If people on the outside of town can see this and people in town are really, really starting to see this, how come the people in charge of this town can’t see this?
Maybe they do know, maybe they turn the other way, maybe they're being investigated?
One thing that is certain, without questions being answered they can only expect speculation to run rampant and they should only blame themselves when it does.
And people will believe the rumors to be true because every day the police and town look less and less credible and there stories, coverups really, make less and less sense.
Come on, this isn’t going to go away until the truth gets heard and the facts are laid out for all to be able to see.
The sooner that happens the sooner the police department won’t have to be preoccupied.
Why not a statement from the Chief of Police of Winchester in regards to his police department as to whether this is true or not?
If he has nothing to hide he would state his truth, but maybe he does have something to hide.
Maybe he does have something to hide, maybe he doesn’t but leaving so suddenly from Jaffrey, according to the newspaper articles that have been circulating around the area leaves one to wonder???????
According to his responses he was just ready for a new adventure: from reading the articles the new adventure was unemployement. New twist to time for a Career Change.

Anonymous said...

To set the record straight and to stay on track with sticking to the facts...Warren Breau resigned from the Winchester Police Department on September 17, 2009. Should anyone have any questions call the number he posted last week. Happy hunting people:)

Anonymous said...

To Chief Phillips and the Selectmen - My child loves riding a bike and the other day I suggested that maybe riding it to school would be nice ......instead to my surprise, my child paled and with a look of concern and fear, blurted out Mom if I do Nate Jette might steal it. I started to make an explanation about police officers being trustworthy, instead realized I couldn't stand behind my explanation because of what is going on in town. I know that most police officers are trustworthy but now I know some might not be. You are now putting parents in a difficult and awkward spot, because as much as some of us might want to believe that everything is OK we see that might not be so. Are we now forced to lie to our children and tell them not to worry when very well there might be something to worry about? Is this fair us?

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between a couple of people stirring up trouble and a couple of people pointing out reality.

Anonymous said...

To the concerned citizen whose child wants to ride her bike to school. You have nothing to worry about. If your child trusts you and is old enough to understand explain to your child that all Police Officers are not dishonest only a few are. It just so happens Winchester has a few of them. The following performance recap should help you put things into perspective about Nate Jette. Nate Jette openly admitted taking the bike and justified taking it by saying his Sergeant gave him permission. Jette also took washer fluid and and justified taking it by saying he needed it. Jette is forthcoming only when he is confronted or caught. Who knows what else Jette has taken or has done without the knowledge of the public or the police department. Jette also failed to report to his superiors the fact he took marijauana and a pipe from a minor and threw it out his cruiser window. I seriously doubt Jette threw anything out any cruiser window. A smart police department would have made Jette submit to a drug test and polygraph examination. The only reason the Winchester Police Department became aware of Jette taking the marijauna was when the minor's mother called and complained that her son was stopped by Jett and she was not told by the officer but by her son. Jette followed a female in his personal vehicle for 13 miles to her driveway over a motor vehicle violation and gave hard time. This upset the female enough to prompt her to write a letter of complaint to the Chief of Fitzwilliam. Jette confronted Brian Jordan inside the 4 Corner's Store in front of employees and Jordan's mother and accused Brian Jordan of sending a letter to Nate's wife which by the way has not happened as of yet.Jette confronted Corey Carpenter who was working in Keene and Corey had to explain to his boss why Jette confronted him. Apparently Jette does not like being confronted about his shortcomings, yet he is not shy when it comes to confronting others. Jette has a reputation within the police community for justifying everything he does wrong with some lame excuse instead of taking his punishment and moving on. The Keene Police Department and the New Ipswich Police Department had enough common sense to ask questions, dig into Jette's past and personnel file allowing them to not hire jette.It doesn't appear Chief Wood of the Richmond Police Dept dug deep enough into Jette's past because if he did he probably would not have hired Jette. I guess Jette is not Chief Wood's problem anymore since Wood is leaving Richmond to go to Hancock. Chief Phillip's should open an investigation and order Nate Jette to take a polygraph and drug test to prove or disprove what has been said about Jette.

Anonymous said...

The following is a list of officers who left the Winchester Police Dept within the last two years.Clearly there is a management problem within the police dept.

Theresa Sepe
Rafael Rivera
Royce Pelkey
Mike Pelton
John Lovely
John Melia
Warren Breau
Dan Reppucci
Roger Beauchamp
Jim Fisher left and came back.

Anonymous said...

Last week Roberta couldn’t wait to tell her story on this blog, now when we need answers we don’t hear a peep, Roberta what do you tell your kids when they ask?

Anonymous said...

Nate Jette is the only full time officer left from when Gary Phillips started as Chief? And it seems no other department wants him and it seems the Chief likes to protect him. Something sounds funny............. this is not much does this cost the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

Don't anyone forget about Betty MacQuarrie she got forced out by Phillips.

Anonymous said...

I'd be curious about the Chiefs Jaffrey days. Did he have problems like this there too? Could be he was forced out. Woud explain a few things in the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told Scott Hurley wants out of Winchester too - he's applied at other police departments from what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above with the child afraid to leave the bike at school for fear Nate Jette might take it. It's very true, if you don't think the children of this town aren't overhearing what the parents and adults are talking about you're wrong. They are hearing about it and it's not fair to anyone what's going on but it certainly isn't fair to them. It's not just little kids, it's the teenagers and young adults too. There is a responsibility to them that we all have. With all the people who have left it's beginning to look like it's not far off the mark what is being seen on this blog. People who weren't sure are asking and it's more and more that the truth is on the side of the blog. If it weren't then even the officers who are no longer with Winchester would defend the officers that were still here and they're not. Think about it, there's too many of them. The police depts story won't be heard because they won't hold a meeting to let us hear their side. Makes no sense. Was it always like this?

Cost to taxpayers very high.. said...

It would seem that the town government would want to know the management style of the person in charge of their Police Department because it's evident that the management style in force doesn't work, is not cost effective by any means and in fact has probably cost this town hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost training dollars, benefits and salary costs, such as when they have to pay for an officer for 16 weeks while they are at the academy training and not yet working at the town. After training at the academy there are months of additional training with another officer while on duty, thus doubling the number of officers on duty at the same time, another additional cost. Not efficient and very costly. Even when you hire a new police officer that doesn't have to go to the academy for training ,the training factor with another officer is still there. Every time you bring in a new officer you need another trained officer next to them at all times for months and months of “on the job training” if you will. Then after that you have seminars, additional training courses and such, that get invested into each officer. All this training is paid for by you "The Taxpayers". It's very expensive to lose trained officers. The numbers for this department are way out of line with the numbers in police departments as a whole. The only place you would see a turnover of this magnitude would be in a police department that has serous management problems and is in turmoil. Interesting, there is a lot of questions of integrity with a select few officers. They are at the top of the organization. You rarely hear that, that is usually where the stability is. The people of this town should find out why the management style encourages departure from it's police department at such a heightened rate as compared to other departments. What would be interesting would be to find out how many years of service these officers had, the more years, the more you invested in them. Of course if they all left for a better job or a promotion somewhere else the argument could be that the management style and training are so superior that these officers do move on to the benefit of other police departments.

Anonymous said...

For those who want to know how much police experience the following officers had before they left Winchester. Their experience may be off by a few months.
If anyone wants a more accurate account of their experience ask to see their personnel files.

Theresa Sepe-20 yrs New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Rafael Rivera-7+ yrs New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Dan Reppucci-15+ yrs Massachusetts & New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Mike Pelton-less than 6 months New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Warren Breau-15+ yrs Florida & New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

John Lovely- less than six months New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

John Melia-5+ years New Hampshire law enfoecement experience.

Roger Beauchamp-14+ years New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Jim Fisher-4+ years New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Royce Pelkey-8+ years New Hampshire law enforcement experience.

Anonymous said...

Approximately how many years did they have in Winchester?

In Support of Our Troops... said...

Chris Roberts has been caught saying that it would be in the best interest of the town to encourage Scott Hurley to leave, since he is in the reserves and might get activated, as Robert's doesn’t feel we should have to hold his job open for him. Way to go in support of our military – Lt. Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Is it true several months ago Roberts commented to Chief Phillips he should offer a certain officer some money lo leave like they did with another former employee? Watch your back Hurley!
It appears Roberts has an ajenda to get rid of everyone he does not like or who knows something about him like Officer Breau who did Roberts background investigation. It won't be long before Roberts targets Jette and and Phillips. Is it true people of Winchester, Roberts doesn't like part-time officers either? Hey Jette how are the fishin trips with Roberts going? Are you baiting each other? Can you say Chief Roberts? Hey Fisher, is it true you did not want to come back to Winchester because you thought Roberts was another Chamberlain? What did you mean? What did Phillips say or offer you to get you to come back? It is interesting how much information is available when you ask. questions?

Anonymous said...

To the people of Winchester. You have a right to know your town is being sued by Dan Reppucci and the paperwork has been filed and should be delivered to the BOS soon. Stay tuned to the same " bat channel, same bat time" for further updates.

Anonymous said...

To the people of Winchester. You have a right to know your town is being sued by Dan Reppucci and the paperwork has been filed and should be delivered to the BOS soon. Stay tuned to the same " bat channel, same bat time" for further updates.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's true, Officer Roberts did say that the town would be better off with "Breau" gone and we should just pay him off $10,000 like you did with Betty.

Anonymous said...

Why did Roberts feel the town would be better off if Breau left? Did Breau have damning information about Roberts or the department? What does Breau really know? has anyone talked to him? Since he is no longer employed by the town of Winchester whats to prevent him from talking? It was confirmed through Betty's attorney there IS a confidientality agreement in place. The mere fact Roberts said what he said quite possibly breached the agreement and could put Betty in an advantageous position against the town of Winchester. Maybe she and her attorney should be made aware of this breach of confidentiality. By the way, Roberts was not employed when Betty reached an agreement with the Town of Winchester. Where did Roberts get his information? Who told him and what business was it of his? Is this how the second in command handles confidential information? It may be possible that breaching the confidentiality agreement also constitutes a criminal violation. This could be very costly for the town.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous- Not sure why he said it, just know he did.

Anonymous said...

Gee, wonder when the new jail is gonna be done, sounds like the town of Winchester might need to reserve a wing for their police dept.

Concerned said...

That's a lenghthly list of cops who new the town that are now gone and shows there is a problem. We need to find out what it is.

New Day? We Hope.... said...

It's my understanding the lawsuit that Dan Reppucci filed,which many of us have known right along he was planning to do. After the town decided to fire him for no real reason, other than that he knows a lot, and is no surprise to us. It was filed because the things going on in the police dept are so wrong and have been for the past 1 -1 ½ years and his termination should never have happened and this lawsuit will prove it. This lawsuit will get all the laundry out to air so to speak.

Anonymous said...

The town has fired 3 people in 3 weeks and the only common thread is the police department? It does make you wonder and these 3 names never come up with being accused of illegal activity or unethical behavior. In fact it’s just the opposite. When the names of these 3 come up words like, fair, ethical, listens, helps and explains are used. And none of the selectmen see that as a problem? And the police department is running around town saying they are cleaning house? I hope someone’s keeping track of all the drugs, alcohol, money and bikes in that they take in.

Amazed at the decisions... said...

We just got done spending 3 months of Officer Breau’s salary to send him to school in Concord? Now he gets fired and is gone? Didn’t the Chief know there was a problem before spending all this money?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dan doing the right thing. Somebody needs to take the first swing. It takes alot to do what you are doing. More will follow. Hope it works out for you and I hope that we get to hear the truth and all of it once and for all.

Anonymous said...

According to the town Administrator Bob Gray told a female caller last week Warren Breau resigned. Also, Warren Breau had 8 hours left to be certified as a full time police officer. In stead Roberts and Phillips orchestrated a hiring process after Breau passed his physical requirements to become a full time officer and hired Fred Zeigler instead. Zeigler is in his second week at the academy whis is 14 weeks long. This was done to Keep Breau from becoming full-time with Winchester. Breau failed the testing process three times before due to legetimate injuries and once he recovered and to the dismay of Roberts and Phillips he passed his requirements. This can be verified through Dan Reppucci Eric Ammann.

Tired of Wasting Taxpayer $$ said...

The point isn't whether he got forced out or fired, the point is Phillips wasted more of our taxpayer money again.

Anonymous said...

Definately wasting money...

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Chief had a plan to promote Roberts all along. He was hired as a patrolman but getting Sgt’s pay for the whole time – why is he so special? – how come other patrolmen don’t get paid Sgt’s pay when they first start? 6 months later the Chief promotes him to Sgt and then 6 months after that he’s a Lt. Master plan perhaps? Valid questions that need truthful answers. We're beginning to look like Hoosett.

Anonymous said...

Ne definition of fiscal responsibility?

Tax facts said...

In response to fiscal responsibility- you’re not off the mark

This information was taken from the following link:

and can be seen under the section: Where the money went: Department line item spending.

Just look at the Cost to Town for 2008 – Chris Roberts who was hired at the end of March in 2008 , was hired making the same amount of money as Detective Sergeant Reppucci was making.

Reppucci is 2nd full time officer and Roberts is the 6th full time officer. We know this because we know that Dan Reppucci was the 2nd in command and he was the senior ranking officer under the Chief so his salary would be the 2nd highest. But wait there are two people making the same salary and for 6 months Chris Roberts was a patrol officer and the new kid on the block.

It cost the town taxpayers more for his medicare, workers comp, unemployment and retirement because his salary was more and all these benefits are based on salary, and again he was making more than it should have been for the position he was hired for.

Total cost for Reppucci for 2008 $47,598.95

Total cost for Roberts for 2008 $65,435.67

The difference is the cost in Health & Dental Benefits.

And the boots he accidently ordered for himself to the tune of $300.00, it’s been said the town paid for them for him.

More inconsistencies from the Chief, it looks like he was going to promote Roberts one way or the other. Why else would he give Roberts preferential treatment? He was on probation when he started, like anyone else would be and a patrol officer at that, getting Sergeant’s pay. Why?

More money wasted. Wasted and then the Chief asks for money for a new cruiser when we already said no AND he gets it anyway?

It wasn’t a dire emergency for a new cruiser. Proof of that is the cruiser they took out of service is now back in service at the town hall, you’ll recognize it with the shiny, new town seals on the doors.

You can’t deny the numbers, there is no hiding the facts here.

Who would like to deny what’s in the budget? Because who ever wants to deny it I’m sure the people would like to hear the explanation.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel that Jettie is perhaps trying to slide into the Sergents position? Seems to sounds like alot of security people in town have overheard a plan for this. Anyone know how much all of these "promotions" are costing us??? A new paygrade-really not sounding like anyone deserves this. AND- has anyone informed the selectman of Richmond to look into his background because we all know he is going to try and get that positoin there too if cheif woods is leaving. Hello? Some one needs to inform them before they make a big mistake and they need to do some question asking. If he had an affair, that should be kept as personal but if he is doing things that affect our towns then that is our business. They need to ask questions-our town does too! Can you imagine him as sgt or cheif?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone spell

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course Jette is bucking for promotion. You are talking about serious liability issues putting someone in any position of authority with the kinds of issues he has had. According to town policy the selectmen can block promotions. The selectmen seriously need to have Jette investigated for unethical practices. Call Jette on the carpet and hold him accountable for his actions. Is it true Jette had an affair? Ask Todd Kilanski, maybe he has some answers. What needs to be done here is a large gathering of citizens at the BOS on Wednesday demanding an investigation. Make sure someone brings a video camera and contacts the media. You want a solution, put Phillips, Roberts and Jette on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation regarding their past and present practices. Interview ALL employees including the ones who left within the past 30 days. Has Roberts been investigated for driving the uninspected cruiser? What was his excuse for doing what he did? Ask Jette how he got his wife's vehicle inspected very recently with a sticker that expired in March. Yes folks he allowed his wife to drive the roads of Richmond for several months uninspected. Talk about a blatant disregard for the law. HOW MUCH MORE DO THE CITIZENS OF WINCHESTER NEED TO STOP THE OUT OF CONTROL ACTIONS OF WINCHESTER'S FINEST!!!!? Come on people, wake up and take action!! If you are not sure wether or not the selectmen are reading the bloggs, print themm and hand deliver them to each selectman. That will eliminate any excuses.

Anonymous said...

I agree there are too many unanswered questions and too many answers that just don't make sense. The truth is here somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The truth will come out with Dan, if it doesn't get taken care of sooner. There's too much waste going on. I doubt very much that someone could get a lawyer to take on a case if there wasn’t a chance on them winning. If the people in charge did the right thing then they won’t have egg on their face, if they did something wrong they will. Right now it doesn't look good for the people in charge. Right now it looks like they are working together to cover their butts.

Ridiculous We need the Feds here ......... said...

Roberts, the new Lieutenant not only gets DEMOTED from his last gig he gets FIRED on top of that and for some reason the Chief thinks he's sooooo great we need to pay him more than the position he was hired for? And these people think they should be believed and respected? There's not a one of them that would know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

Lower the tax said...

Looking at the numbers, you can see it looks like a tortoise shell game was being played on us. It's time to cut the fat from the top down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the IRS can be notified and check into the police association. Sounds like people were being misled when making donations, maybe that would be fraud?

Anonymous said...

How DO promotions take place in the Winchester Police Dept.? Are there written and oral tests given (and by whom) like in 'real' police depts., to determine the most qualified for the positions of Det. Sgt. and Lt or are the officers just "promoted"?

Anonymous said...

WPD does not have a promotional process. When Roberts got promoted all he had to do was answer scenario questions at an oral board.

Anonymous said...

I am a respected black man that just moved into the neighborhood, my question is, are there any minorities that work at our police department?
If not is there an active recruitment to hire any? just asking and not trying to stir the waters, but from what i have read so far it has been already. Should i move? concerned citizen

Who's in charge? said...

I was talking to an area police chief who has been following these comments, and he can't believe the selectmen haven't got a handle on this mess.

Anonymous said...

It's a fair statement to say many people around the area are wondering that same thing.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting concept that so many of the cops in Winchester who have never had any problems during the course of their careers, suddenly are no longer there. Had they only been on probation it would make sense. But when they appear to be forced out and fired after years of dedicated service and enormous amounts of education and training it' time for answers and I do believe this time we will get there.

Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter seems to be that when it comes to this police dept they have created the turmoils and problems they are now rolling in.
Coming forward when the questions were asked, answering the questions that are based on concerns mind you, from the beginning would have done this police dept and it's chief good and given them the credibility it now don't have.
The Chief needs to stop blaming other people for his failures and lies and coverups and excuses.
As the Chief he should have told Jette to return the bike as soon as he found out the incident happened AND then reprimanded him for it.
Anything less than that shows he is made of the same caliber as Jette.
He should have done a proper background check on Roberts before he hired him then we wouldn't have had to hear what Hinsdale's dirty laundry was about.
If this chief didn't want controversy he shouldn't have created it.
He most certainly shouldn't have promoted Roberts to the 2nd highest position in the police department with such a questionable past. Did he rally think that people wouldn't question this?
According to the Chief, Dan Reppucci had the integrity and respect to do the job, how do we know that? Because if the chief didn't think he could do the job he wouldn't have had him do it for a year and half, he wouldn't have had him doing something that for that long a period of time if he wasn't capable of doing it. Would you?
So either way it shows that you can not manage.
You should have worked with your people instead of getting rid them by making it so intorlerable that they couldn't stay or firing them because you are afraid of what they will say.
Accusing someone of sharing a letter they wrote with someone? If that's the threshold for wrongdoing in your departmetn why are Jette and Roberts there?
Look at the lawsuit closely folks, I don't think you're going to be too impressed with the chief's performance behind the scenes, his methods or his lack of concern for town taxpayers in doing whats he's done.
Depositions will be very informative I'm sure and the jury trial will more than likely give us more insight into the this mess.

Anonymous said...

It is bad enough the expedition is used for details, for that matter any patrol vehicle. What you must consider when these vehicles are used is the constant idling time. These vehicle are running for several hours at a time which is excessive wear and tear on the engine that shortens the life of the engine.

Anonymous said...

Depositions are a great tool for getting information but they are limited to the issue at hand. They are not carte blanche to ask anything you want. I'm sure the town legal advisor is aware of this fact. You want answers? Demand the selectmen open an investigation into every aspect of the department. They can request the assistance of a reputable and detached outside agency to conduct an investigation on their behalf. Hell, for that matter they can do their own investigation. Enough information has been posted in the blogs to point the selectmen in the right direction. What a feather in their cap this would be if the selectmen did an investigation(hint,hint)and found enough to warrant the removal of certain officers. These officers are not worried about what has been said thus far. Their arrogance is in your face and they know it. They do not fear the citizens of Winchester nor do they fear any investigation into their actions because they just don't care and they are confident the people will not do anything. Come on people, this is getting old. How many more facts and suggestions do you need to get the ball rolling,or are these blogs just idle chatter? Here is another idea. Print these blogs and "dump them in the laps of Peter Heed, the Regional Prosecutor's Office and each judge who preside over Winchester's cases. Maybe they will question the integrity of these officers and dispell what the blogs are saying.

Not Afraid to have an opinion........... said...

I think these people are afraid and that is why they are trying to intimadate by saying they are going to find out who has voiced an opinion on this blog.

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