Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Understanding the Town Budget

Former Budget Committee Chairman, Brian Moser
will hold a meeting at the VFW on Main Street
Monday, March 4th @ 7:00pm
( the meeting will be held upstairs)

"Explaining The Budget"

How the Selectman's proposed increases in 
spending will affect each and every taxpayer in the town of Winchester and what you need to know to make an informed decision before you vote.


Math 101 said...

Maybe we can get Brian Moser to explain the Deliberative Session to help the (sorry for the offensive term) illiterate or uneducated voters and tax payers. Maybe Brian can teach the voters along with the tax payers in this town how to read their property tax bills. Winchester voters and tax payers show little or no knowledge of this particular subject. Brain could use a kind of a word association and mathematics.

Like a six pack of Bud is $5.99 how many six pack does it cost to buy a backhoe, or if one bag of dope cost $10.00 how many bags of dope would it take to build a bridge to no where? Even more difficult math problem for the advanced individuals. If your tax bill goes up $8.00 a thousand how long would you have to stay at the VFW and drink a $250.00 a month increase in your property tax bill?

Anonymous said...

Sorry/ I put this under the wrong blog:

Ah Ha! Finally a language the people of Winchester can understand! Me no understand no-thing else

Anonymous said...

Is there no one else that understands the budget? Who is Brian Moser? What are his credentials? Why doesn't he run for that town position that just opened up where that lady named Joan worked?

You do not have to be a hero! said...

REf; Who is Brian Moser,,,,

We the people (aka stiffs) in Winchester only have a few people, with enough brass to speak up. See Brian could give a rat's a$$ if you like him, he doesn't care what might come out of his mouth next and he doesn’t care your sleeping with your sister. What he does care about we the people are getting flogged by the people we have entrusted to look out for the welfare of the citizens of Winchester. Keeping the taxes low to invite investment and keeping the trust in ourselves as a town. Brian knows we do not need selectmen that hold office to benefit themselves.

Brian was a selectmen, a budget committee member, school board, a planning board member now he is running for selectmen again. He is a “Army of One“! One vote on the ballot for Brian is a vote for the future of our town. These people that hold office are out for themselves and Brian knows it.

If you ever want to take control of your town and your tax rate again vote for Brian Moser.

Anonymous said...

7:28-- Its a good thing that you aren't trying to explain anything, the Joan Job is not an elected position. I have attended Brian's explain the ballot before, he does a good job with NO RECOMENDATIONS.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if its not an elected position.... i was just curious as to why Brian Moser is the only one in town who can explain the budget and if he is so fiscally responsible why doesn't he apply?? That's all. Relax 5:56am.