Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fight continues over Winchester Dunkin donuts

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff

WINCHESTER — The owner of Kulick’s Market continues to fight the construction of a combination Dunkin’ Donuts, convenience store and gas station less than a half-mile from his business.
Stanley S. Plifka Jr., owner of Kulick’s Inc., is asking the zoning board of adjustment to rehear, reconsider and reverse the planning board’s July 15 decision approving the project at 4 Warwick Road.
Plifka, who operates a grocery store and gas pumps at 30 Warwick Road, has opposed the project, which first came before the planning board in April 2012.
When developer S.S. Baker’s Realty Co. of Keene appealed the planning board’s July 2012 decision to deny the project in Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene, Kulick’s filed for intervenor status, which Judge John C. Kissinger Jr. granted.
In the motion to intervene, attorney Kelly E. Dowd of Keene, who represented Kulick’s, wrote the business would be “directly harmed as a result of traffic, environmental and economic impacts if the proposed project moves forward.”
The Dunkin’ Donuts/convenience store/gas station is proposed for a 1.19-acre site on the east corner of the intersection of Main Street (Route 10), Warwick Road (Route 78) and Hinsdale Road (Route 119).
In June, S.S. Baker’s filed a second site plan review application with the planning board after Kissinger backed the board’s 2012 denial of the project.
In addition, S.S. Baker’s appealed Kissinger’s decision to the N.H. Supreme Court on May 17.
While the second site plan was nearly identical to the first, it was designed to prevent vehicles from making a left turn from the store’s parking lot onto Main Street, and allows for 11 cars to be in the drive-through lane for Dunkin’ Donuts instead of 10.
The 3,500-square-foot building is also 4 feet shorter than in the previous proposal.
In Plifka’s request for a rehearing, Dowd points to several technicalities that should result in the planning board’s decision being overturned by the zoning board.
Dowd claims the planning board shouldn’t have accepted the second application because it didn’t meet the qualifications that would have made it different from the first filing. The claim also says the board violated local zoning laws by granting certain waivers for the project, and some conditions the board included in the project’s approval were illegal.
In addition, Dowd wrote the special exception granted by the zoning board in February 2012 is invalid because it expired in a year, and S.S. Baker’s didn’t request an extension. The exception allowed for the business to have a drive-through window.
The zoning board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on Plifka’s request Thursday, Aug. 29, at 7 p.m. at town hall.


Anonymous said...

If Plifka is so concerned about this, then why didn't he develop the property. He could've put a Dunkin Donuts there himslef. The Town wants it. And where is donation to the school playground? Not seeing that yet.

Anonymous said...

So why didn't you buy the property and develope it and where's your donation? All you seem to do on here is bad mouth anyone who sticks up for themselves and their livelihoods and dump on Plifka every chance you get. You seem to miss the illegality of the Planning Boards actions, nor do you seem to care. The TOWN in whole doesn't want or need a Dunkin Donuts on that corner or anywhere else in town either. It's not a business that brings jobs and we sure don't need more traffic at that so called, too dangerous to walk through intersection. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

Anonymous said...

Im confused how you can say the town as a whole doesn't want this? Besides Plifka where are these people not wanting this business coming?. I haven't talked to a single one.
This news article has showed Plifkas true colors. GREED. and as he is learning people are not going to put up with it anymore.
Showing his true colors and openly fighting other business's from coming in to town so he can have a monopoly is going to hurt this guy more than he ever imagined.
You know darn well if this was put to a citizens vote the new store would win by a landslide.

Are you a retard? said...

I am dumbfounded by the number of individuals who do not comprehend how giving money to an out-of-town business does not keep the money in town. It lines the pockets of corporations that have no interest in our town.

Kulicks is a local business that has supported local individuals, charities and continues to pay property taxes for more than half of a century.

Anonymous said...

How about getting a REAL food restaurant to come in. A Dunkin Donuts will just help perpetuate the image of a cheap, trashy town. It would be a real boost for the town'd diabetes epidemic.

Jacob Macek said...

Since it is being built, is there any way I can apply there? Since it hasn't been built yet, you cant apply on the dunkin donuts website. It would be helpful if somebody could provide me with contact info to anybody that's a "part of the operation". You can email me at macek110@gmail.com. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh missinformer,
Up to your old tricks again??? Not posting the many comments in support of this new business.
and you wonder why no one takes this site as serious information???
Controlled propaganda is not informative info!
Where you promised some free grocery's from Kulicks.

No wonder comment moderation is enabled, you wouldn't want how the townspeople really feel getting out there would you.
I take it you have received many comments against Plifka and for new business's.

the Winchester Informer said...

If you don't like how this blog operates the simple solution would be to not come on it.. Quite frankly Ed, we're tired of your constant attacks on people you don't like or opinions that differ from yours and yes, some of your offensive and childish comments have been sent to the spam folder when key words trigger the response. And for what it's worth, you're the only one rah rahing the proposed Dunkin Donuts and bad mouthing Mr. Plifka constantly.

Are you a retard? said...

Anonymous August 26 @ 7:59 AM ---
Have you spoken to the owner of the Gulf Station? Have you spoken with the owner of Mr. Mike's? Have you spoken with Sandri Oil?

GREED? said...

I don't think we need a gas station convenience store on that corner, a Dunkin Donuts might work, but I guess that not in the cards. Where was the outrage when Kulicks grabbed the drug store from Garys power, the car wash and Laundromat from bobs fuel, not to mention the gas and diesel business from J&G's. I understand that the land sold on rte78 for subsidized housing didn't help out with the tax problem for special needs children. This is just two business men and there associates trying to make as much money as possible and neither one gives a hoot about you and me.If they got together, purchased the abutting houses, the exit for the gas station could be Kulicks parking lot and that would mean more money for everyone. Guess there EAGOS wont let that happen.