Monday, November 30, 2015

Another reason to distrust Kinder Morgan

Regarding Kinder Morgan’s route change through Richmond — rerouting miles of pipeline closer to residential homes where as before it went through vacant logging land:
Kinder Morgan states that the changes in the proposed route through Richmond were made to “accommodate town and regulatory agency requests.”
We town officials in Richmond objected to Kinder Morgan’s proposed change and asked that this part of the proposed route NOT be changed. The new route goes through a residential and historic area that should not be disturbed. It now parallels very close to the major road out of Richmond if we have to evacuate because of a pipeline accident. It impacts a stream, Brickyard Brook, that was previously minimally touched. In contrast, the original proposed route went through vacant logging land, a much less invasive proposal.
The representative from Kinder Morgan told town officials that the change in route was at the request of the landowner of the logging parcel that was on the original route, a private deal negotiated between Kinder Morgan and the private land owner without input from town officials.
Is it any wonder that town officials are so mistrustful of Kinder Morgan when they tell different stories to different officials, as in this case?

Carol Jameson
Chairman, Richmond Board of Selectmen


Eyes wide open said...

Not that I've ever thought that there was ANY reason to trust Kinder Morgan.... There's a wonderful letter to the editor written by Bob Weekes of Richmond that was published in the December 10 edition of the Sentinel. In it, he enumerates four of the untruths being propagated and promoted by Kinder Morgan's campaign, including the intended customer base (NOT us), lowering energy costs (again, NOT for us), creating jobs for local folks (nope, it won't) and being a "good corporate citizen" (look at their track record; again, a huge NOPE). Winchester Informer - if you could add that to the discussion, I believe that it might help open the eyes of a few people. Yes, I know that there are many who prefer to wear blinders rather then admit that there's more than meets the eye. Hmmm... b linders... wonder if that's how our friend on the blog got his name?

the Winchester Informer said...

We have published a copy of Bob Weekes letter to the editor as you requested for our followers to read and educate themselves further.

Eyes wide open said...

Thank you!