Thursday, November 14, 2013

Route 10 bridge in Winchester to be replaced

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff

WINCHESTER — State officials expect work to replace an aging bridge near the Swanzey town line to begin by year’s end.
The roughly $4 million project will involve replacing the I-beam and concrete deck bridge that carries traffic over the Ashuelot River with a bridge made of welded steel plate girders, according to the N.H. Department of Transportation. The new bridge will be 225 feet long with three spans, the department said. It will be built about 50 feet west of the existing bridge, which was constructed in 1935, and is seventh on the state’s list of red-list bridges, according to the department.
State officials define red-list bridges as having known deficiencies, requiring weight limit postings or being in poor condition.
Shaun M. Flynn, district construction engineer for the N.H. Department of Transportation, said Tuesday the contractor, Franklin-based Beck & Bellucci Inc., plans to start work at the Route 10 site later this fall.
Besides replacing the bridge, Beck & Bellucci Inc. is also being hired by the state to reconstruct the approach of Westport Village Road to Route 10, and construct a parking area for canoe and kayak access to the river, according to project documents.
The project is estimated to be done by July 17, 2015.
Vehicles will continue to use the old bridge until the new bridge is ready, and any effects on traffic should be minimal until the 2014 construction season, Flynn said.
Some of those effects will come from moving Route 10 to connect to the new bridge and extending Westport Village Road, he said.
The project will be paid for with funds from the federal Bridge Replacement Program and Turnpike Toll Credits, according to project documents from the state agency.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the state puts in a bicycle path/sidewalk so later Sharra doesn't push the tax payers to foot the bill on placing one later. Oh! I am so glad Beaver Dam Gus Ruth-friends of the beaver has a boat landing making it easier for his armada of plaid shirt canoe and kayak people can police the Ashuelot River. Making sure no one can put in a boat landing except his friends. Please Don't get caught outside of the F.O.G. (friends of Gus).

Anonymous said...

Hope it doesn't take this long to repair the bridge at Burt Hill Rd.

I think we need to look to the people who have stressed this bridge with their heavy equipment.

Anonymous said...

I've lived on the banks of the river for nearly 20 years and except for the occasional canoe or a neighbor or two out in a row boat, fishing with grandchildren there has never been any traffic or interest in boating in this area of the river. What a God awful waste of taxpayer dollars putting in a boat landing. Who's ridiculous idea was this? I think I know from the person's comments above but what a foolish idea that is.

Anonymous said...

I think the parking and canoe launch is a wonderful idea, I know a few people on here have problems with any kind of recreation but it doesn't change the fact this is a good idea and a great location for it.
Im thinking it will be dirt parking and a gravel ramp to the river, cant cost much.

Anonymous said...

Well you're the only one besides Gus Ruth that thinks wasting $13-$15,000 or more of tax payer's dollars on a parking lot and small landing area is a good idea for a few people who use the river occasionally. I'd like an airport close to my house so I don't have to travel all the way over to Swanzey and Jaffrey, think the state can put one in along the river for me too? Shouldn't cost to much and might get more people in town interested in owning their own planes.

Anonymous said...

Big problem in this town is inbreeding, Ignorance breeds ignorance.
Comparing a small canoe ramp to an airport is just plane ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of an airport that would make dust with lots and lots of noise it would go along great with the stinking racetracks, the blasting, tar smells, gravel pits and junk yards along route 10. Canoeing & kayaking does make noise, we do not want it.

One thing if only we could puts some wings and wheels on the a'holes in this town we could have our own air force.

Anonymous said...

November 20, 2013 at 4:53 PM
You missed the point again bubblehead, spending tax payer dollars on pet projects is a waste no matter what it's for. I was being facetious suggesting we spend money on an airport for my plane. Inbreeding is indeed a serious issue in this town.

Mr.ubblehead said...

I was making pun of the people in this town whom seem to except some of the rubbish businesses no other town would ever except. Example: two junk yards on Route 10.

I am not in favor of conservation commission taking land off of the tax rolls while building boat ramps at the tax payers expense just to fit their agenda, by doing so takes taxed property and place land in the town's trust to save for the future. I say bullshitt we are the future we need the revenue now. What to that fact, 1/3 of this town land (including Pisgah State Park) is already tax exempt. Gus Ruth "friend of the woodland creatures", will disagree with this fact, just look at any map!

We spend tax dollars on things even people would even know every year. Example: If it's extending town sewage and water to Gary Beaman project on the snow road, tarring a driveway for one of their cronies or fix class 6 roads for circle so friends so they can subdivide their property.

Inbreed asks: If my mother and father get a divorce will they become brother and sister again?

Sorry People said...

Damm,all the trees gone, they were the only sound barrier that the neighbors had from the Mitchell pit. The peace'ful Westport village just took a big hit. I would think that the home owners could sue over there property values taking a hit.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful site for people driving into Winchester. A big open dusty smelly pit and lots of noise. Sure would make me want to locate my family and business here NOT. I too feel for the people of this area, what a freaking mess and now visible to all. No wonder they sued.

Anonymous said...

It's easy petition the state for a fence along that section and while your at it have it continue all the way to Forest Lake Road. WE can hid all of Sharra shitt'en messes along route 10. Unless I am mistaken Sharra pushed her devas ways to get Mitchel the permits he needed.

Annette G said...

So we just drove down from Keene and see so many beautiful large pine trees all cut down as you enter Winchester and we're wondering why they are cutting them down on the eastern side of the highway hundreds of yard from where the new road will go? What's up with that? That poor homeowner on that corner is now going to have a wonderful view of traffic instead of nature, what a waste.

Anonymous said...

Obviously someone at state level has made a deal with that logging company clearing the roadway for them. I too noticed lots of unnecessary cutting yesterday and today and I agree what a waste. To me it looks like the State of NH doesn't give a shit about the environment or roadside beauty, That whole westport area is going to feel the effects of this for many years to come.

a friend in Westport said...

OMG what a mess out there on that corner and along the highway. Poor Mr. Towne, lost his wife and now they've taken down most of the big trees on his side of the highway leaving him open to all that noise and pollution coming from the pit and asphalt plant. I wonder how long before he leaves this area? I know I would but going to be tough to sell in this market and tougher with all the dust and noise and wide open view of the highway. They are really ruining his piece of property with this bridge project. I feel so sorry for him.

Mr. Towne said...

Thanks for the concern; and yes,the replacement work has begun and yes,they have taken down a great deal of old growth trees; but I'm not going any place. It's going to be a very noisy and dusty spring and summer for the next year or so; but no worse than what it is now. Hopefully when they are done they will put in a living barrier and restore some of the beauty to this area.