Sunday, February 19, 2012

Former Town Manager Under Fire

                  Hillsborough Town Administrator Under Fire

The Hillsborough Selectmen are apparently embroiled in two grievance complaints against Town Administrator John Stetser. At the February 7th meeting, Code Enforcer Kelly Dearborn-Luce asked for a non-public session relating to her complaint regarding Stetser. Iris Campbell then asked if it had anything to do with the grievance filed by several other female employees and was told it involved only the Dearborn-Luce grievance.
When the Board returned to public session, chair Russ Galpin said the minutes were not sealed and there was a discussion whether or not the Selectmen are following up on the grievance. He admitted they have not done their duty properly in that they were supposed to have given a written report within seven days and they have not done that.
Campbell then inquired where the board was in relation to the grievance submitted on how Stetser handled the situation and his response to the meeting with him. Venezia said they met with Stetser and talked about the training he is going to undertake to help remmediate the issue, but still need to formally write something. Campbell then requested another non-public session. Stetser said that if it involves him, he would like to have it in public session. Campbell then gave the Board a letter which read as follows: "We respectfully request the Town of Hillsborough Board of Selectmen arrange for a confidential, independent evaluation of Town Administrator John H. Stetser's job performance including his interaction with employees and elected officials." She said she is aware of many incidents concerning Mr. Stetser that were reported to a member of the Board and never investigated.
The group of employees expressed their dissatisfaction with the Board's actions regarding their decision to do nothing. Mr. Venezia, who was not on the Board when the initial reporting took place, said the accusers and the accusee deserved immediate action and it was just swept under the rug.
He said there has been a big cloud hanging over everyone and the effected group agreed. It was decided that Galpin would call the Town Attorney the next day to get advice about the appropriate course of action to take. 
                 Hillsborough Town Administrator John Stetser


Anonymous said...

I see he's up to his old tricks. He wants things in public so he can sue the selectmen for discussing his job performance in public. I wonder if he has allies among the selectmen like he did in Winchester. You can be sure he will cost the people of Hillsborough a lot of money for legal expenses. Sure would like to know what all the charges are.

At least he doesn't have the legal protections of a town manager, but the LGC is working to get administrators closer to having the same special "rights."

Anonymous said...

Heck when Hillsborough finely sends him packing our select board will probably try to find a way to bring him back to Winchester.

Bob Davis said...

I did my part by delivering a arm load of information about the crap Stetser pull in Winchester to Russell Galpin a personal friend of mine. I want Stetser to know I am still after his butt.

Stetser deserves what he gets

Anonymous said...

Seeing that picture brings back some creepy memories. It's no surprise that Joan looks a lot like him!

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder of the what went on here until the voters woke up; but we still have our problems and need to send another group packing in order to be free of all of the dirt that covers this town. Long enough has this town had it's eyes covered by people that have questionable if any ethics and who have strived to enrich themselves on the backs of all of us. We need to band together in March and send a message that times they are a changing.