Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneaky moves in Winchester

The only part of the doughnut the folks of Winchester will get is the hole. It appears that four members of the Winchester Planning Board are absolutely intolerant of any mistakes.
When one member immediately acknowledged that he had mistakenly voted (probably because of the horrendous audio conditions in the town hall) and asked to change his vote, he was denied. At the following meeting, there was a motion to reconsider the motion in question to allow him to record his vote as he intended.
The member was not at this meeting due to emergency surgery.
An alternate was asked to sit in his place at this meeting. The motion for reconsideration was made, which would have allowed that member to record his vote, along with all other members, at the next meeting he would attend.
There are four members who saw to it that this would never happen.
While some may wonder if the four members who voted against reconsideration was self serving, either for themselves personally or for a friend, the fact remains that our taxes may now reflect an increase to pay unnecessary legal expenses and our revenues will not increase by the taxes generated had the project been approved, not to mention the 10 lost jobs.
Just some food for thought the next time your are in the voting booth.
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Anonymous said...

Excuse me Mr. Hill it is my understanding that reconsideration must be done at the time of the meeting and further more it can not be brought up by the party that wants the approval. Mr. Piffard and Mr. Salema have no business in this aspect of the meeting as they do not reside in Winchester. Perhaps if they wish to have donuts in town they might consider just the donut shop. The planning board was correct someone would get killed and then where would we be. Oh, the question was raised about kickbacks on this project and I am wondering the same thing. You can only ask for reconsideration if you are a member of the board or a voter in the town. Some of us were not born yesterday! So perhaps Margaret has an answer to this or her surrogate Mr. Beaman.

Mike Towne said...

Oh Larry, ye of short memory and alternative motives, why not tell the whole story truthfully?

First of all, it was you, who after receiving some paperwork from the chair, Dean Beaman, that attempted to make a motion on Mr. Doherty's behalf to reconsider his vote. The excuse was the acoustics in the building are so bad, that even though the other members present along with the audience and representatives for DDs all had no problems hearing and understanding what was going on, he didn't. HOGWASH!
The real excuse was that he is so used to saying yes all the time and going along with you and Ruth and Beaman, that he screwed up this time and wanted to do it over. Too bad.

Secondly there is no provision for a reconsideration of a person's vote, end of discussion. If you don't know this then you should not be sitting on a board that makes important decisions.
Reconsideration is an important part of the process and must be based on new and compelling evidence and facts, not because some person wants to change his/her vote.

Lastly, you, Sharra, Beaman and Ruth denied me a court ordered reconsideration, by District Court Judge, Tucker, in regards to hearings in the Van Dyke matter. He cited Sharra was guilty of having exparte' communications outside of meetings all during the hearings. I had just gotten out of rotator cuff surgery, was in an aqua cast and could not attend the meeting and though I asked for a continuance so I could be heard and present my facts, both in writing and by phone call I was denied my due process. This was fine with you, as it was you, Beaman, Ruth and Princess Blodgett who voted no to having a continuance and then voted no to my request without me being present. That was fair and just wasn't it Larry? You did the exact same thing to Cope Homan and Mary Ryan and I'm sure several others. It seems you only get upset when you don't get your own way. You and the rest of your twisted friends on that board are why taxes reflect an increase to pay unnecessary legal expenses, time and time again. What's the count now, 30 something lawsuits since you and others I mentioned have been sitting members of that board? Stop whining Larry, what goes around comes around.

Seriously? said...

Larry - How does one change your vote if you aren't at the meeting?

And was your motion really worded to allow him that opportunity?

If you have a hard time hearing, perhaps you should consider quiting!

Anonymous said...

Larry, you sitting in judgement on government ethics is funnier than a pig on a pogo stick. You've been around a long time, all the while pushing for what's good for you. Some of us haven't forgotten your push for 4 lanes over Manning Hill to help your business. Your metaphorical(?) love affair with Maggie has been evident for decades.

Anonymous said...

We'll remember your comments Larry and what a hypocrite you are next time we vote. Hopefully if you have any sense your name won't be on the ballot.It's time we replaced self-serving people with some who actually care about the rest of us.
How's that for food for thought?

egg on your face said...

Ten jobs? who are you trying to kid? The operation at the Citgo station at Base Hill road is bigger and there is never more than 3 people on duty there all day long. Get real Larry, we're not as stupid as you think.

what a fool. said...

Speaking of sneaky moves, what did you do Larry make yourself a deal to get some work having all of those conversations outside of a meeting? How dumb can you be to admit breaking the law and act so smug about it. Is that why you refused to vote Larry, hoping this gets overturned in court and they see what a good little boy you are. Shame on you for thinking of yourself first.

To old to be a fooL! said...

Thank you Mrs. Hill, for writing the letter to the editor for Larry. This letter to the editor revealing his Hippocratic ways to everyone, because Larry is not sharp enough to write any letter. See Larry is one of the inner circle of friends in this town, the ones who do dealings among themselves. Someone should ask Larry about digging loads sand out of the wet lands on Harrison's property off Piney Woods Road along the brook. Talk about preserving the wet lands while digging and helping himself to some extra cash. How can you sit on a board and rule against others Larry? No wonder you always voted with Van Dyke and Sharra. Sharra is one of the circle of friends. What did the developers promise you in exchange Larry?

Larry is this what it is all about Money? Aren’t you a Bible tooting believer? That’s what you want us to believe isn’t it? No you’re a charlatan! Working with Sharra to bend the rules to make it easier when you begin your little development on the Parrish Road behind your house. Fighting Mike Nesbitt when he tried to finish the development which you finally took control of after exhausting Nesbitt’s funds.

Yes Larry you are a Hippocratic!

Oh! How do I know about the circle of friends in Winchester, well I was a building contractor, a member of the circle of friends until I was kicked out because of Larry Hill! The truth is I didn’t know I was one of them until I was threatened.

Anonymous said...


Don't you know how Winchester works? They lure in honest people into some shady deal while pretending to be on the up and up. They do things like losing checks paid to the town by the new " sucker" who yhen looks like he got a freebie. If they are successful, they have one more person who will keep their mouth shut because they too have been unknowingly compromised. Blackmail is a powerful tool.

Some join willingly, happy to get their little cut. Others get sucked in because they trust the town movers and shakers. Then they find themselves in an illegal deal they never anticipated.

The best thing is to never have any business dealings with the town.

so disgusted said...

You don't have to look any further than the boards and committees of this town. They are made up of 99% of the members of the inner circle except the few who keep getting mentioned for standing up for what's right.The BOS has hand picked just about every one and the elected candidates are the same old folks living off the town as they have been for years. Open your eyes and ears people, this town is going nowhere fast.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you get to vote again Mr. Hill. Perhaps this time you will do what Ms. Sharra and Mr. Beaman say. I hope that you still lose. I just wonder what the bottom line number is.

Anonymous said...

Looks like its all coming back, check out today's sentinel 9/10. Maybe Mr. Hill will have time to get his act together. plenty of time to call Sharra and Beaman for instructions.