Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BOS Minutes 3-28-12 ( SSDD )

Gotta love how personal feelings enter into decisions made by these clowns. Wake up Roberta, your gal Margaret caused this whole mess with 71 Main Street; not Julia .. get your facts straight.


Anonymous said...

Able to enlarge everything on the page to read except the minutes...They enlarge, but not enough. Help..

the Winchester Informer said...

Right click on each page with your mouse; choose "save image as". Once downloaded to your computer you can then enlarge the pages by clicking on each page and enlarging the print percentage you need to view them clearly


Roberta wont be waking up anytime soon, she is part of the winning team. If you go against Margaret or the select board you will pay the price. Take a look at the UNDERHANDED takeover of the budget committee.

Anonymous said...

She shouldn't even be on the board for not paying her taxes like the rest of us have to. Now she's the chairman? Shows just what a bunch of jokers they all are. Wonder if I can get away with that too? Who's butt do I have to kiss?

Anonymous said...

Now, that we know how the BOS really feels it would be nice if we could rescind our votes for Sherm and company. After all we do not always agree with them. They try and accomplish their goals by eliminating the facts. How about that people!

Let's start a recall petition and remove them from office. We would not have to deal with Margaret's lies anymore, or lawsuits against the town (saving dollars) or John P's actions. What a novel thought.

the Winchester Informer said...

Word around town is Maggie's BFF at the country club put the quash on Julia's being a permanent member of the HDC when she came back from vacation. Word was she was livid and got with her BFF Roberta to bring the subject up at the next BOS meeting. Seems she's upset with Julia because she proved that our gal Joan hasn't a clue when it comes to rules of procedure or anything else for that matter, except of course of being rude to anyone who sets her straight. Blaming Julia for running up a legal fee is absolutely ridiculous seeing as how it was our gal Joan who caused the rift in the first place by giving false information to the HDC.
If anyone is to blame for costing the town money it's Joan and Margaret with their lies and schemes. How long do we put up with this crap before we circulate a petition for a vote of no confidence in the whole bunch.
Malfeasance is a punishable crime.

**Malfeasance has been defined by appellate courts in other jurisdictions as a wrongful act which the actor has no legal right to do; as any wrongful conduct which affects, interrupts or interferes with the performance of official duty; as an act for which there is no authority or warrant of law; as an act which a person ought not to do; as an act which is wholly wrongful and unlawful; as that which an officer has no authority to do and is positively wrong or unlawful; and as the unjust performance of some act which the party performing it has no right, or has contracted not, to do.**

Malfeasance in office, or official misconduct, is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties.

Malfeasance in office is often grounds for a cause removal of an elected official by statute or recall election.

Seeing as how the BOS appointed this administrator and continue to allow Margaret to do whatever she wants with no consequences and govern by personal feelings, we say it's past time that they all find something else to do on their own dime and stop wasting ours.

pen in hand said...

Margaret thinks that by keeping information off the towns website people won't know whats going on and be wise to her and her cohorts. She also thinks by changing a word or two here and there and adding things to conversations that never took place will take the heat off of her and make her look like the only sane person on the board, how cute. We all know how she manipulates, cajoles and forces her ways on others, she's been doing it for years and the town shows it. I'd be willing to be the first one to sign any petition to remove her.

more arrogance said...

Roberta is not the chairman of the budget committee, but you can bet she was one of the people behind the hostile and possibly illegal takeover. Imagine a newly elected member of the budget committee with her own key to the town hall.That's as underhanded as the ambulance going to N. Carolina.

just sick of it all said...

They've been handing out keys to the town hall for years, I'm surprised everyone in town doesn't have one. There should only be three keys needed; one to the police, one to the fire dept. and the chairman of the bos should have the other. no reason he or she can't come down to the hall and open for meetings and stay and observe as most town officials do in other towns. Instead they went out and spent a boatload of money on a door by door security key pad lock; but with my own eyes I saw Margaret Sharra punch in the code for the town clerks office and enter when Jim wasn't there. How secure are the town's vital records when a land use clerk has access to them and who knows where else. How does the this ensure security when they pass office codes to each other? Our town is a joke and so aren't the people in charge who keep wasting our money.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Margaret punch into the BOS office. We should call her the MAYOR on Winchester

FYI said...

For anyone who can't enlarge the 3/28 BOS Minutes, they are now posted on the town's web site.

she should be ashamed said...

April 4 @6:58 pm
The previous poster was referring to the BOS. Roberta is the new chair of the BOS and just as unqualified as the rest of them. What an example she sets as the head of town government. It's okay not to pay your taxes and at the same time vote to raise them for people who do, what a hypocrite !!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the new planning and zoning board meeting minutes? Why haven't they been updated since Feb and March? Is there something going on the town doesn't want us to know about and is hiding by not putting these minutes up for us to read?

Anonymous said...

That's Margaret and that Joan Morel doing there thing. Margaret is suppose to have the minutes ready in 5 business days and posted even though they are draft minutes they are the official record and are suppose to be kept. She puts these up at town hall in the basement and on the main floor; but they never get published as they are suppose to on time on the town's website. for those of us who can't get to town hall and PAY for these minutes we have no way to follow what is going on unless they get put up here. Evidently the Informers aren't getting downtown to get copies either as this must be getting awfully expensive for the people running this blog. This is a travesty and needs to be brought up at a BOS meeting. This is not transparency in town government, this is Joan Morel's new policy of hiding info from the public.

Anonymous said...

The minutes are posted at the town hall for anyone to read for free, like I do. they will be posted on the website after they are approved and signed by the chairman at the next meeting and most boards meet once a month. This topic has come up on here dozens of times and you should know this by now. Can we go back to worrying about real issues NOW?

go shake your pom poms someplace else said...

How about you grab me a copy and bring it out to my house for me so I don't have to waste gas driving down to town hall just to read minutes of meetings.Why have a town web site if you can't keep it up to date? As for waiting until they are approved by the chairman, why? According to revised statutes the draft minutes are the 'official" minutes whether approved or not. Go read your laws so you know what is and isn't important friend.

Somebody should care said...

What the Board of Selectman fails to realize, the message they are sending to the citizens/taxpayers of Winchester is:

“We don’t care!”

They have hired two employees that cannot abide by the very laws they are hired to uphold. Our Land Use Office is disregarding their duties. Letters get sent out and there is no follow up. There is no enforcement of the laws. Not only is Leroy & Margaret in charge of ensuring that the zoning laws are adhered to in this town – they need to do their utmost to come up with regulations that amplify the already existing rules. NOT to eliminate or ignore them – but to defend them.

The Board of Selectman have had to pay our Town’s attorney an exorbitant amount of money defending Margaret’s right to ignore the Town’s Master Plan and tear down a historic building to put in a ugly discount store. The town already has Mr. G’s & Rite Aid across the street, and a Family Dollar around the corner. How many more can a town of our size possibly need or support? Let’s also not forget the discount liquor & cigarette store in the blue building too.

How does the Sharra’s justify doing this to the town? Greed? The answer is a resounding YES!

The Selectman chose to support Margaret in her efforts to defy the very regulations she is hired to advocate for the Historic District and the Town’s Master Plan. Again, the message being sent is –

“We don’t care!”

another farce orchestrated by the BOS said...

Speaking about the Board of Stupidity, check out the town's new budget committee. If you think you're ever going to get a tax break in this town again, you need psychiatric help cause it ain't gonna happen with these goons on the board anytime soon.

Kathleen Hebert, Vice Chair
Harvey Sieran
Hubert Crowell
Sue LaPoint
Bill McGrath
Jack Marsh Jr
Brian Moser
Jacqueline Beaman, Chairman
Kenneth Cole
Kevan Whippie
School Board Rep

Richard Horton
School Board Rep.

Theresa Sepe
Selectboard Rep.

Ken Gardner
Selectmen's Rep

.. and wasn't there a warrant article passed to cut it down to 7?
So who will the final 7 be?

Discusted 2 said...

The take over of the budget committee by the new, self appointed, chairman was one of the most underhanded acts I have ever seen in town government. I'm sure the Selectmen and the town attorney are pleased as punch, that the plan worked. I have lost total respect for the BOS and the budget committee's new chairman.

Anonymous said...

Well your budget committee was again stacked against you, the half asleep tax payers.

Elisha Jackson seat became open when she moved to the school board. How do you fill a vacated seat? Well in Winchester you draw names out of a hat! Yes that is just how Bill McGrath was seated. I never heard of anything so illegal. Who names were in the hat? I'll bet Ted Ryll or Bob Davis weren't.

the Winchester Informer said...

Anyone with half a brain knows why they pulled this crap, they were afraid of Brian who had the power to go after them and the school. So they manipulated the whole process as usual and stuck their cronies on the board to protect themselves. Want proof ... read the following.

" If the bottom line is overspent, or expenditures are not properly entered and classified in municipal records, the budget committee has specific authority to petition the superior court for removal of the responsible official(s). RSA 32:23."

Anonymous said...

How is the budget committee going to petition anyone if Beaman is chairperson? It would never come to a vote and if they did there would never be a majority vote with Gardner's and Tedford's hand picked committee.. Where the Hell is Brian to speak out on this travesty of the law? We supported him, he should be speaking out on our behalf letting us know. Brian must have been there when Beaman bulled this shit. I found out accidentally in a conservation with a member. What else has Beaman pulled? What else has Brian kept quit about? I knew they would apply enough pressure to get Brain to fold…./..


Anonymous said...

Excuse me to the poster at 3:39 I was there when Jacqui pulled this shit on Brian. All of Brian's friends were not able to be at that meeting. Why the hell do you think that she did that? I have never seen such a vicious, vindictive woman in my life. If you people want to support this person you have at it. I am telling all of you now that the Beaman's and those with elbow trouble will rule this town. Brian did not stand a chance. We expect Brian to take care of us and we let him down. For the past two years everyone has complained about what is happening and we still can't get enough people out to vote to turn the tide. It's time for us to take responsibility and stop whining and do something. If we don't no one will be able to live in this town. Further more we will continue to send students to Keene who are not educated. The ball is in your court. As my students say "suck it up and do something!"

Anonymous said...

This was not a posted public meeting, though the public could attend. It was a special request by Beaman, who was given a key to town hall to hold it. This was setup from the git go. The BOS was a part of this bull crap appointing not only a second selectman's rep but also allowing a second school board rep to the board. Talk about making sure you have a clear path to your goal. What a disgusting bunch we have running this town, it borders on criminal and you can also bet that Barton Mayer scumbag has his hands in this too. How sweet is it for him to always be going to court to represent the town and giving advice to remove the very checks and balances in the town regulations to prevent just such actions. Anyone wanna bet when the next lawsuit is filed?

Anonymous said...

Then as you say Brian didn't have a chance because some of Brian's supports could not attend, then Brian should have call a boycott of the meeting then the Beaman (B) would not have had a forum.

I am tired of lame excuses. If you are going to beat them at their own game you have to out think them. They are not that smart or is Beaman and Sharra.
She is only married to a Beaman.

Anonymous said...

School board and BOS each have one representative on the budget committee. The other are alternates. Next year the committee will be reduced to 7 per the voters request.

Per the RSA anyone can post on the committee can post a meeting.

Two seats were open on the committee due to the fact that two members resigned. These 2 seats will be a one year term. Next year on the ballot there will be Vote for 3.

The Budget Committee motioned to request from the BOS and School Board monthly reports and regular meetings of the full boards. What a great idea. Everyone sitting and talking.

Anonymous said...

The RSA may make the hostile takeover of the budget committee legal but it doesn't make it right. Although, with the people involved, its not a suprise.