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February  8, 2014 9:00 AM
in the School Gym
for the School Budget


Best jobs in the state said...

This town is a joke, the select board told the department heads to take some time off during the week because they had to attend deliberative today. How many businesses or towns do you know that pay 10 hours for holidays? I would think those extra hours might have covered today, and all the department heads that I know of are Winchester residents and so I would think because they only have the best wishes for this town, they would want to be there anyway.

tired of the same old game said...

Today is the day to do something to change the way this town runs and operates and to send a message that we have had enough of high taxes and constant increases and that we, the citizens in this town matter. If you don't get off your asses and make your voices heard today, then don't be bellyaching and complaining when you get your tax bills again next year. The small group of employees, teachers and their families that show up every year run this town and have a stranglehold on it and us, it is time to break that pattern and do something.

Anonymous said...

Well with only 70 voters showing up and most of them being town employees and their family's nothing good was accomplished again.
You got to hand it to them, at least they understand how the system works and how important it is to show up and support what they feel is important.
Either the people who feel our taxes are to high and the ones who want better service from our town employees, don't really care or there are far fewer of them than I thought.
I think 2014 is the year to prove some points and make some decisions being, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Makes no sense to have this blog and discuss these issues, because of the anonymous factor we will really truly never know how many people are not happy with what's going on with our town, when you read comments here it seems like a lot of individuals, but when you go to deliberative and voting in March that does not seem to be the case.
I think after voting in march (unless a big surprise happens) this site should just be taken down, It seems to be accomplishing nothing but false hope.
Maybe there is some truth to the rumor that there is less than 6 people creating all these post. The deliberative and voting in March seems to add evidence to this.
I guess my point is why do I want to read these post all year, get false hope, start to believe there is a lot of people who are sick of high taxes and a town government & employees who forget who they serve just to be let down when the time comes to make these changes?

the Winchester Informer said...

I can assure you it is more than just 6 or 7 people reading and commenting here. Trouble is, people will bitch, but do very little themselves when it comes time. Think you're frustrated with the results, how do you think those of us who put in out time and effort for everyone for free, feel?

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Bloviator said...

I think this blog is analogous to the Free State/Robin Hood movement in Keene. They generate a lot of talk and publicity, but in the last election when they ran many local candidates, they each received about 60 votes, which most likely represents the number of the true believers. A small number. If this blog averages 60-80 views per day, we can safely assume that about half of those are teachers, town employees and their friends and family checking on the opposition, so to speak. If, say, 60 residents are truly outraged and committed to change, that number is enough to generate controversy, but not enough to make a difference at the polls. As has been noted by many, town hall and school employees and their families continue to prevail. Their numbers are greater and their jobs and salaries are at risk. It is a truly minimal effort to vote 2 days a year - March and November; the March election is both vital and ignored in this town.

Real World said...

When you get to vote on your work conditions and how much you get paid, it makes it a pretty good job. Then you hear about complaining because some of the chosen few think they have to pay to much for there benefits. All I can say is, come out and try life in the real world. Not many 3 day work weeks at C&S Grocery and there are NO-10 hour holiday pay days. And if you are late to work, or take extended lunch and breaks, you wouldn't be around long.

Anonymous said...

No Kidding, bet you don't get to run hear and there whenever you feel like it either. Its got to be nice to go to a job with no pressure, and make a living wage with some of the best benefit's on the planet. Maybe we can put service back in to the job, because that's what we pay for.

Anonymous said...

7:05 this morning and only 2 vehicles in the town lot, must be nice. Isn't there a time clock somewhere and shouldn't they be using it?

Keep up the good work said...

You can bet your Butt, that if it wasn't for people like you and the Winchester Informer, there would have been only 2 vehicles in the parking lot all day. Everyone should take notice and report, it works.

Bloviator said...

Are town hall employees hourly or salaried? If they are salaried they can come and go as they please at supervisor's discretion. Only - there is no real supervision. If they are hourly there should most definitely be a time clock. I was an hourly employee for 25+ years. If I was one minute late I was docked one minute. But, again, who would enforce time clock use? Coming in late, leaving early, running errands .. this would never be tolerated at a real world business. What is really needed is a designated no-nonsense supervisor who will enforce standards. Why was the 4 day week implemented? To save money? Was a cost/benefit analysis with real numbers used? Did anyone investigate purchasing an inexpensive programmable thermostat that would lower the heat at night and turn it back up one hour before business starts?
This could save significant money at the Conant library where the thermostat is set at 70 24/7.
The library is closed Tuesday Thursday Sunday. If the thermostat was lowered to 62 during these 3.5 days per week and turned back up 2 hours before opening, would it save a significant amount of the $10k + heating oil bill?

Anonymous said...

Feb.5th-3:21 PM--If you had gone by the town hall this afternoon,Feb 13th, you wouldn't have seen many cars either. If I'm not mistaken Mon is a holiday for the chosen few. So if that's correct this week was 3 1/2 days and next week is 3 days. Bet the pay checks don't suffer.

Anonymous said...

If all this is true, it just goes to show you how over staffed the town hall is.If it isn't true, most of us don't see a lot of BUSY employees when we have business.

I think not ! said...

Another snow storm coming Wednesday, so if things are the same as usual, this week will be 2 1/2 days. Hell, no one is even embarrassed about how we run our towns business. We reap what we sow, so just keep paying your taxes even if it means 2 or 3 jobs. Any 3 day work weeks in your future?

Over Taxed & Under Served said...

No BOS minutes posted on the country club web site in over a month. Is it just an over site or being done so the voting public can stay in the dark as long as possible? We forget our town hall is a service industry, at least 3 days a week.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if St Patrick's day wasn't one of our holidays.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we couldn't get him to come to Winchester and drive out all of the snakes.