Friday, September 28, 2012


That's the total sum of back taxes owed to the town ( us ) for the year 2012. There's been a lot of chatter around town and here on the blog about getting businesses to come here and ad to the tax base. Well it may surprise you to know that quite a few of these delinquent taxpayers are businesses and others are town employees and board members. $600 hundred thousand this year, around $500 thousand last year and when December's bill comes out that total is only going to climb higher. While bringing business to Winchester is important, getting them to pay their fair share in taxes is more important. Our Selectmen seem to be very selective on whom they chase to recover back payments too, thus adding to the problem.

A list of all the people and businesses that owe back taxes can be found by doing a search on the Town of Winchester's web site using this link ..

It may surprise you to see which businesses shirk their responsibilities and add to our burden.


it is your tax dollars said...

It is that time of the year again where John Gomarlo sits at the dump collecting dump fees. Wait John Gomarlo's job and pay line was zero-ed out of the town budget along with Margaret Sharra.. Hummm it seems the budget committee is somewhere between useless and a waste of time when it comes to the cronies entitlement. With so many people who can not pay their taxes and loosing their homes and the budget committee tries to cut some town employees salaries to save the homes of the citizens, the elected officials do not give a rat’s @ss about any of you. You voted these careless about you, mindless dumb-shits into office live with it. Stupid is, what stupid does!

Anonymous said...

How it works.
The B.C. only sets the over all budget. If they cut a budget they can suggest where the cuts come from and lines to zero out but they only control the over all budget.
In Mr. Gamarlos case the B.C. subtracted his salary from the budget, but at the end of the day the department can keep John and find his pay from other lines.

But over all the budget was still cut. The department just has to move money from other lines to cover his salary.

So if your looking for the B.C. to cut budgets and save you money,they did.
If your looking for the B.C. to dictate who keeps their job or not, no they cant do that.

Anonymous said...

And that is one of the reasons department budgets are so bloated, they all watch out for each other and make sure they keep their jobs no matter what. It's all about them and making sure they continue to live high on the hog unlike the rest of us. Screw the people they work for as long as they have a job with benefits they don't have to pay for. It's too bad that so many of these unnecessary positions in town are appointed otherwise we could vote them out and start to bring our tax rate down.

it is your tax dollars said...

My point is, why set for hours on a BC board hashing over tax dollars expenditures attempting to make sure there is no waste to the tax payers when dept head sit their with their sense of entitlement falsely inflated budgets intentionally knowing by inflating their budgets to support their agenda whether it be a special project or supporting the cronies like John Gomarlo and Margaret Sharra and her legal fees. Gomarlo get SS Income, a pension from the town now wages. That my friends is double dipping! Take your tax dollars and hand tens of thousands of tax dollars to incompetent people who careless about you or me or how your tax dollars are wasted.

Take for instance Dale Gray’s inflating his budget by some $50,000 each year to cover his stupidity of damaging to our town owned equipment like by placing a stump so big it broke the dump body or taking the rear end out of the one ton truck by taking a short cut to his girl friends house over a class 6 road he had no buisness being on or damaged in the thousands of tax dollars towing the town’s grader back to the garage when he should have known it can not be towed or taking the town’s one ton with the frame so rust Dale stated he could place his finger through the frame, then was seen over loading the truck so full of sand it was falling over the sides, just to make sure his entitled to a new truck at $84,000 tax payer dollars was ensured.

You tax payers pay no attention to advice from the BC or give serious attention to a warning or advice or take it into account of the BC budget advise when voting, or give enough concern to set their joint or beer can down to get off your a$$es to vote. Not enough concern about their tax bills will be the folly of this town. I can afford and wouldn’t mind paying higher taxes to support elected officials and town employees if it wasn’t so damn wrong wastful knowingly their are laughing at our stupidity.

You elected them now live with it, I am not!

Anonymous said...

Cut and pasted this from another topic I think this may answer your questions about high taxes and Budget committees.

Some people feel the spending and employees are the reason for high tax rates. Why not take a moment and think about the possibility of lack of revenue coming in being the reason for high tax rates.
Trailer park after trailer park Dump's for apartment buildings and more than our fair share of low income housing, Now add in the fact that it seems harder than hell to get a business's to come to town and I think all this adds to a high tax rate.

Anonymous said...

Sure blame everything on low income housing and trailer parks ( 2-3? ) and not the real reason .. NO ACCOUNTABILITY .. corrupt town officials and slackers who don't pay. Get off your self serving soap box and open your eyes. This has been a problem ever since certain people from Conn. showed up here and got themselves into town government.

it is your tax dollars said...

It isn't the low income or mobile home owners that is the blame (unless they will not vote. Yes! Many mobile home owners do vote. The problem is business revenue and low rent of declining property values of a town starting the big spiraling down the great commode in the abyss. It has been proven especially in Washington, more tax income equals more spending, it’s like giving dope to a crack head. These incompetent SOBs running this town would just spend more and more. To hire more cronies to watch over us while taking us to court using our own tax dollars against us.

Here is just another example how stupid people are .in this town.…... It is true we spend 3 times what other nearby towns spend on welfare. Our liberal welfare office headed by Peg Tatro hands out money like candy and word is out, Winchester has become a magnet for welfare hand-outs. With low rent and hand -outs how can they miss moving in. Some people need help but most do not want to work and a free ride by a liberal town you got it.... Winchester, NH! That is $90,000 of your tax dollars more than Hinsdale and Swanzey. If we had more tax income it would be $140,000 more. How many homes in town does it take to come up with $90,000?

You wonder where your tax dollars go. Stupid is as stupid does..

Anonymous said...

The purpose of this post is to hold the businesses that do exist, accountable for all the money they owe the town in taxes..... ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Ignorance and denial serves no use or offers any answers.
Just go ahead and keep thinking the entire problem is money going out and not money coming in.
People like you are why things will never get better.

it is your tax dollars said...

REf: about annoy the purpose of he post…… Yes the tread was about unpaid taxes in Winchester.........Maybe we can explain the delinquent unpaid taxes by looking at the spending. If the tax rate was less people. Could it help home owners keep up with their taxes and keep them in their homes? If we kept the $90,000 in welfare we give to outsides and spend it to help our people save their homes or the $50,000 Dale Gray screws us out of or even Margaret Sharra legal fees. How many homes could we save our citizens with $180,000? It wouldn’t help this town to have a more commercial tax base, because the selectmen would just find a way to waste it. We have the forth highest in the state and racing to be numeral uno.

I see Winchester Informer blog site a great tool to make everyone a “Watch Dog” over your tax dollars and we should thank everyone of Informer people. It has stopped the selectmen from doing business a usual.

Do you even want to know where your tax dollars are wasted, “Annoy”? Maybe your one of thm’ th re’ cronies. Maybe you would like to start your own blog for cronies then you can call us stupid.

Remember your brain is a muscle and you need to exercise it! You couldn’t find a better forum to do just that.

Does it matter that Gomarlo is double dipping from the town coffers? Maybe I am the stupid one here, I was taught in accounting class save your pennies and the dollars will save themselve!

Stupid is as stupid does.

For A Better Place said...

Let's not loose sight of the fact that our school system shares the largest portion of the blame. The tax bills are a combination of budgets. The town government could do with a house cleaning too, as the school did this summer. It's too early to claim victory at the school, buy it isn't too early to work at changing the faces at the town hall. The contempt held by many of the taxpayers, should indicate the severity of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 Of 2

Those two statements alone are step number one to this towns problematic history, and unfortunately, most likely it's predictable future as well.
All we ever hear about is mass corruption and wrong doing in winchester. If all is so illegal and corrupt, then why has the State of N.H. Never stepped in?
We have the fourth highest tax rate in the State? That really is a no-brainer. An over abundance of low income & elderly housing, no substantial tax base from business and an over population of tax free drug dealers that won't be stopped. (Police can not violate their civil rights, apparently is their excuse)
We have no business tax base in this town for a shamefully obvious reason. PLIFKA, PERIOD.
If he is not the poster child for “conflict of interest, the term is irrelevant by it's definition. One man dictates the fate of the town, it's financial woe's and it's citizens well being. We have lost a Market Basket and a Dunkin Donuts, that tops the list of dozens, because he wants to defend his own riches at the expense of an entire town. If that is not corrupt, dishonest and just plain wrong, then what are we bitchin' about? It's gone on for years and will continue if gone unchecked.
That brings me to another point. Plifka, the fourth highest taxes in N.H., The national economy No tax base (PLIFKA) Virtual drug haven etc., and people are complaining about the town's welfare budget? You blame it on the people in need (and some who don't, rightfully) but you don't stop to consider the points of interest that cause the situation. Blame the poor and needy, not the corruption and self serving Hippocrates that force it to the level it is currently at. Hey, if you got ton's of money, or you rely on your inheritance and you act like your a self made hero, then your against it. Take your money away and feel the pain others feel and you will be at the front of the line. People loosing their homes to taxes and poverty is no joke. Any one defending otherwise is well off and people who are well off are often the most greedy, corrupt self serving S.O.B.'S on the planet, bar none. The rich get richer on the backs of the poor who get poorer. Thats “reverse-welfare-engineering” my friend, for lack of a better term and thats a fact. Face it. The problems that plague this town are self inflicted and will continue if all everyone does is sit behind their computer and whine instead of making a stand. There is a term for that. (PEBCAC) 'Problem exists between computer and chair. Make a stand, make a difference, organize a peaceful protest, etc. (Safety in numbers equals exposure to media)

This is only my opinion, so if you want to flame my post, go ahead as it will most likely be from those Which I have struck a nerve, and to those, I apologize for nothing.
Thank You for your time.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2 (To many characters)

I have been reading articles and replies on the Winchester Informer for almost a year now, since it was first introduced to me by a friend.
It never ceases to amaze me that the same 'ol rhetoric just seems to regurgitate week after week, month after month. Always some armchair politician with an opinion, but no real solution or desire to organize a committee that can find a solution to this town's problems.
From these problems comes a reputation. Winchester has an all around lousy reputation for corruption in both the local governing body and police department which are at the top of the list of many other problems. If the town hall was filled with as many enthusiastic and passionate citizens as this forum attracts, that would be a start. Everyone has an opinion, bring it to the people in charge and bring it with substance and numbers. (Attendance)

When someone runs for office, the first thing to remember, it is not for the greater good of the people, but for a self serving purpose. Look back through the history of this town and it is evident. Knowing that, look at the prior reputations of virtually every current selectman. They have backgrounds that any responsible voter should recognize as unreliable, untrustworthy or otherwise bad for the governing body for the citizens of 'ANY' town.
You vote corruption and dishonesty in, you suffer with it. The problems stem from voters making poor choices in their elected officials. That is a citizen based mistake, point blank. A wise man once said: “If you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, it is a sign of insanity” Another is: “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got”

Anonymous said...

Once again the blog has raised the issue of competent people in a position of authority. It is our fiduciary responsibility to elect citizens that will represent us fairly. I suggest that this year we finally elect people that have the town's best interest at heart. We need to stop whining and go to the polls. That is the only way that we will change the town.

Anonymous said...

It is your fiduciary responsibility to shut up. don't tell me what I am supposed to do. Sanctimonious idiot.

Anonymous said...

Back to the subject of the original post...In this poor economy, it is understandable why any citizen or business owner is having trouble paying taxes. When hardship abounds we should make every effort to be kind and understanding to each other. I have found, in my lifetime, that it can always get worse, sometimes in ways that you could never have previously imagined. Now is the time to not place blame, but to do the best you can with what you have been dealt. Consider trying to effect change by speaking up and making constructive suggestions.

it is your tax dollars! said...

Now people want to talk about change when you had missed opportunities for change at the voting booth, instead you voted in favor of the status quo for the past 6 years. Where were you when the people stuck their necks out and needed your backing when the selectmen ran dishonest elections, the opposition to the selectmen had their signs tore down and their names smeared?

Missed opportunities that may never come around again when you had good honest people trying to defeat the selectmen with little or not enough support from people like you. Some people lost the election for selectmen by as little as 25 votes. To sum it up your to little to late.