Friday, January 29, 2016

Board of Selectmen Minutes 01/20/16

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Integrity, we will see said...

With Mr. Berthiaume resigning later, on the advice of a couple of his fellow board members, now we get to appoint. The town of Winchester has always appointed the next candidate on the ballot and I hope they have the integrity to follow the same unwritten rules.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please address this issue-Is the village missing their idiot and who is going to apply for the job? Enough make up your mind and move on.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny the honeymoon between Dale and Barry Bordner must be over. Wasn't that long ago Dale was plowing Bordnor's class 6 road, then with the town's trucks hauled load after load of gravel to fix his class 6 road. HUMMMMM Barry must be outside of the town circle friends at the town hall.