Friday, March 2, 2012

Winchester School Board Deliberative Session Minutes 2012

It's a shame that pertinent information and conversations were left out of these minutes so that people could better understand what was going on. Perhaps the School Board's Minutes Policy needs to be amended by warrant next year.

For those of you who were working or to busy to attend, here's the School Board version of what took place on Feb 9th at their Deliberative Session.


got educated said...

Seems Henry has his lines down and is well rehearsed just like last year. And once again, it's Kevan Whippie running his mouth and trying to make everyone believe he's not the fibber we all know he is. We'll know who to vote for this year and next to get this board straightened out and our taxes under control. Thanks for posting this abbreviated and well censored copy allows us to get some insight as to how one-sided these meetings are when people don't take an interest

Today's Sentinel opinion said...

Ignoramus! This describes Mr. Bigelow and his autocratic opinion on Ms. Jackson. To assume that an individual with a college degree and multiple years of experience in the banking industry (including managing a bank for years) as someone not worthy of balancing a school budget or enough cognition to create a scrupulous proposal.

You should be ashamed to show your face around town. Simply appalling - the audacity to make such a ludicrous statement!

Anonymous said...

Seems how his wife is the Vice Principle and making good money its not hard to see why he wants the bigger budget.....Job security!

Anonymous said...

Understand Kevan is sending out his version of why the proposed budget wont work. Another husband trying to keep his wife employed?


IGNORANCE to me is all these "anonymous" comments. If you have something to say about a particular individual you should "man or woman" UP and put your name on here.
I know for a fact that our SAU, School Board and Administration worked tirelessly trying to get a budget that would not hurt our students or our school. I was one of them and I am proud to put my name.....Patricia Kasal......on this document. I am also a taxpayer!
THe smoke and mirrors tactics used by Horton and Jackson at the Deliberative Session will be the prime example of how we shouldn't believe a banker or a man who hasn't proven his qualifications in budgeting. It was a great that most banks use to get you to believe they are the best.
Think about it folks....the first meeting with the budget committee...the were asking the town to help them with our School Boards budget because "they just couldn't make sense of it."
VOTE NO on Warrant Article One or you will have more debt to deal with in June 2013.
SIGNED: Patricia Kasal, Taxpayer Winchester, NH

Mike Towne said...

More threats from the school administration and their cronies. Give us what we want or we'll shove it down your throats next year! What the School Board and Administration did last year, knowingly going way over budget, knowing full well what the ramifications would be for the town and then using the "we didn't know" excuse reeks. For a so-called bunch of well educated people they weren't very smart figuring no one would catch on and then to add insult to injury they attempt to ram an illegal budget through to cover their shortfalls from last year, which by the way is against the law and now issue more threats of higher taxation next year, probably by attempting to do the same again. All of this under the guise of educating our children.
I call your bluff and am voting for article #1 and encourage others to do the same. I also encourage the Budget Committee to go through with filing their lawsuit against the School Board so they may be prosecuted for what they have done.

Signed: Mike Towne, Winchester taxpayer and veteran on disability.
( satisfied Patricia ? )

Anonymous said...

Yep, checked my mail today and had a over-sized letter on card stock miss informing me on the school ballot. A-where did they get the money for this expensive mailing.
B-seems the facts were way off.
they keep talking about laying off teachers and such but never mentioned about trimming the bloated administration part. and I thought ACCESS was grant funded and parents who use it pay for it. Does the school money support this program?
If the school board chooses to cut teachers and not administration that is there own choice not the budget committees or taxpayers choice but the school board.

Anonymous said...

We all know how well banks are managed. Look at all of them that neededthe money to be bailed out from the government for being so poorly mismanaged.

Anonymous said...

Thought this was a discussion on the school, not banks. here we go again with the misdirection and misinformation comments.

Sick of Leftovers said...

My post office box had more school propaganda too. I wonder how many taxpayer hours were spent putting that iformation together? Would imagine that the administration had their fingers in it at some level. One by one, perhaps the votes will add up enough to make a change. A new meal on the menu would be a pleasant break from the same old fare.

Another YES vote said...

Its funny how the school board and the town hall have cut there budgets to the bone, but they seem to come up with money to let us know how we should vote.

Anonymous said...


Communicate how to raise our taxes.

Assist in bankrupting the town.

Research ways to manipulate the thoughts of tax payers.

Educate the people that will listen about their own views....

Is it ironic that the same day CARE informs us how to increase our taxes the notices of property delinquency is also mailed?

Catch 22 for Bigelow and Kasal.... lower your taxes... maybe lose income....increase taxes keep your job and effectively take a small pay cuts after paying a higher tax bill.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Patricia Kasal for pointing out that most of our SAU is currently Part time.

Part Time Superintendent
Part Time SPED Director
Part Time Business Manager

Now lets pay them like they are part time!