Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Ballot Results

Total Voters:

Voting Results

Treasurer - Brian Moser

School Board
Elisha Jackson  409
Richard Horton  337
Collen Duquette  208
Jacqueline Beaman  148
Bill McGrath  147
Jason Cardinale  110

Article One:  494 Yes
                    304 No

Article Two:  438 No
                     353 Yes

Article Three:  391 No
                       383 Yes

Article Four:  456 No
                      306 Yes

Article Five:  466 No
                      317 Yes

Article Six:  489  No
                   289 Yes

Article Seven:  651 Yes
                      122 No

Article Eight: 553 Yes
                    199 No

Article Nine:  478 Yes
                     309 No

Article Ten:  399 No
                    344 Yes


Anonymous said...

The tide has turned. Let the administration try their tactics now. 3-2 votes the opposite way, great choice voters. It's about time.

It's About Time ! said...

Rejoice!!! The people have spoken, and it was loud. The deaf ears at the school had better get hearing aids. An attitude adjustment is in order.

Brainwashed! said...

I heard a teacher's aid claiming that that the children will now have to collect the trash, the heat will be turned down, sports cancelled and the lights turned off. The sad news - she really believes this garbage!

The truth is - she still has a job (unlike a lot of her neighbors) with no raise (like the rest of her neighbors).

Start from the TOP said...

Would not want to be one of the top heavy executive jobs, because if there are cuts ,that's where they will come from.

caught with there pants down said...

As School District Treasurer, Brian Moser will be able to see where all the money is wasted.

Anonymous said...

Hope he can abide by the confidentiality rules.

Anonymous said...

Their not there.

Anonymous said...

Confidentiality rules when they use public monies, I don't think so. It's one thing to divulge information on an employee or a student, but how the board spends OUR money is fair game and is even shown in their ( school board's ) budget proposal. So March 14th @ 8:34pm, you have no clue what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well, Well, Well, word is the school board and the SAU had lots of money that they aren't showing anyone. Voters finely did something smart.

Anonymous said...

What is your source? It is all hearsay at this point.