Friday, December 30, 2011

Cracks in the "Blue Wall" Another fine mess in Winchester.

Sent in for publication on the blog ...

What was it that someone said about no press in your little town?  

Where is your Police Chief? Could he be on administrative leave? Was he suspended until Jan 6th 2012?
What did he do to have the Winchester BOS, particularly Sherm Tedford and Ken Gardner, warrant a suspension? Why was this hushed up and not relayed to the public? 

Did you all know Officer Parker filed a sexual harassment complaint against the Police Department and  ex-Sergeant Nate Jette who "showed his junk" to Parker last summer while they were in the Sergeant's office, shortly before she went to the academy, ... Yes, he deliberately unzipped his pants pulled out his junk and adjusted it (if you know what I mean ) while she was sitting in a chair opposite of him at the station. This came straight from Officer Parker. The town of Winchester has been given legal notice and has to respond to the complaint.

Also folks, Officer Ziegler is on administrative leave and is not happy with  Lieutenant Roberts who is messing with Ziegler's schedule. Could it be that Ziegler may be looking at transferring to the Keene PD or Swanzey PD as well ?

And Officer Cameron is on Swanzey's list to be hired and he also has a job offer from Hinsdale's PD. Hmmm.

Could it be that Roberts and officer Fisher have been funneling info to the BOS about Chief Phillips, going behind his back and undermining his command?

Go back a couple of years and do a chronology of the issues and you will find it all started when Chris Roberts was hired. You all have to look closely at Roberts.."where there is smoke...there is fire " and Roberts is holding the box of matches and a gallon of gasoline. Sounds like Hinsdale all over again.

Oh yeah, rumor has it that Kenny Smith isn't exactly a happy camper either. Wonder why?

Talk about a dysfunctional group .. who's watching the hen house ?



Don't suppose Sherm and Ken are trying to piss Phillips off so he will retire, and maybe that would leave an opening for there buddy Theresa.

Anonymous said...

Why did the chief get suspended does anybody know the real story about what happened? How does the selectmen suspend a chief of police what's really going on ?

Anonymous said...

It would be great if we could see some proof or documents about any of this. I myself do not trust our PD but I have been misled by rumours before. Is there anyone who can gives us some real facts or documentation, If these statements are true I would love to see these people go down but it wont happen with just rumours on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Phillips is suspended and so isn't Ziegler, go ask yourself.
You could also get up from behind your keyboard and go ask Jackie Parker if she has filed a lawsuit. Don't ask any of the selectmen or their lying counterpart Joan Morell, you won't get any straight answers there.

Anonymous said...

What in God's name is wrong with this town? Why does Winchester have so many darn problems with the people in authority here?

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise surprise……..

Why is it, in the world outside of Winchester, that people can get access to information about their appointed and elected officials unimpeded?

Why is everything in Winchester always top secret? We hear of criminal and internal investigations going on regarding other town police and officials and we even know what it’s about. Not in Winchester.

Look at the national news, Good Morning America, AP wire etc, police officers go on administrative leave for a variety of reasons every single day. The public is given easy access information about the investigation if there is one.

Not all cops are good. The public has a right to know when they do something that may prove to be questionable and on the flip side a cop has a right to clear his name.

It’s the selectmen and the town officials who have decided we shouldn’t have this information. It’s not the law that’s stops us from getting it.

The selectmen have their own agendas and they don’t want us to know, that it why it is kept from us.

Had they been upfront about this police department when the problems first arose and let us know what was really going this lawsuit would probably not have been filed because Jette would have long been gone, before he had an opportunity to commit more crimes.

In Town Hall, they horde the information as if no one has a right to know. Or do they horde the information to cover their tracks?

A bunch of people have been talking about an Occupy Winchester gathering at future town meetings. The time is right.

Just days ago the WPD released information about an incident that happened weeks ago and involved an elected official, the fire chief, in another town, picture and all that left the reader knowing precisely what had transpired.

If Winchester can have press releases, involving other towns elected officials, why don’t they have press releases explaining to us the repulsive behavior of their own?

One thing that is certain is that Phillips and his police department started going downhill as soon as he hired on a Hinsdale Police Officer flunky, Chris Roberts.

The two cohorts have been protecting and conspiring with each other ever since.

They have tried to cover their tracks while doing so, but instead they have left a detailed trail of who, when, where and why.

Like reading a good detective novel, we are finding out close to the end that all trails point back to Roberts. Roberts is leaving a path of destruction behind him like this Town has never seen before.

Phillips new Jette was a problem and was just about to fire him when Roberts walked through the door, got hired and was very instrumental in ensuring he stayed on as police officer in Winchester, conspiring with Phillips to utilize him for their schemes because he was so easily manipulated.

Nate Jette was the cop Phillips and Roberts protected time and again, over and over, even when confronted with undeniable proof, that Jette was a rogue cop. Following a woman through several towns to confront her, purposely and knowingly falsifying evidence and documents, stealing from the town.

Now, maybe with these lawsuits it looks the real finger pointing will start and the real stories will be told. It’s sad that Jackie Parker and other innocent people had to be in the middle of this.

Happy New Year to All…………….

blast from the past!!! :) said...

To the moron who wants proof: ! Richmond Road, Winchester, NH or at the corner of Main St and Parker Street,or across from the Church on Parker street in the brick building next to the gazebo which is nest to the town library you will find the police department where Officer Jackie Parker is employed who has openly talked about what happened to her Yep... ain't nuthin better than that there truth coming d-i-i-i-rectly from that there horse's (Jackie Parker) mouth for some good ole honest to goodness fact and truth. Get the message there fella??? Hope that clears up the confusion for ya ;)

Now, onto some common sense verbiage!

Theresa Sepe your next chief??? Good luck folks. You all need to watch the movie "The Glass Shield". It is a true story about a corrupt police dept in California in the early eighties. They were ultimately shut down by the U.S. Marchall's Office and several officers were fired and some were sent to prison.
Think long and hard before you hire re-runs for officers and for your next chief of police. Take all the applicants for the chief position and do a complete comprehensive background on all of them. This will afford the hiring board to see the truth about Sepe's past and Roberts shady work history and "gag order" at Hinsdale. A STRONG WORD OF ADVICE FOLKS: Your next hiring board should consist of participants from other parts of the state not affiliated with Cheshire County and by all means do not let Tedford, Gardner or the other bozos on the BOS be part of the hiring process. Remember that Sepe left abruptly and there was no visit from Todd "The God" Faulkner to the Winchester PD when he did Sepe's background investigation. He should have distanced himself from her background like other PROFESSIONAL larger agencies do in order to keep the investigation from being tainted with bias. If he did the ethical thing he most likely would not have hired Sepe because of what is in her past. Whom ever you select for your next chief exhaust the vetting process on each applicant. It isn't about who likes who or who your buddy is,it's about getting a quality applicant with solid morals and ethics who is above the good ole boy syndrome. Anything less would be a waste of time and money and deserving for the town. You get what you pay for.

What the ----? said...

This would explain why Phillips looks so disheveled and why he’s driving around in his truck. Never ending. When is enough going to be enough with these people? If he had any decency he’d step down and they’d start looking for a real Chief. Get someone in there who has passion for the job, not a kiss ass to the selectmen.

Anonymous said...

Another black eye for this town, what else is going on that we don't know about?

Anonymous said...

This is completely unacceptable, how do we get the county attorney involved in this mess?

Anonymous said...

On one hand, the alleged felony by a couple of hwy guys on piney woods road, that was covered up, and on the other hand, the overkill on the DWI from the fire chief from Hinsdale. We need to totally clean house.

blast from the past said...

The Piney Woods incident was investigated by Officer Breau and he noted in his report that Winchester highway dept workers, Corliss and Clough took evidence from a crime scene ( ie, the contents of a safe ) and tampered with evidence and that they also took a tow chain from Paul McCombs that he had left tucked away at the scene until he returned a few mins later with additional equipment only to find his chain missing. At which point Officer Breau called Maryann Platz to contact the highway dept who admitted they took the chain. This was another criminal offense committed twice in the same day. Corlis and Clough returned to the scene after Paul and Breau left to get additional equipment and they, Clough and Corliss threw the evidence they took out the window of a highway department truck over the embankment, which was discovered by Paul and Breau when they returned. Breau immediately photographed the evidence and submitted said photos with his report. The crimes committed by Clough and Corliss are felonies with a statute of limitations of 6 & 7years. Clearly they used town property town work truck... to commit their crimes. Therefore they, at the very least, violated town policy and can be terminated for their actions. Pull the report, review it, do an inquiry and fire the town employees. Its that simple folks. Also, keep in mind that Sherman Tedford a retired police officer and YOUR Selectman was aware of the laws that were violated and he failed to serve his community by taking punitive action against YOUR TRUSTED & HONEST town employees of the highway dept. In the report you will see that Officer Breau met with Clough at the Highway Department Garage and took into evidence a pair of bolt cutters used to open the safe in the creek at Piney Woods. Again, Clough committed another felony by taking the cutters from a crime scene which he admitted to taking and he had the balls to ask if he could have the cutters after they were released. Its all in the report (the same report the US Postal Inspector has and used to make an arrest) folks, all the documentation you need to fire your town employees. All you have to do folks is move forward with this evidence(the police report). That is if it is still available.

Anonymous said...

Everything in this town gets covered up, we have the county's best liars at work here.

Anonymous said...

I’d have to disagree. No disrespect, just another opinion.

My take. Not necessarily the best liars. Good liars cover their tracks. They don’t get caught. Bad liars, leave a trail that takes you right back to the first lie. Up until now they’ve just been lucky and had a knack for being able to use smoke and mirrors to wriggle and worm their way out of their jams. Abusing their power along the way. Following the trail they have left leads one right back to, not only the very first lie they tried to cover up, it shines a light on how much deeper the hole is that they have dug for themselves and when you look deep into that hole, you can see where they now stand, quivering, shaking, unprotected and cursing because they are not men enough to accept defeat. From everything I hear and read they’ve been caught. It’s just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall tomorrow morning when they all log into the blog to read the latest comments and subjects posted. Of course we all know the quote official word unquote will be it's all lies and innuendos and none of this stuff ever happened.

Got It Made said...

Sorry but the 2nd is a holiday, another 3 day week for the town hall crew. Life is good in Winchester, enjoy going to your job on Monday.

Anonymous said...

What did the Chief do? someone must know. If he really is on suspension it must have been something serious.

Anonymous said...

Want information? Go request this information down at town hall. Research this blog for plenty of information and documents. It certainly appears that none of this would be happening if Phillips and Roberts hadn’t defended Jette and instead fired his ass when Reppucci and Breau were giving them plenty of proof enough to do so. Information about Jette crossing several town lines, while off duty in his own private vehicle, to stop a female driving home from work. There can only be two logical reasons he would do this: he was either harassing her or stalking her. Neither scenario acceptable behavior that should have been tolerated or excuses made for as Phillips did. Then there was his admitted theft of town property. Then Jette’s falsifying evidence and a police report which Phillips and Roberts didn’t feel warranted any action or discipline and there is much more. But then the two jokers making these decisions were the same jokers that lied in the investigations conducted by the AG’s office. The AG'S found them in violaion of the rules and bylaws of the police association and that they illegally had someone’s name removed as a signer on the associations bank account, AFTER giving the bank bogus and fraudulent documentation. Phillips and Roberts were forced to step down from their positions in the association because of it. That’s what the AG’s office ruling was and what they demanded of them – resign your positions immediately . They were lucky they got away that easy. Once the AG’s office found they illegally circumvented the bylaws by fabricating evidence, they could have gone after them criminally. Maybe they still will once they see that Phillips and Roberts didn’t just make a bad judgment call but instead deliberately and with intention lied to mislead during the AG’s investigation just to cover their own tracks.

One thing is for certain – Phillips and Roberts are 100% responsible for the outcome in this police department. They can no longer blame others. Phillips and Roberts are 100% responsible for their bad decisions, corrupt policy, cover-ups and cronyism.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing it has something to do with the DWI by the Hinsdale fire chief and the way Winchesters PD made it statewide news. It is suspicious that with most likely hundreds of DWI's in the last month why did this particular one make headline news? it was all over news 9 and received a lot of special attention. Was our PD behind this for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Had to have been more than the DWI. Takes alot to suspend a Police chief. What a joke it all is! PD,highway, townhall. Police cover each other. Highway does nothing but sit around. Townhall employees do nothing all day. Ever go downstairs? What fun it must be to do nothing all day but goof around! Whos watching them? And highway? What exactly do they do all day? and police? And we pay for it! I would love answers

Anonymous said...

Be careful if you ask to many questions.The select board might give you a letter of trespass just like they did to Mr.Jordan when he asked to many questions.