Thursday, January 17, 2013

Poor Planning Results In More Money Needed

Better show up at the polls if you don't want your taxes to increase again next year ... Once again, the incompetence of the people voted into the position of Selectman makes the news.

Winchester looking to move forward with third phase of sewer project

 Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 

WINCHESTER — Town officials will seek voter approval in March to move forward with the third and final phase of upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.
A warrant article recommended by selectmen, but not the budget committee, would raise up to $1.48 million for the upgrades and pay for developing a plan to inspect the sewer collection system.

Town Administrator Joan C. Morel said Tuesday the project’s third phase includes some improvements to the plant that weren’t part of the previous two phases because there wasn’t enough money budgeted.
The phase three upgrades include putting a rubber membrane roof on the operations building, upgrading the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, installing a station to receive sludge delivered to the plant, and upgrading the well water system and laboratory equipment.
In addition, it will ensure the town qualifies for federal and state funds for half the cost of the project’s third phase.
The article requires a 60 percent majority to pass.
The budget committee has the final word on the budget plan that goes to voters. It didn’t recommend the article, so there’s also a waiver included.
Voters can’t add more than 10 percent to the budget committee’s recommendation. Since the recommendation was zero dollars, the waiver is needed for voters to exceed the 10 percent if the article is approved. The waiver is allowed by state law.
Selectmen Chairwoman Roberta A. Fraser said the first phase of the project included basic repairs.
“We knew at some point we’d have to do phases two and three,” she said.
Upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant have been ongoing since 2010. In 2008, the town took over management of the roughly 30-year-old plant after the town’s contract with United Water of Auburn expired. At the time, the aging plant was having numerous mechanical breakdowns.
Voters approved a bond for $3.4 million at town meeting in March 2009 to begin making upgrades to the plant. The following year, voters were asked to approve raising another $500,000 for the second phase of the project after town officials learned the $3.4 million wasn’t enough. They did.
Morel said the first phase of the project is nearly done, and the second phase is expected to begin in late summer. Half of the funding for the project’s second phase is coming from a State and Tribal Assistance Grant. The other half will come from the state revolving fund, she said.
If voters approved the third phase of the project, it’s unknown when it would start, Fraser said.
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Anonymous said...

This should be simple. Make the users pay for all this work and not tax dollars. Many people in town are not hooked into the sewer, we are one of them. I do not want my tax money used for something that I am not responsible for. Is the town going to use tax money to replace my septic if it should fail someday?
Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

The town sewage system has been used as a pawn, to deprive some people the permission to connect to the system while allowing their friends the reward of a permit to connect like Gary and Earl Beaman, the Plifka’ with his sale of his land to wefare village, Sharra’s yellow house and all the selectmen’s circle of friends. The selectmen have intentionally kept the user rates low while failing to do any proper repairs of the town sewage plant to win their votes to stay in office by keeping the sewage rates low. The selectmen on purpose have allowed the sewage plant to fall in disrepair so badly knowing at some point the state would force the town’s tax payer to pass a town warrant to fix it.
The selectmen because Bob at the town hall told me knew the first town warrant for the sewage plant wasn't enough money to finish the repairs so voters wouldn't get upset, So the selectmen came back and now thew are back again for more.

For years the selectmen who declare there was a moratorium mandated by the state on any connection to the town sewage system yet Gary Beaman, Earl Beaman, Stanley Plifka and Margaret Sharra and other in the circle of friends received permits from the state to connected. Why were they allowed?

Now your mad! Now your going to be made to pay for repairs for all the smucks who have enjoyed low sewage rate. Getting mad! Is that what it takes to get people involved. Get mad! Get glad! Get mad at the right place and people,,,,,the town hall selectmen.

See I bet you are one of the very many tax payers/registered voters who sat on you a$$ and wouldn’t take the time to vote these dumb-shitts out of office. You elected or allow to be elected some to the biggest taker and stealers of your tax dollars known to man outside of Washington D.C. See I bet you sat around on Saturday morning drinking beer while deliberation was going on at the town hall and allowing others to make the decision for you. You vote they will decide!

wants to know said...

So what happened at the special emergency budget committee meeting called by the Selectmen last night. Rumor has it they are in deep doo doo and needed an ok to borrow money to fix their screw ups. If that's the case they all need to go this year and fast before we all go broke paying for their actions. Why is it always Winchester that has so many issues and problems?

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem to date is not a single candidate has run for selectman that we would want. so people decide to stick with what we got. Get a decent person to run and not some joke or laughing stock and they might actually get elected.
This would be the year because I feel Ruth is the weakest link and would be the easiest one to replace.

Anonymous said...

Who's this we crap? There have been several very decent candidates in the past that got very little support because all that is ever required to get elected in this town is name recognition. All the decent candidates get smeared with bs from the town hall and their supporters and clowns like you. Until the majority of Winchester folks get to the polls and vote for change we will continue to have these problems and these unsavory characters in charge.

Anonymous said...

Who are these candidates? I only remember Bellan, Pasquarelli, Davis and town.
your joking...right?

Anonymous said...

These selectmen do not want to relinquish there claim to power. You are right when you said some people shouldn’t be on the ballot but when people like Mike Town, Bob Davis and a few others who have proven themselves a fighter for the people’s rights, lowing taxes and fighting the corruption at the town hall with there own money.

The tax payers said nothing as the selectmen’s cronies were allowed to rip down political signs, tamper with the absentee ballots, and intimidate, demonize anyone who ran against them for office. Where was the out-cry for support from the voters? No! You people sat on your hands and didn’t say a word. Now we are headed for real big trouble with higher taxes and you all looking around to find that no one person is there to step up. No one is left standing. No one to take on the selectmen and their cronies bullshit. They have won! You the tax payers loose! Short of God having lighting striking the town hall and killing them all you are screwed royally.

You had the chance to support people other than the contemptuous SOBs that are in office now. Could anyone, but them could have been better? Do you now think these elected officials are all bunch of brainiac. You all have wasted an opportunity to remove them because you believed the crap spewing from town hall. Maybe the people who wanted to help weren’t so bad after all and now you have no one to stand up for you. Well maybe it is your calling!

Your taxes are going up according to Sherman Tedford himself, maybe as much as $5.00 a thousand. So run down put you name for election, it’s free, buy some costly sign. That is all it takes because you squandered your change for other to do it for you.

Anonymous said...

I did not see a notice for the deliberative session? When was or is it?

ForeWarned said...

Don't know the date for deliberative, but with the spending by the select board and The ,I don't give a shit attitude by the majority of this years budget committee, you might want to be there.

Anonymous said...

I planned on being there. It looks as though some of us have to work behind the scenes to make certain the the bodies do not stay buried. It was easy to diffuse the Beaman circus but now with everyone trying to advance their adgenda it is difficult.One has to wonder why Joan is getting done? Having had to deal with the chief in that last two weeks I would rather deal with him than Teresa. He does not have an agenda. The battle cry is still the samee so people get off your asses and vote! Yes, I did say that. Get off your asses!!!!!!!!!!!

???????? said...

You don't think Sherm and Ken would back someone for Chief that was passed over for lieutenant in another department, DO YOU?

Anonymous said...

Anony, If you haven’t attended the deliberative session before you will be confused on how your going to know how to vote. The selectmen explain their spending side quit well and they will make a good case on taking your tax dollars. You must attend Brian Moser’s “explaining the ballot” at the VFW to understand what your vote might mean. Ask questions like, I have an objection how you have explained the warrant article? Could you explain it better? Just remember the whole board that is on stage are a bunch of liars and if their lips are moving they are lying to you…. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Town deliberative is February 2nd and School deliberative is the following Saturday February 9th.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, poster that 10:28 it seems that the saying figures can lie and liars can figure might be correct. Thanks for the heads up. However, I have dealt with the crew before.

Frustrated said...

Has anyone else heard that a projected increase in taxes with current warrant/petitions on tap for March voting could raise property taxes $8.00 per thousand, should all pass?

Anonymous said...

How about we vote down everything and then we don't have to worry about the taxes going up! It seems to me we go through this every year as they like to spend our money. Perhaps you should own real estate in the town before you can be a selectman and raise taxes on property owners. Better yet make believe it is your money your spending and then see how they like to part with the "pennies"

BEWARE said...

That $8 dollar per thousand, is not the prediction of the Informer, it came from one of the selectmen, so beware.

Bob Davis said...

Top the Keene Sentinel Editor:

Taxation According to Local Government Rules:

To support the needs of our local government and to support the schools the revenue for these expenditures are levied on the property owners. This tax rate is determined by gathering revenue from other sources (vehicle tax, timber tax, permits etc) of which is subtracted from the requested revenue town and school needs. The difference that remains is levied on the property owner. This means each year as the revenue request increase the property tax is leveled against the property owners which is at a flexible rate depending on needs and requests. In a period of raising expenditures the tendency is to raise the rate of the property tax faster than other taxes. On the other hand the state has a fixed rate of gathering revenue. The state tax rate remains stable except in times of increased needs and requires a legislation battle to change. This is not true with the property tax. Local government relies on the elected officials to be honest with the tax payers.

On the other hand this isn’t the cased for the property owners. They are at the mercy of local governments and school budgets to be responsible with their cost of operation. With the fluctuating property values and the more demands by local government and schools requesting more spending in their needs to have the best, newest equipment, supplies, more employees, higher wages and services with their commitment to spend more of their share of available tax dollars. These people we voted in office, we entrusted to look out for the welfare of the citizens are not being held accountable, these people know the property tax is flexible can be adjusted to meet their expenditure and can increase the burden on the property owns almost at will. We are becoming a group that is shouldering a bigger and bigger share of the burden. The town’s revenue unlike the state’s revenue can only be raised by the legislation. This places the property owner at real disadvantage with little or no voice.

Last year the Winchester Budget Committee became responsible and cut the town’s request to increase the burden of the property owner. Where is our voice in all this? Surly it is not at the voting polls! The state legislated the towns shall have a balanced budget. Last year the Winchester Budget Committee worked hours and hours on the budgets until a they voted on a budget that was fair, honest to the town needs and the property tax owners. Then at Winchester’s last years deliberative session the selectmen was furious over the budget committee budget the selectmen attempted to nullify the system. Notes from the Keene Sentinel Sources Feb 5, 2012 quote in part ,“The most contentious debates seemed to stem from a rift between the budget committee and selectmen. So great is the rift, selectmen inserted a petition article that if passed will get rid of the budget committee altogether. Selectmen Vice Chairman Roberta Fraser said selectmen want to have more oversight over the budget committee“. The selectmen failed in their attempt to get the voters to make changes. The state legislated mandated budget committee process should not be overrules by 5 selectmen or having to require more oversight. If so the system is broken. So the selectmen petitioned the State of NH and had the budget committee decision reversed. How fair is this to the overseers of the budget when the state overrules the budget committee and the money is restored to their budget The revenue taxes must be shifted to the state legislation instead of by corrupt local officials.

Robert Davis
893 Old Westport Road
Winchester, NH 03470

Out of Tune said...

All one has to do , is look at the property transfers in the Saturday Sentinel every week. A large portion of them are foreclosures, or have been sold at bargain basement prices. This situation with such a high tax rate, is beginning to ruin the equity in our homes. There has been little concern for the taxpayers in the budgeting process at the town hall. Winchster's future is getting more precarious by the day as our leaders fiddle away.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact. The town chose to hold onto $700,000 leftover from their budget last year. Instead of using it to offset taxes they put it in an emergency fund. Isn't our high tax rate and emergency? With the tax rate where it is at and the school returning $ to reduce taxes.... Why didn't the selectmen do the same? The only solution is VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know whats going on with the hwy dept backhoe? Apparently we don't want to fix the one that we have, we want brand new. Maybe with this cold weather, instead of TV, we could rebuild the old one.

Anonymous said...

Jan.17th, I don't have any kids in school so why should I pay the school tax?