Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How is this protecting and preserving?

I live within short walking distance from the proposed New Ipswich site of the 80,000-plus hp compressor station planned by Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan for the 36-inch-diameter pressurized gas pipeline through Southern New Hampshire.
Those so close to, but not subject to, eminent domain will receive no compensation from Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan yet our properties and homes have already become worthless in the marketplace from the pure intent of the pipeline. How is it that a private company is allowed to destroy the values of our properties, upset our peace and quiet, slaughter the rural landscape we have paid to maintain, and place us the circle of destruction by way of explosion, fire, toxic gases, poisoned water, noise pollution, high impact vibrations and terrorist threat?
I need the fair and whole market value of my home to fund my retirement. I am 64 years old and cannot re-do my life to regain the financial loss I now face.
Can we do the same to those people who have crafted this scheme upon us?
I cannot host a noisy party without being cited. I cannot scatter a toxic mix of poisons across the land, water and air without criminal prosecution. I cannot build something that is subject to a massive explosion with such intense thermal radiation impact that it incinerates everything it its path over great distances.
I cannot use my property to even raise swine as it is deemed detrimental to the value of my neighbor’s property.
Who has issued such powers of ruin to other human beings to a private corporation with the singular private interest of making huge profits?
Energy companies are some of the richest on the planet. Who gave them license to not only strip us financially, but to also put so many people in harm’s way whenever they choose to do so?
Who is responsible for these travesties of justice? Why are we answering to this call? Why aren’t legislators and regulatory commissions being tasked with these responsibilities?
Isn’t that the purpose of government to protect and preserve?

Evelyn Taylor
New Ipswich


Chicken Little said...

"The sky is falling, the ski is falling!" Cheer-up letter to the editor lady you will not have to worry about your property values. About 1 year ago I was watching an old black and white news reel where they were interviewing a home owner who went outside of her home and smelled what she knew was the smell of gas. She said, I got a good whiff then ran and dove into her swimming pool just as the explosion and a giant ball of flames when over her head and destroyed 25 homes and many people, kids and animals were killed.

Curious said...

Speaking of protecting and preserving... does anyone know why two of Winchester's finest were zooming up Old Chesterfield Road toward Pisgah Park, lights flashing, soon to be followed by Rescue and an ambulance on the evening of 7/15? Nothing mentioned in the paper at all, but one would think that with all the lights and participants, there would be some mention somewhere.