Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dollar store developer plans land buy in Swanzey

By Abbey Spegman,  Sentinel Staff
SWANZEY — The company that has proposed building two Dollar General stores in the area this year is planning to buy a third piece of land on Route 10.
The Zaremba Group of Cleveland is under contract to buy 1.3 acres of vacant land from Stephen and Joan Pappas of Swanzey Center, Stephen Pappas said in an interview Tuesday.
The land is part of 7 acres the couple owns across Route 10 from Gallery at Knotty Pine Auction Service, owned by their son John Pappas. Stephen Pappas said the company approached the couple several months ago and has already surveyed the land.
The town’s zoning board has not received an application from Zaremba, according to Town Planner Sara Carbonneau.
Last week, the Marlborough zoning board unanimously denied a waiver for Zaremba to build a Dollar General in place of a 150-year-old Main Street home. The board ruled the project would be inconsistent with the “essential character” of the neighborhood.
In Winchester, however, plans are moving forward for the company to tear down a 200-year-old house in the town’s historic district to build a Dollar General.
The zoning board decided unanimously in October that the building can be demolished, overturning the historic district commission’s decision, which denied the project.
A group of property owners asked the zoning board to reconsider its decision last month, but that request was denied.
A representative from Zaremba did not return calls for comment.

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Anonymous said...

The tax payers has spent $4,764.00 of our town tax dollars so far for legal fees to protect the Sharra's interests in developing 71 Main Street. Knowing well the property was in a historical district and against town ordnances. Ordnances Sharra help write. The tax payers has spent about $28,000 defending Sharra on her decision to approve the Van Dyke condo project. The town has spend $5,571.16 to defend her decision to have Kim Gordon removed from the planning board.

Now Sharra received the most votes the last time she ran for office. Sharra could not have received this amount of votes without the help of the teacher, teacher families or the town employee and town employees families and friends.

All this money the town wasted on Ms. Sharra crusade to impress her friends and line her pockets, and all the school employees who received large raises. Just think this money could have been available for the town employees and the school. So you people when employees are cut and teachers are laid off, think back to who you have to blame! YOURSELVES!

Who did you vote for? You will find that the town’s people have no sympathy for you as you get laid off. Enjoy as the other people loose their homes and the rest struggle. No sympathy for people that bully their way at deliberative session.

Anonymous said...

So Winchester morons are so stupid to object to a business that wants to come to town, take down a potential source of more students for our school system, create jobs, and increase tax base.... and Swanzey gets it, and we still have the albatross on Main Street. Who is the winner and loser here? Wake up idiots.... we need more tax base. Get rid of crappy houses and lets get some business. I dont care who owns the house. Get over it.


Scratching my head said...

You forget that the "albatross" is created by the neglect of the owners. By her own admission, Margaret said that she has admired this old house for years.

Everything has a price. What's hers?