Wednesday, January 29, 2014

regarding emails we received recently

Let me remind all of you once again about posting comments.

The owners of this server that we are on have installed word filters that we have no control over.
What that means is, if you use some words in your comments that the filter deems inappropriate, it will never reach us. It will go where ever they have designated inappropriate comments to go.

We have implemented comment review, a process that weeds out other content that we determine to be inappropriate. Some of you can not control your language or have been just commenting nonsense over and over again in order to take up space on the server. That will not be tolerated and you're just wasting your time because none of it will see the light of day. It will go into our spam filter, not be deleted; but not published either.

 Lastly;  some comments just get lost in space, never making it to us and for this we do apologize, though it is also out of our control. If you feel your comment is legit doesn't seem to be one that should have been deleted or maybe it got lost, please repost and see if it shows up.

We welcome most all of your comments and have been allowing even some questionable ones to avoid the censorship tags some of you have complained openly about.

Remember; keep your comments civil, to the point and please stay on topic.
thank you

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