Thursday, October 17, 2013

BOS Work Session Minutes 10/01/13


Stupid is as stupid does! said...

Oh the 3% merit bonus are back. Oh look how Selectmen Stephens seconds the budgets. Must be he wealthy now with all the money he get paid for detail work given him by the other selectmen. Is this like a gratuity payment? How ironic once your elected after 10 tries you become one of them. HUMMM

Just Mind Boggling said...

The Latin word gratis (grad-is) makes a better describes of people like our selectmen Chan Stephens, like gratitude receiving or given without payment out of kindness or returning in kind.

Isn’t there an old saying…Once a felon always a felon? Can felons hold public office? Can felons work as a town employee? These are the questions I think about when I am driving pass the town hall.

Anonymous said...

Heck, the way this town runs, Chan will probably be our next chief of police. That wouldn't be a stretch for a town that tolerated the felony on piney woods road. Chan is a good fit on the select board, if you consider some of the crap that they pulled back in the day.