Sunday, August 14, 2011

Board Is Out Of Line

Below is a letter to the editor sent in by a member of the Planning Board who has witnessed first hand how several other members have pushed their own agendas and have viciously and illegally attacked another member of the board simply because she pointed out they erred. This is what happens when you have people on a public board who feel they are right no matter what they do or say and will do anything to cover their own butts, including pointing fingers at someone else ...

Enough is Enough.

When three officials of the planning board in Winchester get together to try to remove another elected member of the planning board, someone has to speak up.

Here’s what we know. Kim Gorden gave an affidavit, because she thought it was the correct thing to do. Now these three members set up a situation so they could win the vote asking the selectmen to remove her.

What they forget to tell anyone is that they broke the law when they did it. (673:11 Designation of Alternate Members)

One of the individuals receives a pretty good paycheck from the town and has been on the planning board for 15 years.

Don’t worry folks, they have an answer: “I didn’t know.”

I think they did. How much could this cost the town? I don’t know.

Now the question is: Will they hide behind “I didn’t know” or will they man up and take responsibility?

If the past is any answer they will hide.

I hope someone else will look at this mess.

What do you think?


Planning Board Member


Anonymous said...

You are right it is a mess! My question is "who the hell is getting paid off?" Or perhaps the correct term is who the hell is she bullying? Enough said. If we do not get her removed form this position she will run all over us. After all she was trained by the Beaman's. Don't hide your head in the sand people get off your butts and vote these people out or at least sign a petition for a recall.

State RSA said...

General Provisions
Section 673:11
673:11 Designation of Alternate Members. – Whenever a regular member of a local land use board is absent or whenever a regular member disqualifies himself or herself, the chairperson shall designate an alternate, if one is present, to act in the absent member's place; except that only the alternate designated for the city or town council, board of selectmen, or village district commission member shall serve in place of that member.
Source. 1983, 447:1. 1996, 42:10, eff. June 23, 1996.

Anonymous said...

It has been quite evident what has been going on for some time. From her disgusting treatment of certain people at planning board meetings and her obvious dislike for anyone she feels is a threat to her power to the ridiculous nomination of Dean Beaman as chairperson of the planning board, this woman has orchestrated the downfall of Winchester since she arrived on the scene and was appointed to the land use office by our former town manager. Lawsuit after lawsuit, complaint after complaint that has constantly fallen on deaf ears. Just what does she have on these people that they continue to protect her at our expense?

Anonymous said...

Peacocks would never consider eating crow. Plan on seeing the tail spread out and him prancing around (displaying the ignorance ploy).

I didn't know, I didn't know!

My money is on nothing getting done about it. The whole thing stinks of STUPIDITY and a blind BOS!

God it must be great to be Mayor Margaret - pulling the strings of her puppets. You would think that Irene, Cindy & Karen would be sick of another woman playing with her husband and making him look like the fool.

Anonymous said...

How can someone who writes the rules forget them? Selective memory perhaps or just downright lying? In any case as Mr. Moser has stated, this board is way out of line and the selectmen better get off their collective butts and straighten it out fast. Kim Gordon did nothing wrong, it was proven she didn't, the wrongs were committed by those who sought to condemn her, why aren't they the ones under scrutiny?

what's up with that? said...

Has anyone noticed all of the changes Margaret has made to the planning board and zoning board regulations the past two years? What's she up to besides trying to pave the way for her own sale?

Anonymous said...

Ok if she is so bad for the board, why haven't the other members done something about it?

Anonymous said...

#1 only the BOS can act to remove her.
#2 Beaman Ruth and Blodgett support her and everything she does thus creating a 4-3 block
#3 she twists the truth to make it look like some other member of the board is at fault not her.
unless you have witnessed first hand you can not imagine how badly she conducts herself and just how rude she can be.
and lastly both Kim Gordon and now Brian Moser have spoken up and Jack Marsh also filed an affidavit for a court case condemning her conduct; but alas, nothing gets done the right way by our selectboard, they just turn their heads and look the other way.

Anonymous said...

Totally dysfunctional and so screwed up with Beaman in charge it has turned into a joke but the joke is on us unless something gets done and done soon. You're right Brian, it is way out of control and has been for some time, now it is worse.

Puppet said...

What's screwed up is Beaman only thinks he is in charge.

appalled said...

More yelling and screaming at each other Monday night never have I seen such deplorable conduct from an elected board before. It is obvious who is behind the chaos and what her motives are, shame on you Gus Ruth for sitting there with your hands folded in your lap instead of acting like the selectman's representative and admonishing those who act so childishly and taking control. I foresee more lawsuits coming over any decisions this board makes, the conduct of several of them leaves much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right "appalled"
Gordon needs to resign pronto before she cost us more money. maybe even Moser now that he is with her.

Anonymous said...

OK ED, back into your closet now, we know who you support. When you gonna start paying your bills?

Anonymous said...

I see the village idiot has returned. Why don't you get off Kim's back and give her the credit she deserves for doing what was unpopular with the "in" crowd but was absolutely right? Maybe if some of the other members of that board had as much integrity and honesty as she does there wouldn't have been any issues at all. When one loses ones sense of right and wrong and just goes along to get along then you end up having boards like the ones we have right now. The posted minutes of both the planning board and the board of selectmen reflect this despicable attitude and conduct and it's no wonder the town gets sued at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Oops but people please read the legal notices in today's Sentinel. Margaret was told no by the historic commission and now her "friends" are going to appeal this decision with the Zoning Board. This is going to take place on Sept 1st. Once again the bully is told no and now she wants to waste more time. If you have read a previous posting this is why we have no funds for extras for our school children. Maggie needs her way!

Yeah Baby! said...

Maggie is showing her true colors. Don't you know that Attorney Bart Mayer LOVES her! She has made him more money with her stupidity! He doesn't care if she makes intelligent decisions, its more money if she doesn't.

So, what kind of advice would you give her? The kind that would make her screw up?

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Winchester, but I do have some questions.

1. Are planning Board and Zoning Board members elected or appointed by the selectmen?

2. Can Planning Board and Zoning Board members be removed by the selectmen or a recall vote?

3. Is there a way to get the state involved to investigate the tricks used by the people on the Planning Board and/or the Zoning Board

Winchester has come a long ways since the days of the Winchester House and the tannery. There's potential for Winchester to be a nice place to live, work and visit. But from what I have read on this blog the actions of a few people who want Winchester to stay the way it was will keep any good businesses and employers away.