Friday, January 22, 2016

Board of Selectmen Minutes 01/13/2016

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feel betrayed said...

Nothing like sticking your finger in the eye of the voters that supported you in the last election, Ken. If you need to resign, just do it, don't let yourself be manipulated, and intimated by the people that voted for you, would like to replace.

Anonymous said...

After reading the selectmen minutes I came to the concussion, You the tax payers are screwed! Another $39,000 job plus hidden mileage at the town hall. We vote people like Kevan Whippie, Sherman Tedford out of office then they pop up and are appointed to boards that will vote to support their friends. Like Cristy Davis Sharra's best friend, now you have family and friends on boards. I think I'm not going to vote again in the town.Either clean the cesspool at the town hall or live with it as you have. You keep electing these Bozos!

Anonymous said...

The town by-laws are placed on the warrants articles like plowing across the road, fences around dumpsters, outside storage or as what the town hall calls clutter around your homes, burning brush without a permit and rental inspections are only geared to control and discipline the people the town hall wants to get even with. Speak up and they will prosecute using your own town tax dollars to do so.

Never was it more apparent that these by-laws mean absolutely nothing and can be beaten in court are simply used to try to squash the opponents voices, they do it brazenly, and they do it willy-nilly, and they laugh at us, and they lie to us.