Sunday, August 5, 2012

Official quits amid secrecy

Official quits amid secrecy

Silence angers staff who sought probe


Anonymous said...

They should all thank Barton Mayer for getting him the job. Perhaps if our bunch of cronies had done their job long ago, fired Mayer and got an honest legal rep for the town, Stetser would have been prosecuted here and never gotten the job in Hillsboro. This is what happens when you turn a blind eye towards a problem and pass it on to someone else. Shame on our BOS for their inaction and the results of their bad decision to let him slide here.

Just Say'n said...

Heck, maybe Bart should bring John back to Winchester, to bad to waist a talent that can bleed the taxpayers like he can. They will probably go on vacation together, then decide which town they want to fleece next.

Anonymous said...

Yes, three of our current selectmen were Stetser's strongest stooges. One of them routinely went to board meetings to talk about how "mr. John Stetser" was doing a wonderful job for the town (giving her raises) and ripping into Moser and Newell with a bunch of repeated lies.

Looks like he's learned to use the employee protection laws to hide his incompetence, deceit and abusive treatment of others. Probably never held a job for more than the 3-4 years it can take to get rid of a bad employee. Unfortunately, law prohibits bad references or a government employer from openly discussing an employee's shortcomings without risking a law suit and paying big damages -- even if the incompetence or misconduct can be proven.

People who make laws will always cover the rears of government employees.

Don't Tread on Me said...

Any town official should NOT be able to keep any record sealed, there is no national security issue or town security issue here, everything should be totally open and transparent. They also should be held liable AND have to pay for the legal defense IF they knowingly (or should have known it was wrong) did something wrong.