Saturday, November 26, 2011

*note to the the following

'smokin joe' , Winchester Ed,  John P,  Sue and the rest of you who continue to act in a really juvenile and childish manner by attempting to post the most asinine comments on this blog, stop wasting your time and ours., it isn't going to happen. Provide facts with your wild statements, stop with the personal attacks and stay on subject and we may consider allowing you to post again. You all have been warned several times and you have ignored those warnings constantly, so until you can all act like responsible adults, your posting privileges on this blog have been revoked.


Anonymous said...

About time you all removed these annoying distractions and their ability to post ridiculous comments and harp on the same theme over and over, enough is enough. Good riddance I say, go back to town hall and pat your friends on their backs.

the Winchester Informer said...

WE are not going to publish your mother's opinion letter to the Keene Sentinel Ed, no matter how much you protest and attempt to slant things. We do not have her permission to reprint, where you want to post it is way off subject ( Marlborough store ) and it is a very personal attack on a member of the community and on how she voted during a Thayer Library meeting. You and your little band of disruptive commenters can go on your blog and post to your hearts content, your privileges have been suspended here indefinitely. We have reported all of the troublesome IPs to our server administrators and will take appropriate actions if you continue to attempt to comment on this blog, take heed.

Anonymous said...

And by the way I love the threat about the IP addresses I think it would be great if you opened that can of worms, all the hostility and lies and slanted un founded comments come from your own 1/2 dozen supporters so go ahead start that little war you will loose...... Freedom of speech lives.

the Winchester Informer said...

To all our detractors who "think" they know it all and who continue to post comments despite being asked not to, instead of answering your idiotic claims; here's some info for you to show just how wrong you are when you claim no one reads this blog.

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Taken right from our servers jut now, that's a lot of no-ones don't you think?

Anonymous said...

What an idiot, gotta be Ed Lake. Who else would make such a stupid comment after being asked to knock it off. No wonder he's been shown the door, he just doesn't get it.
Hey Ed, there's freedom of speech and then there is annoying, irritating questionable conduct, didn't going to court teach you anything?

Anonymous said...

@anon 11/27:7:50am - HAHAHA! Why worry if there are only 1/2 doz. supporters? Especially if what they read is untrue?

Too funny. Hostility? Lies? Think again, put your thinking cap on this time and think again.
Contributors of stories and newsworthy information to readers of a blog isn’t opening up a can worms. You can’t smear dishonest, unfair-minded, untruthful people who have no integrity, when those people have a proven track record of lying and manipulating facts – they smeared themselves when they got caught lying and manipulating the facts. NO? Exposing that is newsworthy. Like how Irene, was threatened with arrest for stealing, expecting favoritism because she thought she was special being a selectmen’s wife, or Marggie, caught interfering with and manipulating important town decision making policy’s, involving the planning and zoning boards, swaying board members for an outcome she desired. Or when the Chief, Phillips lied to discredit Dan Repucci so no one would believe what he had to say about what was really going on in the pd and the corruption that was and is being covered up. Or that Chris Roberts, a crooked cop fired from Hinsdale is nothing more than an instigator and a liar, willing to lie for Phillips in the hopes of becoming Chief. Then there is the great call by Ken Smith and the ambulance company. Complaining no less, when he got caught as if the world should rise up and defend his actions to try to pull one over on the taxpayers. The selectmen would take volumes to go over now. There are numerous articles and documents to read on these blogs showing, explaining and giving light to the corruption and illegal activity our officials partake in, on what must be a daily basis, The Evil Empire. Crooked and loving it.
Yes that is Freedom of Speech and that is something that our beloved Town officials don’t care to honor for the rest of us and as sure as hell don’t want anyone to know. It starts with the selectmen and works it’s way down. In this town when you speak out about corruption and underhanded tactics you’re labeled a troublemaker. It’s the only way these people can try to stop the flow of information reaching the public. Discrediting the messenger so they can shift the spotlight off themselves. Don’t fall for it. Think past their rhetoric and read about what they have done.
When you have no honor, no morals, no integrity, the only way you know how to fight back is to lie, cheat, and most of all, never admit you were wrong. Blame someone else for your despicable actions, never take responsibility for yourself.
So it’s not really hostility and lies that get to these people, it’s that they get caught and become uncomfortable knowing people are figuring out what they are up to.
To all the officials and employees, their family and friends who support them and those that have been duped, having newspapers that report the news it is quite refreshing. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.
And to the Whiners who don’t want us to find out what you’ve done, you are too funny. There’s a simple solution really, if you don’t like the heat you get of the kitchen. For Pete’s sake, stop blaming the rest of the world for making your bad decisions. You made them. Grow up, own up to it and act accordingly. By the looks, it’s not likely anyone is giving up exposing the lies and corruption any time soon.

I can't sign my name said...

Well said, the truth is definitely making those who continue to abuse the system very uncomfortable, so much so that they enlist people like John Pasquarelli and Ed Lake and even Margaret Sharra's own kids ( bragging about it ) to post ridiculous, unfounded comments on this blog to detract from all of the truthful and unbelievable information that has surfaced here over the years showing just what has been going on with the fleecing of Winchester. I'm glad that a few disruptive individuals have now been stopped from posting their crap here so that we won't be led astray by the lies being spread around town about the information on this blog. I have personally checked out a great deal of the information posted here and have found it to be an exact account of what has gone on and to be quite accurate. How these people providing us this information get these facts is beyond me as you won't get any of this from town hall. Keep up the good work and I am utterly amazed at the number of people who come here and read but that don't comment. It sure would be nice to get everyone's honest opinions and suggestions on how to go about making changes.

Anonymous said...

To poster 11/29 at 9:45 we have been saying that to reform the town people need to vote. Please vote at town meeting. We cannot afford Maggie and Gus anymore. Spread the word and get people out.

Perhaps we can send the idiots packing. We can not afford the taxes or the attitudes of those who want what they want.

the Winchester Informer said...

To anonymous @ 11:28 at 8:30am:

You are not very computer literate are you?
When you visit any web site a cookie is set on your computer. This sends info back to that site and captures your ISP, your assigned IP and in some cases even your MAC address and on this site your assigned id (yours is: id="comments-"c136326907978454849" )
This is done to identify abusive people like you. As for opening a can of worms; again you haven't a clue as to what you are saying and there was no threat, just a promise to turn your information over to the proper authorities if you did not stop; which as we both know you haven't.

Anonymous said...

What authorities can we report abuses to?