Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sharra thumbs nose at HDC appeals to ZBA

Once again the true colors of Margaret Sharra come to the surface. The woman who wrote the rules, who knew full well when she bought the property that her get rich quick scheme was against regulations and who had the benefit of a full open hearing, has filed an appeal to the ZBA in an attempt to over turn the decision of the HDC to stop her and her cohorts, Zaremba Group, LLC  from tearing down an historical building. This should be quite a one sided hearing seeing as how Sharra is the quote "Assistant-Secretary" of the ZBA, the owner of record of the property in question and as we all know Sherm Tedford was all for letting her do her thing and is one of the very selectmen who appointed this board. Wanna bet how this decision is going to go? Looks like once again, Sharra will be the reason the town goes to court over this proposal.

The Winchester ZBA will be meeting on 09-01-11 at 7:00pm on the Main Floor of Town Hall building, 1 Richmond Road, for the following;

The board will review for acceptance an application for an Appeal from an Administrative Decision. The application, submitted by Zeremba Group, LLC is for property located at 71 Main Street, Winchester map 26, lot 17 owned by Margaret Sharra and her two brothers. The appeal is alleging an error of the Historic District Commission regarding the denial of an application for demolition of the historical house and the building a new commercial ( Dollar Store ) building.

If the board finds the application to be complete, the board will move to into a a public hearing on the matter. If a decision is not reached, the hearing will continue at the next meeting without further notice. The application is available for review at Town Hall ( in Margaret's office no less ) during regular business hours.

Written up and posted in today's Sentinel by Joan Morel, our Town Administrator.


Anonymous said...

I figured she wouldn't give up so easily, she's gonna cost this town every taxpayer dollar she can until she gets her own way. This is just so not right and another reason why a person should only be allowed to be on one board or committee and they all should be elected by the citizens and never appointed.

Here's your ZBA Board, let them know how you feel in advance of this meeting;

Louis Fox-Chairman .. 2012

Ken Cole .. 2013

Jason Cardinale .. 2104

William McGrath .. 2014

Harvey Sieran (Alt).. 2013

Arthur Charland (Alt).. 2012

Rebecca Beaman (Alt).. 2014

Anonymous said...

It has got to be the "O" in NO that she just doesn't get.I asked the question once and will ask it again what is the kick back? This is disgusting that we have to spend money to tell the bully "NO". These funds could be put to use in our school system. But wait-her children are just about grown up so they don't need to learn to read and write.

Please show up in force so that she does not get her way. No is no in my book.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I was so worried that we were going to have to look at this eye soar for another 100 years. Just think some more jobs for us and this property will be paying alot higher taxes now. This is a win win in my book. to bad shara owns this I think thats the only reason a few people are fighting this great change.

get real fool said...

Geez, just how many village idiots do we have in Winchester?
First off, there will be no jobs for any locals so get that nonsense out of your head and even if they did provide a few jobs, minimum wage isn't going to get anyone anywhere , especially when all they will hire is part time help. Check their mother stores, that,s their way of doing things.
Secondly, it is NOT allowed in our historic zone at all. If we let them do this, then we can never say no to anyone else and there goes the ability to preserve our heritage. Do you want Main Street to look like a mini strip mall?
I don't care who owns the building, they should be forced to get it up to code and paint it and if they won't, can't or unwilling to comply with regulations, then the town can take the building under emanate domain and failure to pay taxes, fix it up a bit and put it on the market. There are ways available to save this historic structure.
AS for higher taxes, are you kidding? These companies hardly pay any taxes at all, there's a loophole for every business and you can bet they know them all.
You really need to stop this rah rah support of Sharra and wake the hell up, next they'll be wanting to tear down the library and then where will you live?

Conspiracy? said...

Give Sharra a break - she was smart enough to hire the SAME attorney Rob Mitchell Sand & Gravel hired to ram rod the Asphalt Plant in, despite the large protestors that attended every meeting!

If anyone can find a "loop hole" it will be Attorney Silas Little.

the real cause behind it all said...

Ah yes, Silas Little, the attorney the Beaman's hired to stop Mitchell from using his land out on Manning Hill to get his gravel pit/asphalt plant operation going out there. The reasoning behind this was just too many nice homes in that area to put up with the noise and stench and all that dust. The same Silas Little who is now helping Mitchell attempt to get an approval for an asphalt plant in the middle of a highly populated village area. Guess those homes aren't quite so nice out in North Winchester and West Swanzey, huh?
And the same Silas Little who is attempting to get approval for Margaret Sharra to do an end run around our towns historical district regulations and pave the way for her to to demolish an historical building so she can make a bundle.
There's just one single common denominator in this whole slew of events, which has already cost the town several thousand dollars and will eventually cost many thousands more.

Margaret Sharra

Beaman employee, town employee and the link to all involved. Can we all guess who she really works for?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! She rants and cries foul when someone sues the board and yet when she wants her own way she thinks nothing about spending taxpayer dollars. Shameful conduct from someone who does not pay her own taxes. What is it with these town employees who get all the tax breaks and rebates and still don't pay their bills, especially when they get a paycheck each week?
The ZBA better just throw this crap right out and tell her no again.

shame on you Margaret said...

Who is this group Zeremba? They don't own this property, Sharra and her brother's do are they part of this group? How does an entity that does not own property in our town go before our boards and appeal a decision made strictly adhering to our town regulations by another board. This smacks of insider dealings as the posts above mentioned this just isn't kosher at all.

FYI said...

Check out today's Sentinel, 8/24, front page, Appeal filed in town decision.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Margaret! Why don't you just resign! After all you have told people that there are people in this town that you don't like. Oops, have you figured out that we just don't like you. Don't take it personally just take your bully tactics and go away!

Also,, please practice being polite when you are in a public place no one likes a "line cutter." You can wait like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

I'll go as far to predict the house will burn flat during the night, they always do....When ruthless people do not get their way.

Anonymous said...

Now that could be a possibility and wouldn't that just be icing on the cake if it happened. Would she be dumb enough to risk jail time and put firefighters at risk just to make a profit?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the hell not. She may be a bully but I don't think that you can consider her a dumb blonde.

Anonymous said...

She defintiely wouldn't burn down the house- let's get some education people.