Friday, February 28, 2014

Explain the Ballot with Brain Moser

Brian will be hosting the following meetings to inform and explain this year's Annual Town Ballot for those who may be interested and have questions before casting a vote.

Monday, March 3rd @ 7:00pm at the Winchester VFW

Sunday, March 9th @ 7:00pm at the Thayer Library in Asheulot

"Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights."

 Thomas Jefferson


And We Pay for This guy said...

Maybe Brian, who does a great job, can explain how Warrant Article 23 got totally destroyed at deliberative. Think maybe the legal advisor is a little bias?

Anonymous said...

It's because you weren't there. Try attending so you will know and wouldn't have to ask.

just say'n said...

Sorry about that 11:35, some of us have to work more than 3 days a week.

they're useless as tit$ on a nun! said...

Don't feel badly! You didn't get paid to attend the deliberative session like the town employees did. See the understanding was take a half a day off during the week then make the difference up at deliberative session aka: town meeting. See you didn't get paid to attend or did you get to vote for your own wage increases. See this is illegal as all Hell, that like buying votes. Paying people to vote is against the law. So do not feel badly!!!!! It's "The Winchester Way"! This is the way it is Fng'n done in Winchester and if you do not like it the town crew will ride past your home 4 times a day a brow-beat you and your kids.

Anonymous said...

To: they're useless as tit$ on a nun! said... In a way you are right, The town workers and leaders understand how important it is to show up and vote for what they want. If I had a chance to vote on my own raises and household budget I would be there hell or high water.
But this does not justify the taxpayers NOT showing up.
The blame really falls on them, we know town employees and department heads are going to be there, they would be stupid if they weren't, So why do the people footing the bills not attend? That is the real question and the part I don't get.
Time to give up, nothing will change, the writings on the wall.

Anonymous said...

5:47PM, is pretty much correct, when I asked someone who worked at the school how she like her 10% tax increase, her answer was,"I don't worry about that stuff, the bank takes care of it." Most people don't want to get involved for a lot of good reasons, so I agree, change in Winchester is a lost cause. Lots of people don't have the time, and if you buck the status quo in this town there is a price to pay if you need cooperation from the people in power. Remember, a few years ago when a dept. head told someone at a meeting that she didn't like," your on my turf now." Sounds a little like a street gang, and was not appropriate language for a public forum. But like the piney woods road incident, we do things a little different in this town.

You vote they will decide! said...

The last poster is correct this is why Winchester tax payers pay has one of largest legal dept funding in the county except for Keene. AS Beaver Dam, Friend of the Woodland Creatures Gus Ruth says, "if you do not like our decision on the planning board than sue us"! Maybe we should have sued him for the thousands of dollars in damage to our bridges and roads when his beaver dam broke!

Everybody is afraid of the beg bad boogieman(s) that run this town. What can they do? Take the town snow plow and knock down your mailbox or as the other person said, drive your house and brow beat you in front of your kids. They are all a big wind bag of $hit.

It is about time the people stood up to these thugs. Once you get rid of The Sherminator and Putz Gardner things will turn around or they will continue to be run by felons, Brattleboro Retreat graduates or just incompetent fools.

Look at the planning board Sharra is stacking the board with the Beaman now her daughter will be elected so Sharra will have absolute control.

Will the last family leaving town please turn out the lights on Main Street.

Anonymous said...

"The Winchester Way"! This is the way it is Fng'n done in Winchester and if you do not like it the town crew will ride past your home 4 times a day a brow-beat you and your kids.

Winchester Informer... You allow these threats. Why? Who are they directed at? You may be subpoenaed.

the Winchester Informer said...

Where are these threats you speak of anonymous, do you feel someone commenting here has directed their ire at you specifically? If the shoe fits ... Comments are the opinions of the person(s) posting and not necessarily those of the WinchesterInformer.

Subpoenaed? Thanks, we all need to laugh at least once a day.

Anonymous said...

Subpoenaed? Just have to think about all the testimony, and have to wonder how some of own leaders would handle that. It could be embarrassing or worse.

Sticks n' Stone will break my Bones! said...

When you hold public office you can be subject to public ridicule, criticism and or out right cruel attacks on your character and reputation. These people that indulge in this type of abusive attacks are real small minded individuals or the individual or individuals are returning in-kind for being personally attacked themselves.

I like to say, I indulge in returning in-kind because I have been called every name in the book by the selectmen and others at the town hall. I have even been brought to court by one of town’s cronies and beat them. The town cronies try to villainies people they can not beat, by name calling or belittling them . Look at some of the people that have stuck their necks out in the past for the sake of defending the other town’s peoples rights, Sue Newell, Brian Moser, Bill Campbell, Mike Towne, Kim Gordon and Bob Davis that just a few. What it become is hatred for them . The town elected officials and their cronies do not like it when a individual returns in-kind. They think only they only have the right to indulge in type of mannerism. When someone give it back their lower lips pops out and they mumble “that’s no fair‘! Even though they indulge in this the same manner. I say come an take us to court, I bet the ACLU will be glad to take the case under the first amendment.