Thursday, November 1, 2012


Larry Holmes

to msharra, swalker
To Zoning, Planning, Code Enforcement and the Selectmen:
November 1, 2012
I am asking everyone who is involved in this decision to realize the life threatening risk that is at stake and to use common sense, good judgment and to be responsible with your duties to the residents of Winchester regarding their safety and security and the towns liability and accountability should something catastrophic happen.
Now let me ask you all this question. A variance requires a hardship and this person is claiming that he has to move these trucks because his insurance co. has now notified him that he is in a flood-zone. A hardship to me would be if he had no other options of where to put them, yet I see many other better suited options in and around town and they are not surrounded by homes...
The possibilities that come to mind are Kuliclks, Oneal's Mill, the lady who owns the discount store in town has several locations that would work well and my biggest question is that if the town is currently renting space to this person at the old tannery site, then why not move him to the sand pits and continue to collect the money? Can the town afford to turn away money? Are our taxes not high enough already? Shouldn't we be looking for ways to reduce the tax burden on our residents since we are already the highest in the state???
There are also other options in Hinsdale, Swanzey and Keene that could and should be looked at.
Everyone who is part of the town system has an obligation and is accountable for these types of decisions and you should all be concerned about doing the right thing...
Below are my top concerns regarding the placement of these containers:
1) Acts of nature; forest fires & lightning strikes could set off these bombs.
2) Mischievous youth trying to get into the trucks for some fun could set these off by accident.
3) Crooks and vandals could accidentally ignite them.
4) They could be set off on purpose by someone.
5) They could be used for terrorist acts.
6) My families safety and security.
7) My animals safety & security.
8) The decreased property values of all the surrounding homes due to the dangerous nature of the stored explosives.
9) The fact that anyone who is trying to sell their property in an already down market, will now have to disclose the fact that there are large amounts of explosives stored close by.
10) And this should really be number one is the fact that there is a school less than a quarter mile from where these will be stored. If children are playing in the school yard and these go BANG; it could be tragic! Lets not forget that many of these explosives are also missiles and that what goes up, down and sideways will it something somewhere...
Below is a video of a test explosion on one 20' trailer with fireworks stored-in it (My Neighbor is asking to store nine 40' trailers!) 
This is a quote from a container that went up in Bainbridge this year "I heard that a man was target shooting along with his daughter, and a shot ricocheted into the storage trailer. I heard he was going to pay for the fireworks that were destroyed. Saw it on a couple of TV news broadcasts last night. They didn't mention that some of the fireworks were for Bainbridge. But then Seattle news almost never mentions Bainbridge, or talks about us in the forecast or anything. It's funny.
But a wild story. They played the 911 tape, which by the way is a lousy thing to do. What does it say about us when we sit back and listen to 911 recordings for entertainment?
Anyway, the guy is supposedly going to pay for what was destroyed, so we should be okay."
YouTube - Videos from this email

To the ZBA, Planning, Selectmen, Building & Code Enforcement Depts.
Nov 1, 2012
FYI - You may also be saving the lives of those who work and live at the Lawrence property as they want to store these next to their office, garage and house.....
I would suggest checking the required regulations with the states fire marshal and OSHA before making any decisions....

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