Saturday, March 12, 2011

Selectman's Meeting Minutes 03-02-2011

MINUTES of the
March 2, 2011

Board Members Present: Vice Chairman, Roberta Fraser; Theresa Sepe; Kenneth Gardner; and Gustave Ruth. Also present Joan Morel, Town Administrator, and Executive Assistant Shelly Walker.  Chairman Sherman Tedford is absent. The meeting convenes at 7:00 PM.

1st Order of  Business: Open Meeting and Acceptance of Minutes
Selectman Sepe makes a motion to accept the regular minutes of February 23, 2011.  Selectman Gardner seconds the motion.  Motion carries 3-0 with 1 abstention.  

2nd Order of  Business: Other Business
Previously, the Board of Selectmen had a letter composed communicating their deep concern regarding a 15.4% increase of the County budget. At their last meeting the Board made revisions. All Board members signed the letter.

The Water Warrant for this quarter has been submitted in the amount of $60,567.86.  Selectman Fraser makes a motion to sign the Warrant.  Selectman Sepe seconds the motion. Motion carries 4-0.

Seven customer service windows in the Town hall need replacing. Three companies were contacted for quotes. JA Jubb submitted a quote in the amount of $2,305.00 and Cheshire Glass submitted a quote in the amount of $1,935.00. After a brief discussion, Selectman Sepe makes a motion to accept the quote from Cheshire Glass to replace these windows. Selectman Garnder seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

The Forest Fire Warden has appointed Barry Kellom, Robert Dingman, and Bruce Lawrence as Issue Agents to issue Burn Permits. Selectman Ruth makes a motion to approve these appointments.  Selectman Gardner seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

An Elderly Exemption Application for Map 17, Lot 25 has been submitted.  Selectman Fraser makes a motion to approve this application.  Selectman Ruth seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

Two Veterans Tax Credit applications have been submitted for Map 18, Lot 11. After discussion, Selectman Ruth makes a motion to approve the first application. Selectman Sepe seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.  Selectman Sepe makes a motion to approve the second application for Map 18, Lot 11.  Selectman Ruth seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

The Road agent has submitted a copy of a salt purchase requisition in the amount of $2,076.38 for the Board’s review. The Road agent noted on the requisition that this purchase would overdraw the Salt line of his budget by $4,965.36. All Board members noted the fact.

A letter granting Dapkus (Stateline) Fireworks permission to sell New Hampshire permitted fire works has been submitted for 2011. Selectman Ruth makes a motion to approve and sign this letter.  Selectman Gardner seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

In 2010, Article #11 for bus service in the amount of $15,500.00 was approved. Selectman Gardner makes a motion to add this to the carry-over list for the Board to vote on in June.  Selectman Ruth seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

J.B. Mack of SWRPC would like to schedule a meeting with the Board to discuss the Tannery site , and Tata & Howard would like to meet regarding water issues.  All Board members were in agreement to schedule a work session for March 16, 2011 at 10 AM.

WEDC has submitted a Term Sheet proposal for the Boards review. This matter was tabled and will be addressed at the Boards next meeting.

The Chairman announced that there is an upcoming workshop “Road Management for Town Officials” to be held in Keene on June 24th.  Anyone interested in attending should notify the Executive Assistant so that she may enroll them.

The Chairman read a letter of Resignation from John Hann, the Chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The Financial Department has submitted a request for clarification on the normal Highway Department hours for payroll purposes. Selectman Gardner makes a motion to set the Highway Department hours for during the months of May thru October, their work week will be Monday thru Thursday, 6 AM to 4:30 PM and for November thru April, their work week will be Monday thru Friday, 7:00 AM thru 3:30 PM.  Selectman Ruth seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

Jason Lodge of Hoyle & Tanner has submitted Change Order #1 for the Old Westport bridge project.  There are no costs associated with this change order, only the completion date would change from April 30, 2011 to May 25, 2011.  Selectman Sepe makes a motion to approve Change Order #1.  Selectman Ruth seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

The Board reviewed a memo regarding racetrack applications for permits and fees.  Selectman Fraser makes a motion to set the permit application fee to $100 per track. Selectman Sepe made a friendly amendment to include applications must be filed in a timely manner with the Town Administration setting the due date.  Selectman Fraser accepts the amendment.  Selectman Ruth seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.

3rd Order of  Business: Office Documents
  • A memo has been submitted from the Financial Department regarding seven pair of uniform pants that were lost by an employee.  Crown uniform has offered to replace all seven pairs if the Town pays $120.00 for four pairs of pants. After a brief discussion, Selectmen agreed that the employee was responsible.  Selectman Gardner makes a motion that the Town will not pay for the lost pants.  Selectman Sepe seconds the motion.  Motion carries 4-0.
4th Order of Business: Open to the Floor (15 minutes)
Herb Stephens came before the Board to notify them that Vermont Yankee will be conducting a drill on March 8, 2011.  That is voting day, so a skeleton crew will respond.

Dan Bechard came before the Board to discuss re-opening his father’s salvage yard and repair shop. The Board directed him to speak with the Land Use Assistant about the process.

Theodore Whippie handed out photocopies of an article recently published on relating to skyrocketing water bills.  Mr. Whippie briefly discussed with the Board his concern of the cost of new replacement water meters in town.

The Chairman reminded everyone that March 8, 2011 is voting day, and polls will be open from 8 AM-7 PM.

5th Order of Business: Any Other Business
The Town Administrator had given all Board members an informational handout on a possible policy for meeting minutes.  The Town Administrator would like the Board to review and edit this information before composing a policy regarding minutes.
6th Order of Business: Adjournment
Selectman Ruth makes a motion to adjourn.  Selectman Gardner seconds the motion and it carries 4-0.  The meeting adjourns at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully recorded,
Shelly Walker
Executive Assistant

March 2, 2011 BOS Regular Minutes approved by:

Sherman Tedford, Chairman       
Roberta Fraser, Selectman
Gustave Ruth, Selectman
Theresa Sepe, Selectman         
Kenneth Gardner, Selectman              


Wrapped fish heads? said...

OK, the first thing that struck me as odd - the "service windows" in the Board of Selectman's office being replaced. I have observed, ever since Joan came to town (even while Bob was training her), her blinds are always down. If you need assistance, you are now required to see Shelley.
After reading the town report - it wasn't even her "open door" policy that she was sharing, but a quote from Bob.
There is no "open door" policy. In fact, there is a combination lock on it and now the windows are being replaced, at the tax payers expense.

Sorry Joan, but I just don't buy the "helpful" messages

pack your bags lady said...

Anyone wanna bet our dear Joan wants tinted one way glass in her windows. She gives you the impression she thinks she is so much better than all of us and couldn't be bothered listening to the people who pay her salary. I say we ship her back to Hinsdale or some place that will pay her for doing nothing except policy changes to hide information from the public. Bring back Bob !!

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanna bet it was Dale who lost his pants? Seems he's been in and out of more bedrooms these past few months, no wonder he can't find his pants, he can't remember in which he left them.

Anonymous said...

Four day workweek for highway? Hell they don't even work one day. Every time you look around the town is hiring some outside contractor to do the work these lazy _ _ _ _ _ are suppose to do. Other than ride around in a truck all day what in hell do they do?

The Monkey did it said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

There is one thing Dale is very good at and that's overspending his budget every year, right Dale? Hey, how's the new truck working out, break anything yet?

Over sthe river and threw the woods. ).( said...

Now Dale is not using the old class 6 road aka:(short cut to old girl friends house on town's time)we may not need to replaced the whole rear end on his one ton.

Anonymous said...

We don't need to finance any service windows upstairs. It would be a waste of time. Just board up the holes as there is NOTHING behind the walls anymore and noone gets service upstairs. Either the woman is hiding her ignorance and inability to serve the people she was hired to do or she is just a plain Nasty, rude, disrespectful oops , can't swear on this site. How can someone like that keep their job?

WHY BOTHER ? said...

Bob admitted before he left that 4 days doesn't save any money. Many studies have been done on 4-10 hour days and they all say it doesn't work but we have 3 public servants or former public servants and 1 failed business man telling us it does. Grin and bare it folks, they won the vote.

it's that simple said...

For next year;

Warrant Article #1
inserted by petition

Shall the town return and adopt a 5 day work week for all full and part time employees, thus saving the town extra expenditures from adopting a 4 day work week from a previous vote?

I vote yes,

Frustrated said...

Reply to "It's that simple"..

Sure sounds like a good warrant article to me. No access to town offices/services on fridays has been very frustrating and unaccommodating to say the least.

Warrant article one said...

Make that two votes! How many times have you needed something on a Friday and said, "Opps! They are closed?" Also, what happened to Jimmy's campaign promise of being opening one weekend day?

Besides, no one can go 10 hours without smoking....

Too much SECRECY said...

Any ideas what the Meeting Minutes changes will be? I have noticed that they have deleted most of them from all of the board's websites. This is very odd! So, the only way to get the information is to go into Town Hall and request a copy? Another way to milk more money out of the tax payers. How difficult is it too maintain the minutes for two years on the website?

Mike Towne said...

Here's a suggestion for our selectman, of course it won't be popular with the town employees but it will save lots of money and it makes perfect sense as well. This isn't something new either,it's been done in many towns across the state and country to help cut costs and keep taxes down.

Here's how the town can be open more and spend less.

Go to part time hours for all; but make their departments more accessible by being open a couple of evenings and the town clerks office open on a Saturday morning.

Selectman's Office .. Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm .. one selectman on duty all day to answer to public ( rotating shifts)
Mon - Wed - Fri 8am - 1pm
one 15 minute break .. no lunch break
Tues & Thurs eves
5pm - 7:30pm ( town clerk/tax collector
town clerk/tax collector/water/sewer dept.
8am - noon

total hours = 20 for most, 24 for those working Saturday
provide some benefits but not what they get now

Highway: Mon - Friday 7am - 4pm
one hour lunch two 10 minute breaks
That means they start at 7am; not line up in front of the coffee machine and they don't leave the job site until 3:45pm. There's no reason they can not give us 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay each and every day.

Fiscal responsibility is a minimum requirement for running for office; common sense also a big plus.

Start running this town like a business and stop wasting money.

Anonymous said...

You won't get many votes from downtown next year making suggestions like that Mr. Towne; but I gotta say I agree 100% with you, those hours would work for most of us and the money we'd save would be significant. Of course many of those entitled would threaten to leave but I'm sure we could find equally qualified if not more so to fill any empty positions that may come about.

back to the real world? said...

NO ONE would leave, its the best jobs in the state. If I remember correctly one year the budget committee wanted to make the tax collectors job part time and Jim said it wouldn't work with the nights and weekends he intended to be open.A member of the budget committee said that she had worked in that office and there was noway it requires full time.Start thinking about it now folks, it can be done.

The buck stops where? said...

Talk about the real world. Who lost the manual on how to tow a grader? Who pays for this oversight?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't have to be towed if the operator and others took care of it. Seems no one cares when someone else foots the bills. Things like this that cost thousands to fix should be a good reason to replace personnel responsible, no matter who it is. Time our selectmen stepped up to the plate and start thinking of the taxpayers instead of their friends and family.

this crap sucks ! said...

What's with that sign on the new administrator's window and how come the blinds are closed? Doesn't she work for us? If I wanted to talk to a secretary I'd go to her window. This is really getting to be so much bs having to deal with these people others have voted into office or chosen to take someone's place.

Its Winchester said...

She works for the Selectmen and the selectmen are all about protecting the employees regardless of how they perform. Apparently the voters like it that way.

Anonymous said...

If you are all so unhappy with Ms. Morel perhaps you should ask Roberta to give her lessons in "dealing with people". Roberta was always pleasant and polite when she had the admin. asst. position. Okay, Roberta please step up to the plate and show the ladies how it is to be done! If they don't meet your standards just show them the door.

feel like a mushroom said...

Check out the selectmen's minutes on the towns web site. Nothing for last week and everything else is out of order. Either someone made a mistake or its another attempt to keep the public in the dark. I know they don't like public scrutiny but this is ridiculous.

Big secret? said...

Ya think the selectmen's Minutes should have explained why the grader needs a new transmission?

See You Next Year said...

The way the story goes, extensive damage could have been avoid if the proper towing procedures had been followed. Guess its time for another warrant article for the Road agent to run for his job.

Next Year said...

Well, with all the people out of work or on short hours and looking for a change there should be some very good candidates.

new revenue said...

Send the hwy guys out on pineywoods road to see what they can pickup. If they have luck like they have had in the past they might get enough to pay for fixing the grader.Is there no checks and balances at the hwy dept?