Friday, July 12, 2013

We're not doing anything wrong, by K.A. Harvey

In reference to Susan M. Newell’s “Enough Shenanigans,” in The Keene Sentinel, June 13.

FACT: Yes, motions were made and unanimously approved by our select board members on several occasions leading to tax deeded sales of three properties owned by Terry Qualters.

FACT: Yes the town administrator/auctioneer firm set a date for sales of said properties without concessions attached, “who to blame.” The public auction flyer and the town tax card for 50 Rabbit Hollow Road did show/reflect commercial use and was in use commercially by Mr. Qualters for gravel operations, repairs and storage of equipment.
FICTION: Mrs. Newell states to the contrary.
FACT: Not only was it used commercially, it has been taxed as commercial property for several years.
All the abutters were mailed notices of the auction and there was nothing deceiving about the description or its use. The assessed value says it all.
FACT: Yes, Mr. Ruth and I leased the property to own as listed on the tax card — commercial/industrial. Chemical toilets and sustainable water are acceptable at this location.
FACT: The “repair shop” only operates on an as-needed basis for repairs, generally four to five hours evenings, three to four nights a week and five to six hours one day out of the weekend..NOT 24/7 as Mrs. Newell would lead you to believe.
FACT: Yes, the leaser is a young mechanic and a professional in his scope of work. His clients are NOT all “young men” with “numerous LOUD vehicles.”
FICTION: Our argument is not unfounded on the previous use of the building. Where else did Mr. Qualters store, repair and operate his business? Go figure.
FACT: We, Mr. Ruth and I are NOT trying to be “grandfathered” as a previous use, we are seeking a varience/exception for commercial use only, NOT necessarily as a repair garage.
FACT: Mrs. Newell’s “What is apparent here?” YES, ignorance and mistakes were made by town officials. The town hires and maintains an assessing firm to configure its/our properties. It is apparent the town accepted the changes made and taxed the property as such.
FICTION: Allowed a selectman to purchase, dirt cheap an erroneously noticed tax sale.
FACT: The auction was posted in newspapers, mailings, flyers etc. Open to the public, the auction was held and the property was sold to the highest bidder.
Everyone had their chance. Most neighbors were present, their options were open.
Mr. Ruth and I purchased the property as an investment, not to stir up controversy. There are three neighboring businesses within sight of the property (50 Rabbit Hollow).
1. Horse boarding facility and tack shop.
2. Logging transportation business/owner operated.
3. Gravel operation and storage across the street.
I don’t understand the neighbors’ concerns. It’s OK for you to own/operate a business, but not for me?
Were the neighbors afraid of Mr. Qualters? It’s apparent they wore blinders for a quarter of a century. Good thing the tack shop is next door.
We are not asking for a free pass to profit from illegal use of the property.
The state mandates the RSAs and the town zoning board makes its decision on information provided.
Nothing unethical here.
K.A. Harvey
308 Richmond Road


Anonymous said...

A likely story…....
story [stáwree]
. a likely story something that is probably untrue (informal ironic) Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005
the same old story what always happens or is said (disapproving)

n (plural sto·ries)
1. factual or fictional narrative: a factual or fictional account of an event or series of events
2. short fictional prose piece: a work of prose fiction that is shorter than a novel
3. plot of fiction or drama: the plot of a novel, play, motion picture, or other fictional narrative work
4. account of facts: what somebody says has happened
changed her story several times

5. falsehood: something that one person tells another that is not true (informal)
Don't give me any stories.
You're telling stories again.

Sounds like a detailed accounts written by Mrs. Gus Ruth, if Ken Harvey wasn’t one of the circle of friends and Gus Ruth hadn’t lied, deceived , covered-up his dastardly deeds in town the past, one might believe the Ken Harvey story. Take Ken Harvey’s past record as the town moderator there were accusations of fraud in how he moderated the town hall meetings,. To sum it all up I feel it is a big CROCK being feed us.

These people Remind me of the old fable......

There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together happily in a little crooked house called the Winchester town hall.

Anonymous said...

We are not doing anything wrong, by Ken Harvey.
What a joke!

Your right Anonymous poster. Sue Newell has an impeccable record of investigating these clowns at the town hall. Their thief of services, the abuse of their authority has allowed them and their cronies friends to line their pocket. Sue and people like her, the Informer, Brian Moser and others have sharply critical criticism that is very sharp and very effective in bring facts to light while forcing change. Like Dishonest John Stetser the petty thief who was bleeding the town until people awakened, then the town's people showed Honest John's sorry a$$ the door.. The attacks on Margaret Sharra and her get rich folly on Main Street, that never would have materialized 3 years ago if it wasn’t for the citizens like Sue Newell, Brian Moser and others. The caustic criticism towards Gus Ruth that became to much to bear which kept him from running for selectmen again.

Daniel Webster once said, “persistence pays off, he called is it rat-a-tat-tat like a drum”. The cries for truth must keep getting louder if we are to survive as a town. Thank you Sue Newell

my sides are aching said...

Bwaaahahahahahahahaha, nice try Harvey. All of us who know you have been laughing for days. As for Gus, Bwaaaahahahahahahaha, uhuh, has never done anything shady in the least, right?

Anonymous said...

Are you all the same person Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

E-mails state flat out that Joan was trying to get the chosen date from the selectmen. Also, the selectmen are the only ones with the legal authority to reimpose taxes and approve the terms of the sale. If they didn't, then they were derelict in their duty. E-mails also show that no abutters list was provided to the auctioneer and he had none in his file and couldn't say who he had mailed to. Facts. (No need for screaming caps.)

All that is available under the Right to Know laws and by reviewing RSA 80:80.

Anonymous said...

Todays Sentinel 7/18, not going well for K.A. and Gussie.

Anonymous said...

Todays sentinel-Reader Opinion-7/24