Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clarifing theSchool ballot

Article One: 494 Yes; 304 No
The taxpayers will be paying the lesser budget of $10,835,479 (vs $11,554,845.21)

Article Two: 438 No; 353 Yes
The teacher aids will not get a raise this year

Article Three: 391 No; 383 Yes
The School Board can’t give them a raise no matter what

Article Four: 456 No; 306 Yes
This article was “for informational purposes only.”

Article Five: 466 No; 317 Yes
No extra monies for the capital reserves fund for special ed.

Article Six: 489 No; 289 Yes
The Budget Committee remains

Article Seven: 651 Yes; 122 No
We will receive our auditor’s reports

Article Eight: 553 Yes; 199 No
The School Board can transact other business.

Article Nine: 478 Yes; 309 No
There will be a $1 to studying the withdrawal from Keene High School

Article Ten: 399 No; 344 Yes
The Budget Committee will not set the default budget


careful what you wish for said...

Well, Mr. Bigelow, Opinion in the Keene Sentinel last week, You got your wish. Now watch the board take care of business, and if I was one of the newly elected, I would say, Thanks For Your Vote.

Anonymous said...

Yes let's see if they keep their word. As their emails state, no cuts to school staff, programs or paras.

watching said...

They are only two members of the panel, not a majority. Don't expect them to sway over big spenders like Kevan Whippie who should be the next to go, Dassau and the other trough hogs, but it's a good start. We need to be vigilant and not fall for all of the hype coming from teachers and staff and continue our efforts next year and weed out the rest of them. And while we are at it, we need to start on the Town cronies as well, The majority of the people here have suffered too long at the hands of a few who control the town for their own benefits.

Anonymous said...

We have the majority now you must of forgot about Trevor who has been all by himself and next year we ax Kevan the voting will be 3-2 now instead of 1-4

Anonymous said...

Elisha and Rick are moderates and not conservatives. Do not expect them to do wonders.

Colleen Duquette had a conflict of interest and should never had been a school board member with her work as a foster child employee with the state.

Now Kevan Whippie is a different story. The only reason he was elected was name recognition. Whippie is one of the village idiots and will be gone next year. Then maybe we can go forward with the study of building back our High School while returning our town’s dignity and pride.

Anonymous said...

This nonsense of rebuilding our high school can never happen A- we cannot afford it B- getting our high school aged kids out of this town and mixed in with other kids from other towns is our best chance of breaking this vicious ignorant cycle Winchester has been in for generations.

Anonymous said...

Spoken with more than a hint of ignorance! Maybe thinking that way is the cycle we need to break...

Anonymous said...

Careful dear, your arrogance is showing. Sometimes you just can't see the trees through the forest.

Bob Davis said...

REF: mr or ms nonsense

It maybe nonsense to you, but if you look at the BiG Picture! I think it is time to make an attempt to show the Keene’s School District we the citizens of Winchester are not going to be held in bondage or we are not obliged to these people makeing us feel in total indebtedness to their services while taken total advantage of our deplorable situation Winchester school is in.

We are being held captive to help pay for the over priced middle school. If we are viewed by them as exploring other alternates and choices by showing we are dead serious maybe, just maybe they will hold the line on cost.

Anonymous said...

Your right Bob. Keene School District thinks they own Winchester, their attitude shows we have no place to go except keep paying Keene their what ever they like for fees. Your also right about the fact a lot our money we pay Keene's school system goes directly to the Keene’s new middle school.

If we have other choices the Keene school would not be so slaphappy.