Friday, November 25, 2011

Budget Committee Meeting November 1, 2011

November 1, 2011

Members Present:  Kathy Hebert, Jack Marsh, Elisha Jackson, Rick Horton, Brian Moser (Chairman), Harvey Serian, Ted Ryll, Hubie Crowell (Vice Chairman), Bob Davis, Ken Gardner (Selectmen Rep), Kevan Whippie (School Board Rep), Rikki Bolewski (Secretary)

Others Present:  Joan Morel, Dale Gray

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Hubie makes a motion to accept the minutes as presented from September 22, 2011, Bob seconds.  Motion carries 10-0.

There will be no meeting on Thursday, November 3, due to a Zoning Meeting that night.

Discussion regarding the RSA sent from Bart Mayer regarding encumbering funds on a future year.  Brian states that it doesn’t answer the question raised.
            Hubie makes a motion for Brian to send an e-mail to Bart Mayer regarding the legality of encumbering funds on a future year, Ted seconds.  Motion carries 9-0 with 1 abstention.
Discussion regarding the training from the town on November 7th and who will be going; they need to now ahead of time – Elisha and Brian will be there.  Any others will sign up with Joan
Highway:  Dale Gray
            Brian inquires as to why there is no breakdown for the Block Grant; what will it be used for?  Dale and Ken explain that it will not be used until the summer and that they have not made that decision yet.  They usually wait until after the winter and then see what needs to be done.
Discussion as to what some of the projects that the grant was used for this past year.
            Kevan makes a motion to approve $535,062, Ken seconds.
            Jack questions the contracted services and what it was used for and how it was broken down.
·         Dale explains that that is generally used for Lenny Lawrence who covers additional plowing in the winter.
·         Brian questions whether it is and should be sent out for bid.  Dale explains that it isn’t because it fluctuates and sometimes isn’t used at all and that since he is also a part time town employee, it covers him to be able to drive the town trucks as well.
·         Continued discussion about what is included in the cost - time and trucks, as well as how it’s use
Rick questions why repairs have been consistently over budget for the past few years.  Dale explains that the equipment is old and so requires more repairs.
            Discussion regarding the cost of tar – Used the Block Grant first and then took from the budget.  Jack questions whether the cost might go down with the new local plant.  Dale states that it won’t because their prices are about the same as the company they have been using in the past.
            Bob wants to know if we can get by without doing tarring for a year or two to cut down on the budget.  Dale thinks we are actually starting to get caught up on the paving and it would cause the town to have to play “catch-up” again if we let the roads go without paving.
            Continued discussion about possible ways to lower the budget.
            Ken and Bob get into a heated discussion regarding Ken’s reaction to Bob’s questions and remarks and whether Bob is bringing his personal agenda to the budget committee meeting.
            Brian questions why the town just paved an 800ft road that accesses only one house.  Dale explains that they had to pave it in order to get a smooth surface in order to plow it because it was so bad.  It is a town road and there is a residence there and people are living in it, so the town does have to maintain it.
            Continued discussion regarding the budget.
            Discussion regarding the Capital Improvement Plan Project – can’t do anything without a plan from the departments – Planning Board hasn’t gotten anything from any departments – Dale explains that he has worked on a plan but, somehow, the Planning Board has never seen it.
            After continued discussion regarding the budget, the motion for $535,062 was called for a vote.  Motion fails 5-6
            Bob makes a motion for $455,062, Brian seconds.
            Bob suggest cutting the $80,000 tarring line and only use the Block Grant for tarring projects
            After some discussion, the motion is called to a vote.  Motion fails 2-9
            Jack makes a motion to table this discussion until the board gets the breakdown for maintenance records and line item monies returned, Kevan seconds.
            Brian makes a friendly amendment to also have the requested information to include the breakdown of what the Block Grant money was used for.  Jack and Kevan accept the amendment.
            Motion fails 3-8
            Harvey makes a motion for $483,762
            Harvey suggests dropping welding to $500, drop diesel fuel to $30,000, drop salt to $60,000, and drop tarring to $40,000, Brian seconds.
            After some discussion, the motion is called to a vote.
            Motion fails 4-7
            Rick makes a motion for $513,062 dropping the repair line by $22,000, Elisha seconds
            Motion fails 2-8
            Brian makes a motion to table this discussion until we get the information requested, Bob seconds.
            Motion carries 11-0
Rick makes a motion to adjourn, Kathy seconds
            Motion carries 11-0
Meeting adjourns at 8:58pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Rikki Bolewski

Next meeting to be held Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 7pm

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