Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So What's Really Going On Here? Is This Just Another Costly Witch Hunt ??

After reading the BOS minutes of 4/4/12 one can only be confused as to why all of the hoopla over the HDC spending $3600. getting advice from the Town's attorney in regards as to what they, as a group could do legally, in upholding their regulations and responsibilities in the matter of 71 Main Street. Julia Ferrari has been unfairly singled out and personally attacked by our Town Administrator and Selectmen, Gardner and Fraser for overstepping her bound, in regards to calls she made to Barton Mayer after receiving erroneous information from Joan Morell as to how the HDC could proceed legally and what their course of action should be to avoid a lawsuit and cost the town thousands of dollars in legal fees defending their actions. These three are so upset over the fact that Julia, acting as a responsible and passionate member of the HDC, would go against allowing Margaret Sharra to knowingly break the rules and regulations governing properties in the Historical District and are using the excuse that Barton Mayer charged the town $3600 for advice he gave her to pass along to other members of the committee regarding these matters to publicly crucify her and attack her credibility as a person.

Why has the BOS gone out of their way to single out Julia and act like this is such a big deal, when the one person responsible for this whole mess, who has cost the town many thousands more calling Barton Mayer for personal advice and instigating another witch hunt in the Kim Gordon matter doesn't even get mentioned; nor reprimanded for her role in all of this mess, which has cost nearly triple the number in tax payer dollars; all for her own personal gain?

Information brought forward by a member of our community clearly shows that Margaret Sharra is solely responsible for incurring close to $10,000 dollars in charges from Barton Mayer to the town for legal advice he has given her personally regarding her property at 71 main Street and expenses regarding costs defending the Planning Board's actions, which she instigated because of personal feelings against Kim Gordon, who as was proven had done nothing legally wrong in pointing out that the Planning Board; specifically Sharra, had erred in it's decision in the Mitchell Asphalt hearings.

We have attached a Finance Dept.document, clearly showing that Sharra was solely responsible for $4,764. in fees charged by Barton Mayer, from May through Sept. of 2011 regarding her property at 71 Main Street and another $5,571,00 defending her actions against PB member Gordon from May through July of 2011, which result in Kim Gordon being exonerated by the courts of all the trumped up charges against her.

Though the BOS went out of their way raking Gordon over the coals in public minutes, they finally did admit she did nothing legally wrong, yet allowed us all a glimpse into their personal feeling about her. One has to wonder now again in regards to Julia, has she too been a victim of personal feelings? Is this how this town is truly run? Why haven't they, despite receiving requests to remove Sharra for malfeasance a number of times, totally disregarded the facts that she and she alone is costing this town thousands of tax payer dollars on a regular basis and that she has no regard for rules and regulations that she had a hand in writing?

Why do they constantly support her actions and attempt to crucify good honest caring people who carry out their duties in a legal and professional manner. Just what is it that Sharra has on all of these phonies to make them act in this matter? Perhaps there is more going on here than meets the eyes. Perhaps an internal investigation is in order like the one Sherman has started against the Police Dept and Chief Phillips?


Mike Towne said...

As you all know, I have had my personal run ins with Margaret Sharra regarding her actions as Planning Board chairperson.
Don't forget it was Sharra who was responsible for all of the legal fees the town incurred over the Van Dyke hearings too. Nearly $24,000 in expenses defending her actions and that of the her cohorts, Ruth, Hill, Beaman and Blodgett on the Planning Board, that over turned Jack Marshes denial of Van Dyke's application due to numerous violations of town regulations. Sound familiar?
Sharra's meddling was so apparent, that Superior Court judge Tucker, threw out their approval and ordered a re-hearing. But Sharra once again meddled and a lawsuit was eventually filed by abutters and a cease and desist order was ordered by the DES and fines because of numerous wetlands violations. Violations that Sharra, the PB and our Code Enforcement Officer, Leroy Austin constantly turned their heads on and allowed.
I filled out the proper paperwork to volunteer my services to the town and serve on the PB or ZBA and it was Sharra who called me out at the appointment meeting claiming it was I responsible for all of the legal fees in the Van Dyke hearings using her influence to get those same four to vote against appointing me, claiming it was a BOS decision. What a crock.

There is a pattern here going back many years. Why is the BOS allowing it to continue and why do they constantly back the actions of someone so irresponsible with our tax dollars attempting to get whatever she wants, that she costs this town thousands annually. What is really going on with these elected officials and their actions to crucify anyone they don't like personally? Are they really acting in the town's best interest or is something else going on here?

Got to hand it to those people said...

Its amazing how the BOS will do anything to protect Margaret and Dale,but will do anything To discredit Julia, Kim, Brian and now possibly Gary. Wonder if there is going to be a new police chief before to long, can't imagine who that could be.

One of many said...

I too have sued the Planning Board on more than one occasion because of Margaret's twisted ways of applying her "opinion" of regulations when she wants to stick it to you. This town would have been so much better off had she stayed in Connecticut where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

Sharra should be fired, plan and simple.

Anonymous said...

Checking with the Superior Court, the Town of Winchester, PB,ZBA and BOS has been sued 39 times in the past 10 years with the PB under the direction of Margaret Sharra leading the way. This is truly unacceptable and has cost this town way too much money defending the actions of a few bad eggs on these boards. Think of what we could have done with all of that money wasted on legal fees and court costs instead of putting it to good use to benefit us all.

Anonymous said...


Fast friends said...

One would have to wonder why the select board would circle there wagons around a bunch of town employees that most people think could do a much better job. Got to be some perks that I don't know about, or the a-- kissers are just that good. We will be watching the possibility of a Police Chief change, should be interesting to see how they pull this off.