Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hiding behind a group

Hiding behind a group

I have been writing letters to The Keene Sentinel for years.

I always sign my letters, so I never considered why you require names from the people who send you letters.
I now understand.

The elections are over, so I have had time to think and ponder this question.

Two days before the election in Winchester, everyone received in the mail what looked like a real group calling themselves “C.A.R.E.”

It sounded like a good and respectable group, not individuals. They were selling taxpayers on spending more money for the school.

It had no other name on it. I now question who would do that and not put their name on it.

It is apparent that they didn’t want anyone to know who put it together.

I’m glad the people of Winchester put it together on their own.

It was put together by individuals at the school who are paid with taxpayer money.

Maybe C.A.R.E. should be Cowards Against Responsible Education.

They are now talking about $500,000 surplus. We won’t see it.

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Honest Dollar Budgets said...

Please keep us informed about the ill dealings within the school system. People like you are needed to keep the information flowing to the voters. Change has been made, but it will take pressure to keep things out front and honest.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has really changed as far as town committees are concerned only they moved the chairs around on the Titanic.

The times, they ain't a changing said...

Actually quite a bit has changed, though the players basically remained the same;
We have no Wetlands Protection any more thanks to Margaret Sharra and the dumb arse voters who fell for her trap. Relying on the DES for enforcement is a joke as they only have 2 employees, both young and easily influenced to cover Cheshire County. She made sure getting around regulations became easier by working with Barton Mayer to do away with the Rules of Procedure ( none which the PB and ZBA boards ever followed anyways ). So now they pretty much have carte' blanche to do whatever they feel like, damn the regulations, and you might not have any recourse in court. She instigated many changes to zoning and subdivision regulations and got her cohorts on the boards to vote them in; mostly 4-3 decisions every time. Two members of the ZBA that saw what was coming resigned and were replaced by hand picked people chosen by the BOS to ensure upcoming decisions.
This town has been deprived of due process now and things have been made easier for the Van Dykes and Mitchells to come in the future, Winchester will find itself going to court time and time again to defend the actions of a few, in it only for themselves. As in the Pasqarelli decision, certain people will be allowed to skirt regulations as long as they go along to get along and support the group in charge now.
If you thought Winchester was the laughing stock of the County before, wait until the ball gets rolling this year, we'll have our own section in the newspapers and it'll be like a swinging door in the courthouse.

Good Going People said...

A little over 800 voters and most had no idea what the heck they were voting on in many cases, yet they voted anyway. I would have thought by now there would have been a rebuttal to Brian's comments, guess he knows what he is talking about. The hand full of people with total control over our tax money and the way our town is moving in the future, depend on apathy and stupidity, and we never disappoint them.

Anonymous said...

I rarely agre with MR. Moser but on this one he is right. The whole C.AR.E.E. letter was designed by school employees who have been brainwashed by the school board and administration and want to brainwash the taxpayers as well. With the new school board members we have and everyday people paying attention and picking apart the missleading school budget I hope those days are over. We have watched the school budget go up and up but havent seen the test scores do the same so throwing wasted money at it doesnt seem to be the answer.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on the new board members making any kind of difference. We have declining enrollment, class sizes of 10 students and yet no one wants to consider riffing teachers. We are going to be the town that pays teachers and paras for doing nothing just standing around looking good. The budget will not change nor will the administration. Think about that!