Saturday, September 10, 2011

Building is worth saving

If a little child playfully and in his ignorance of its worth, threw a family treasure into the toilet and flushed it down the sewer, it could be understood.
His immaturity and ignorance of the value could be forgiven.

Educated adults should know better than to destroy a treasure or to just look away when someone else is attempting to destroy one.
We all know that “money talks,” as the saying goes, and some people, if offered enough money, would sell their grandmother.

Fortunately, there are many educated adults who truly care about saving the history of this great country. The seven doctors who lived at 71 Main St. in Winchester could surely have written volumes regarding their joyful and sad encounters with early residents and town fathers.

This historical home is eligible to be accepted as a state historical site. Let’s get together, we interested citizens of Winchester and surrounding towns and get this building made an official historical site and eligible for state and federal grants to help pay to have it restored.
True, our country is in a recession right now, but nothing is impossible. We should make the effort. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

My daughter, Julia put in many hours of work to get the Thayer Library in Ashuelot approved as a historical building and was able to secure a grant in order to get the building painted and looking beautiful again.

Let’s get together as responsible citizens and lovers of our heritage and find ways to make this happen.

P.O. Box 111


Anonymous said...

Kuddos to Julia for all of her hard work at the Thayer Library. It really looks good!

tell her no again said...

Yes, this is all about money, Margaret searched until she found a buyer willing to pay her and her brothers many times over what the building is worth. She doesn't care about the town, it's history or the people in town, it's always about what's in it for her. They had tenants, were pulling in some money and could have used it to fix up the building or pay their taxes; but no, she or they wanted more. As has been stated, the property was not listed locally as she claims and details of how this deal went down are "secret". Why, what are they hiding?
It's funny how Margaret can spend her time searching for grants for sidewalks and other things; but didn't think to check to see if she could get a grant to fix up her historic building. She just searched for the buyer with the biggest wallet to fill her own, shows exactly the kind of person she is for all of you doubters.

Anonymous said...

Now that the library is all fixed up on the outside, are the trustees gonna do anything about the inside ? The place is really beginning to look it's age inside, falling and chipping paint from the ceilings and walls and I hear the upstairs is really in need of some work too. Why hasn't the librarian/maintenance guy living there kept it up, doesn't he get some kind of a stipend for doing so? I never see him there at all and the library is only open two days a week, how come? Why spend so much time and money on fixing up the outside when the building is falling apart inside and the doors are hardly ever opened to the public?

Anonymous said...

is the rumor true that Ed was fired?

Anonymous said...

No one got fired. It was decided by the trustees because of privacy issues and the fact the librarian refuses to give them a key to the building after he had the locks changed, that there be no more tenants staying in the building. This does away with any privacy issues and ensures that the directives and wishes of the past owner are carried out as in the directive. This also allows the trustees to cut down on operating expenses that were beginning to spiral upward and save funds so other work could be done to the building on the inside to enhance the library itself.

Anonymous said...

All you do gooders should pool your resources, buy the building, pay the money to restore it, and then enjoy the profits of your investment. Otherwise shut up and let the building owners do what they want with their property.


Anonymous said...

.. and all you naysayers should shut up, pack your bags and move to a place with no rules and regulations to follow and enjoy your twisted selves.

Anonymous said...

That is sad considering everything Eddie has done for the village of Ashuelot

Anonymous said...

Excellent news about the library - maybe we could start using it again!

Suggestion board members: rent it next time. Hopefully you can find someone mentally stable. What a waste of space and we are not referring to the building.