Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a Wonderful Day in Our Neighborhood .. A Wonderful Day ..

This sent in from several citizens in the plant's vicinity

NOT  .. when you wake up to the never ending sounds of truck and equipment backup beepers, tail gates slamming, the incessant pounding of the rock crusher, blasting and the smell of smoke, fuel oil fumes and something else that burns your eyes and throat and makes your nose water constantly wafting over your property and forcing you to go inside and shut your windows.

WE, the people who you have subjected these conditions upon wish to thank Massachusetts resident Robert Mitchell, his attorneys Silas Little and Kevin Parsons and of course the Winchester Planning Board and Winchester Selectman and last but not least, the ever lovable Leroy Austin for making all of this joy possible.

Thank you so much for ruining our livelihoods, our property values and the quality of our lives and forcing us to spend our hard earned money and our tax dollars taking you all to court for your actions in this matter. Other towns in our state have said "no" to these kinds of businesses in a populated area. A Superior Court  judge has ruled this is manufacturing and Winchester's own regulations confirm it's not allowed in Agricultural or Protected Aquifer Zones and most important of all, the EPA and DES acknowledge these kind of plants release toxins into the environment and yet you ignored all of this and bent over backwards to ensure approval for this this outsider and his smelly, polluting plant  .. SHAME ON YOU ALL !


I'm a village resident said...

I've noticed that all the birds have gone from my yard now despite my having filled all of my bird feeders over the weekend, the stench is terrible this morning and that noise coming from there is enough to drive anything away. Why did they have to come here and disrupt our lives?

Anonymous said...

I saw a beautiful buck crossing Route 10 walking down the driveway to the asphalt plant near the river. I can't wait to fill my tag with that corker.

Dave from Swanzey

Tiny Dancer said...

Sure Dave and I suppose he was going to order some asphalt for his driveway too. Got any more Wild Turkey left, I'd like a pull.

Oh and make up your mind, are you anonymous or are you Dave which I seriously doubt, cause everyone knows "Dave's not here".

neighbor to the plant said...

Neither was that buck unless it was deaf dumb and blind.There's so much dust and noise coming out of that area that there isn't any wildlife for miles.

Anonymous said...

More smoke and stink this morning I forwarded my pictures to Tom Guertin at the DES, maybe someday they'll come out an investigate our complaints.