Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fight the Winchester wall

Fight the Winchester wall
When Ronald Reagan told the USSR to “take down that wall,” I don’t think anyone thought he meant to move it to New Hampshire (Winchester).
Maybe the actual wall isn’t here, but it’s close to that. The selectmen have tried to close the gates against the people’s voices.
As taxpayers and citizens, you can no longer go to a selectmen’s meeting and ask a simple question. You must put your question in writing and submit it to them for review. Then they will decide if they will let you speak at a meeting. They will “let you know” ... Sometime.
It gets better than that!
In towns like Winchester, the town pays a set membership fee to the Local Government Center. The center offers a variety of services, including group insurance plans. But mostly it provides legal advice to help all town officials obey the laws, which are very complicated and confusing.
The legal service has always been used by any member of any town board, commission or standing committee, to ask questions about RSAs, and also the proper operation of town government.
Now the selectmen have decided that only the selectmen can call or email the center. All the questions have to be screened through them.
This means we are paying for a service they are trying to stop us from using. What don’t they want other elected and appointed officials to know?
How many boards and committees will get in trouble now that they can no longer get quick answers to sticky procedural problems?
Can you say, “Bring on the lawsuits”?
If you think this is going to make things better, it won’t.
If you don’t care about higher taxes, wasted tax dollars, and special treatment for the obedient lackeys, stop reading.
“We the People” means we are supposed to get what we choose. Selectmen are not supposed to be the bosses of other elected officials.
The people know where I stand and what I believe. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?
If we let the selectmen do whatever they want, we might just as well put a wall around the town, cut our phone and Internet lines and do what we’re told to, like obedient little subjects of our self appointed dictators.
Not me.
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taking a stand said...

The only question I have for them is:

"when are they all going to resign, leave town and take their cronies with them so we can have a better town"?

They have now passed the point of no return, have shown their cards and have nothing left. It's time we, all of us with common sense, send them packing.

Anonymous said...

Winchester is considered a "cash cow" to all attorneys. They just hope that they are the lucky ones to land a case. Our Town's Attorney would not consider advising otherwise - because he knows that if they continue with this repressive behavior he is only going to profit more money.

No rebuttal? said...

Brian must have hit the nail on the head.

I know Larry well said...

Larry won't come here and comment, but you can be sure he's reading all of this. He's quite the hypocrite and hides behind his bible while doing things he knows are wrong but puts money in his pocket. He's a big part of the problem on that planning board.