Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Winchester, a Dunkin’ Donuts plan is rejected

WINCHESTER — A proposal for a Dunkin’ Donuts at the corner of one of the town’s busiest intersections is dead for now after the planning board voted to deny its application.

S.S. Baker’s Realty Co. LLC’s application for a combination gas station and Dunkin’ Donuts at the intersection of routes 10 and 78 was rejected on the grounds of traffic concerns and the belief it overwhelmed the proposed site.

According to corporate filings with the state, S.S. Baker’s Realty is managed by Teofilo Salema, the owner of five other Dunkin’ Donuts, in Keene, Swanzey and Hinsdale.

The 3,265-square-foot, single-story proposed project includes a convenience store, six gasoline pumps and a drive-through Dunkin’ Donuts. Planning board Chairman Dean Beaman said the project met all of the board’s requirements, but board members spoke at length about their concerns with traffic and the size of the lot.

After almost 40 minutes of discussion, Beaman’s motion to approve the application failed 4-3.

Board member Kim N. Gordon then made a motion to deny the application, which she said “overwhelms the site and does not adhere to best design standards.”

“He’s trying to put three businesses into a postage stamp lot,” said Gordon, who added she would be fine with having only the Dunkin’ Donuts.

Fellow board member Jack Marsh Jr. added his traffic concerns to Gordon’s motion. Marsh said he was worried about the left turn out of the site along Route 10, parking along the shoulder of Route 10’s northbound lane and an overflow of traffic for the drive-through onto Route 78.

The motion to deny the application passed 4-2, with Larry Hill abstaining. Hill said although he agreed with some of the points in the motion, he did not understand other parts.

Salema and his land use agent, James P. Phippard from Brickstone Land Use Consultants LLC, left the meeting immediately following the decision.

Salema said he was disappointed, but declined to say more.

“There’s just so much I want to say, it’s not even worth it,” Salema said.

During the meeting it was clear whom he believed was responsible for the rejection, though.

When Gordon made her motion to deny the application, Marsh advised her to include her own reasoning within her motion. Salema, who was sitting in the audience, supplied one for her.

“Kulick’s,” he said.

During the course of the public hearing, the project received opposition from local grocery store Kulick’s Inc. through its attorneys. Kulick’s is less than a mile away from the proposed site on Route 78 and also operates gas pumps in the plaza where it’s located.

Owner Stanley S. Plifka Jr. said this morning he was happy about the board’s decision.

Plifka said he was not opposed to having a Dunkin’ Donuts in town, but thought it should stand alone, without the gas pumps.

“We need industry and not duplication,” said Plifka, who had previously spoken against adding a third set of gas pumps to the area surrounding the intersection.

In addition to Kulick’s gas pumps, there is also a gas station at the southwest corner of the intersection, diagonally across from the proposed Dunkin’ Donuts. Another gas station and convenience store is located in the center of town, just over a half-mile north on Route 10.

Salema and Phippard said after the meeting that they need to speak with their attorney before acting.

Phippard said they could appeal the decision to Superior Court, request the planning board reconsider its decision or re-file their application.

“That’s all allowed, but I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Phippard said.
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Back room dealings said...

Does Margaret have to give them their money back?

Concerned said...

Finally, some common sence at work here. Why would 4 gas stations be an asset for our town? Just over the border, Northfield, MA doesn't even have one. Was a definite safey issue at the proposed location, not to mention an unhealthy food one. Kudos, Planning Board.

Anonymous said...

This guy came here to do nothing but hurt local businesses under the guise of providing a Dunkin Donuts. There is a gas station directly across the street, been there forever and there's a convenience store within a few blocks right downtown and of course local business owner Kulick's market within walking distance. What in hell do we need another gas station and convenience store for other than to take business away from local town's folk? Glad it got turned down and the board finally got it's head out of that dark pace it's been in since Sharra's fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Planning Board! We don't need another gas station. I agree with concerned, that location poses a safety issue. Even though I'd love to have a D.D. in town, I wouldn't want it under the proposed conditions or under conditions that would hurt local businesses.

Anonymous said...

The board made the correct decision.
Nice job.
Kevin on Swan Street

Long Memory said...

Not needing another gas station and traffic safety are all legitimate issues but lets not forget the business we are protecting took the Drug Store from Gary's Power, the car wash and later the laundry from Bobs fuel, and the fuel business from J&G's. And what about selling the land for subsidised housing that blew our schools out of the water.

Hindale will except our rejects! said...

As you hooray as I read shout of joy, a shout of happy excitement, victory, or jubilation as another purposed business heads for the town line like Hinsdale or Swanzey then later in the year you open your tax bill when the regality sets in. WoW! Our taxes are too high! As the Winchester tax rate soars more people loose their homes or they are sold for taxes. While Beaman builds more homes with 2 and 3 children we must educate. While on the other hand business are discouraged from investing in our town because it may not be fair to another like business or it will make to much traffic. The planning board approves businesses like Mack Truck junk yard, dirt piles, noise of race tracks, other auto junks yard, travel trailer junk yards on Route 10, dirt piles and noise ……they are OK. It is to late to shut it off, the damage has been done. Someone spends a lot of money who wants to improve the town and we shot them. What about Tractor Supply when Sharra sent them packing to Hinsdale, no we can not allow them it will interferer with her friend Gary’s Power equip or another gas station will hurt Mr. Mike’s or Kulick’s, who got hurt when Butch sold his property to low income, you and I were hurt. Did anyone consider our feelings?

Because someone wanted to transpose the intersection of 10 and 78 into something clean and respectable something we can tax, everyone gives the planning board kudos. We are a town without business property to help support our tax base. Look around every other towns excepts with open arms Winchester's cast offs Our town's mind set we discourage business development. As a village we are heading down the toilet into Bankruptcy.

Here we go again another law suit against the tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Long Memory -

Perhaps you should take an Economics Lesson 101 course!

By allowing outside business to come into town, we will be eroding the already established tax base. By under cuting local businesses, we are looking at the potential of losing numerous jobs & property taxes. Do you have any clue how much, Mr. Mikes, J&Gs, Psquares, Rite Aid & Kulicks combined bring to the town in property taxes? Are you suggesting that it’s better to support out of town companies verses local Mom & Pop business?

Perhaps you didn’t notice that our town is having a hard time supporting our current convience stores – one is on the brink of closing and another one already closed this past week. Four jobs lost!

Please explain your logic in your comments! Are you talking about Rite Aid under cutting two local pharmacies? This is proof that you are clueless. You are stating that the Planning Board should have protected these business, but not any more?

Anonymous said...

I think the point, Long Memory , is trying to make is, its OK for Kulick's to take business from other people but when someone wants to open a business that might hurt Kulick's, its no way.

not needed said...

I think you have a personal agenda with your comments about Kulick's. Besides being a mom & pop store and employing over 20 people, the owners have been very active in the community for years. That you have an axe to grind shows the problems in Winchester go deeper than just a Planning Board decision. There has been a number of bad decisions made in the past by this board and the ZBA; mainly because the same people sit on both boards and are easily influenced to cast their votes a certain way and the one in the Land Use Office pushes her own agendas which have cost this town thousands of dollars in lawsuits. At the meeting where this was decided, one of her handpicked alternates, who is now a full time member chosen and appointed by the chairman to take her place, was seen talking to her after the vote and then made an attempt to change his vote when he realized he went against her wishes. They should both be removed immediately for their actions as should a couple of others on that board. Past member Princess Blodgett said it in her resignation letter, that some members of that board whom she trusted are obviously biased in their decision making base on their own personal agendas and the agenda of the Land Use assistant. This time for some unknown reason they got it right, let's hope it's a trend that continues.

Hinsdale will except our out-cast! said...

Hey Long memory! This isn't about the planning board , Butch Plifka, or Gary’s it is about good clean friendly business that doesn’t destroy the enjoyment of your homes while devaluing home owners property. I am talking about a tax base to support our town employees and the school. It’s about a busy intersection of town a businessman wants to transpose an eye sore into something that will attract other businesses. Your theory we can not have a MacDonald because it will hurt the Diner. What about my feeling being hurt when I open my tax bill. What about Kulicks Mall allowing Aubuchons Hardware to put out of business Amorosa’s Hardware. Village Pharmacy owned by Ken Bertruime he knew he should sell out to Rite Aid they would provide a service better and cheaper.

Look at Peterborough’s planning boards have fought business develop for years, now they have a Shaws, Rite Aid, Dunkin Donut with a convenience store and gas pumps that serves a business tax base right on the main road where they belong. These business do not make dust, dirt or noise that is heard half way across the town. Oh yes, they do devalue other people’s property.

When Peterborough allowed Shaws the A&P Store went out of business. That is the way business work some people get hurt. Others prosper! Someone comes in and offers a service better and cheaper.

No one want to put Kulick, Gary’s or . Mike’s out of business, good business computation helps everyone. If you believe in the sanctuary of home grown town business, then believe in it! I think we need good clean business tax base.

Your asinine statement does not reassure me we have a future, “By allowing outside business to come into town, we will be eroding the already established tax base. By under cutting local businesses, we are looking at the potential of losing numerous jobs & property taxes”!

Another great statement, "Perhaps you should take an Economics Lesson 101 course!

Perhaps your Winchester education is a shinning example!

Lastly we get sued again.

Anonymous said...

Hinsdale will except our out-cast! said...
You are correct. but in this case it is about our Planning board and Plifka On order to help her new friend a member will sacrifice our town. Don't be fooled Mr. Mikes is not locally owned And Rite aid is most definitely not. And that is not a issue they still employ us and help pay our taxes. Plifka makes tons of money of us and I disagree with the comment that he helps the community I haven't seen it. like everyone else he is taking care of #1
These small business's trying to come in will pave the way for larger company's, factories and industry in the future
I like Rite aid they always have the meds me and my family need, The other mom and pop ones rarely did. Just think if we got a market basket and all the people without cars and cant get to Keene wouldnt have to spend double on grocery's like they do at Kulicks.
Yes new business sometimes forces out old business but its good for the consumer and the American way.
I hope this group sticks to their guns and sues the PB because the whole traffic issue was made up to cover the real issue.
Just maybe if Individual board members could be held accountable with for decisions instead of the town itself, good things would happen

Anonymous said...

Go ahead Jen keep censoring the comments the days of protecting your good buddy's and spreading propaganda are coming to a end people are actually starting to ask the right questions and read real info themselves.
This is why communism is falling all over the world, The truth is out there and people will find it

fed up with Ed lake said...

Informers, I know you don't like to censor anyone but could you please make an exception in this case? Could you please stop posting nonsense by Ed Lake over and over again. He has made it clear all over town how he hates Butch Plifka and Kim Gordon and blames them for his divorce. It's easy to see which comments are his, it's the same old blame game with him. Enough is enough with his ridiculous comments.

the Winchester Informer said...

We are aware that there is one very active commenter who consistently mentions Gordon and some others in their postings over and over again and have decided to let this person childishly rant on making a fool of themselves for others to see.

With regards to a Jen that keeps being mentioned: there is no blog administrator named Jen so please go direct your foolishness somewhere else.

town is full of tards said...

Om my God what a laugh, communism? Surely you jest foolish person, and where might this real info be that everyone ( your words ) is reading? It sure isn't town minutes that never get posted except for here and speaking of propaganda what in hell do you think gets spewed from town hall every day you idiot?

the Winchester Informer said...

OK folks, calm down and plz stop the name calling. I know it's hot outside but try keeping your comments on subject and civil.
thank you

Give everything to Hinsdale said...

We were having a good blog on something that effects everyone and what happens a small minded mental midget has to spoil it1

Anonymous said...

They didn't spoil it... they just don't agree with you so you get upset and start name calling. Really? Mental midget. What is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

How the hell is Ed Lake andhouse who cares. Its a free blog. Anyone can post on it!

get out and vote said...

Planning Board
Arthur Charland (Alt.) 2015
Brian Moser 2015
Dean E. Beaman-Chair 2014
Gus Ruth S. Rep.
Jack Marsh, Jr. 2014
Jennifer Bellan (Alt.) 2014
Kim Gordon 2013
Larry Hill (Alt) 2014
Margaret Sharra 2013
Michael Doherty (Alt) 2014
Will Dordounas (Alt) 2013

March is coming people
You know what to do now.

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old. Don't these people have anything else to do? It's always the same people running for the same things.

Anonymous said...

yes but only 1 that can and will go Buh bye 3/2013

Anonymous said...

That one became a full-time town employee and had to give up her seat on the planning board. She can now run everything from the town hall basement.

Anonymous said...

In any other business she would have been fired long ago. She has cost this town thousands in court cases and lost tax revenues and walked around barefoot in a public building ( the new footwear policy was because of her )like she was queen of the prom. She's a manipulative, arrogant, thinks she knows it all piece of work that's as two-faced as the day is long; fits right in with the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

So now they want to reconsider this vote as someone could not hear! Right turn up the hearing aids. This is bs and don't forget that Tio thinks that with Brickstone behind him he can do what he wants.i beg to differ with you all. A Beaman may think that he runs the planning board but the reality is Maggie is still calling the shots. Just what does she have to gain? Money?

the Winchester Informer said...

Perhaps the board should be reminded that thanks to Margaret's deliberate misleading screw up with the Ryan reconsideration and subsequent conversations with Barton Mayer, the language for reconsideration has been removed from the PB's Rules of Procedure; therefore there can not even be a motion to have one by a member. No language for it, no reconsideration possible.
Mr. Doherty cast his vote and just because it went against Sharra, Beaman and Ruth, he doesn't get a do over.
This board has become so dysfunctional and biased it's a joke and a total farce.