Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Representative Daniel Carr & John Frado

Winchester has lost two great men in the past two weeks –

State Representative Daniel Carr & John Frado

Two men that were truly wonderful advocates for our town.  They believed in community and working together for the betterment of their neighbors.  They will be missed by everyone! 

We would like to open this blog to your comments and well wishes to the women who supported and loved them –
 Julia Ferrari & Chris Frado. 

Please feel free to leave your personal stories about each of these great men. 


Anonymous said...

Can't say I ever met John Frado, but I did meet Daniel Carr on one occasion. He stopped by our house one Saturday afternoon when he first ran for the State Rep. position. We had an excellent conversation and I remember being impressed and felt that he really did care about the voters. We have lived here for 6 years and no other elected official or candidate has ever taken the time to stop by to ask how we felt about local issues. Even though we were mostly on opposite political sides, I admired his commitment to his role in government.
Kevin on Swan Street

Rebecca and Harry said...

Dear friends and family of Dan,

We know that you have been waiting to hear about Dan; Julia has asked me to get in touch. Harry and I are very old friends of Dan’s and Julia’s—we were freshmen together with Dan in college (43 years ago) and have known Julia since the beginning of their relationship.

Dan died early yesterday morning, just before 4 AM, before the dawn. He defied all the nurses, who would tell us it would be a couple more hours, and then could not believe that he was still alive when they came back for their next shifts. He always was stubborn, and wanted to do things his way—and not too fast!

He and Julia were incredibly lucky that a room opened up in the Community Hospice House in Merrimack, NH just in time for him to go there. This was everything that hospice is supposed to be. They were caring and respectful in every way, providing a safe and pain-free place for Dan to move on and for Julia to support him and have time to begin to face her new life.

Even at the hospital Julia had so wanted Dan to be outside, where he was happiest, but at a certain point they would not allow it. In contrast, at the hospice the double doors opened to a patio, so the whole bed could be moved outside. Dan was the first patient they have ever had who spent the night outside—he went out on Sunday afternoon around 4, and never went back inside. Julia was able to stay with him outside around the clock, and we also were out most of the time with him. Others came to visit as well. It was truly extraordinary for them to have that freedom and for Julia to have that much say in his care. (We were glad it wasn’t January, as were the nurses, although in January there would not have been horse-size mosquitoes.)

For those who aren’t aware, as a state legislator Dan was instrumental in getting the New Hampshire Commission for Native American Affairs set up—an astounding feat considering the politics not only in the legislature but also among the many NH tribes. A few of the officers of the commission came to see Dan, and to help send him on his way. They spoke about how significant and vital an achievement this is, and what it means to have this commission. I asked Julia if she would like donations made to the commission in honor of Dan in lieu of flowers, and she thinks it is a wonderful idea. If you would like to do this, the address is:

New Hampshire Commission on Native American Affairs

c/o Vicki Blanchard

172 Federal Hill Road

Milford, NH 03055

Julia has also made a request that Dan’s friends think about and write down anecdotes/stories about Dan, to be collected for a book. Her email address is She has an odd spamblocker, but if you put a subject line that is relevant she will be able to find your email and eventually get back to you.

Her address, if you would like to write to her, is:

Julia Ferrarie

25 Main Street

P.O. Box 111

Ashuelot, NH 03441

Please note that you must include both the street address and the box number or the letter will not be delivered.


Rebecca and Harry Norris

Michael and Linda Towne said...

I was introduced to Dan and Julia several years ago while attending town meetings and then later when Dan was running for re-election they stopped by and we discovered we had a lot in common. Dan and I had many conversations on topics regarding issues in Winchester and on the State level that concerned him and how he was going to go about trying to implement change. We discovered we were kindred spirits in our desire for a better place for all of us to live and prosper. He was among other things, enormously supportive of the efforts of the people in Westport Village and Winchester citizens trying to block the asphalt plant and to deal with the pit on the Mitchell property that has become such a nuisance to all in the area. His concerns were based on the environment and the quality of life the effects of this operation was and still is having on it and all of this while he was sick and getting worse each day. Dan gave so much of his life to helping so many others including myself and my wife that he will always be remembered as a champion of the people.
I will miss my friend Dan Carr, our conversations, his friendly smile and his dedication to helping others; but mostly I will miss his spirit and willingness to roll up his sleeves and get involved. We need more people like Dan to make our world a richer place for everyone.
God bless and fare thee well on your new journey my friend, you may be gone from our sight; but you will live on in our hearts and never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Over 3000 people in this town and only 3 comments regarding this wonderful human being who gave so much of his personal life for all of us. You all should be ashamed, especially you town employees and officials who read here everyday.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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the Winchester Informer said...
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In fond remembrance said...

I knew both John and Dan and had nothing but admiration for their fortitude and caring for our community. Great gentlemen both who will be very missed in the lives of many. May they rest in peace, and may Chris and Julia find comfort in those that care, and remember.