Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Town Election Results

814 voters

528 Ken Gardner
      481 Sherman Tedford

Checklist: Denis Murphy II

 Kenneth Harvey 382
 Chris Thompson 163
William Kelly Jr 140

 Harvey Sieran

Conant Library:
 Alice Picard 539
    Jane Sheeran 509
     Janet Mantelo 498

Conant 1-year:
Erica Benson 55

Thayer 3 year:
Julia Ferrari 510
      Harriet Charland 492

Thayer 1 year:
Dianne Skawski-Pride 546

Budget Committee:
Elisha Jackson 446
      Jacqueline Beaman 316
Kenneth Cole 279
   Richard LaPoint 214
Sue LaPoint 210
     Jason Cardinale 188
Robert Davis 177
     John Pasquarelli 123

Planning Board:

 Larry Hill 328
      Brian Moser 262
           Jason Cardinale 236
            Michael Doherty 203
      Art Charland 189

Parkhurst 663
Malcolm Perkins 606

Article 2:  629 yes
                111 no

Article 3: 581 yes
              159 no

Article 4:  568 yes
               162 no

Article 5:  597 no
                 352 yes

Article 6:  482 yes
              264 no

Article 7:  412 no
                 306 yes

Article 8:  539 yes
               200 no

Article 9:  570 yes
               160 no

Article 10: 509 yes
                247 no

Article 11:  567 yes
                 189 no

Article 12:  437 no
                   326 yes

Article 13:  400 yes
                 362 no

Article 14:  401 yes
                375 no

Article 15:  404 yes
                360 no

Article 16: 534 yes
                230 no

Article 17:  446 yes
                 310 no

Article 18: 514 no
                  224 yes

Article 19:  428 yes
                  225 no

Article 20:  455 yes
                  296 yes

Article 21:  373 no
                  371 yes

Article 22:  426 no
                   288 yes

Article 23:  394 yes
                 316 no

Article 24:  457 no
                    226 yes

Article 25:  512 yes
                179 no

Article 26:  470 yes
                 240 no

Article 27:  525 yes
                 176 no

Article 28:  405 yes
                226 no

Article 29:  378 yes
                264 no

Article 30: 393 yes
                252 no

Article 31:  429 yes
                241 no

Article 32:  326 no
                   305 yes

Article 33:  368 yes
                 267 no

Article 34:  328 yes
                 292 no

Article 35:  384 yes
                275 no

Article 36: 392 yes
                233 no

Article 37:  558 yes
                 139 no

Article 38:  549 yes
                 143 no


Anonymous said...

Informer did we vote to elect the road agent? I don't remember which article it was. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

without an absentee ballot, you will need to clarify this information!

Anonymous said...

This was a good start. But i'm very surprised Conant got their 50,000 This will open the door for Thayer to put in a large warrant next year to cover the "new Boards" big spending. Im also surprised the boat ramp didn't get its money The ramp is very useful for our citizens and I thank the sportsman's club for re opening it for us.

Anonymous said...

The village idiots have spoken at the polls. Why the voters voted against one thing and pass other warrants we will never know, except they being clueless.

How many knew when they voted $5,000.00 for the milfoil of a deal (A WINK AND A NOD) between Gus Ruth and the Forest Lake Assoc. to take over paying for the milfoil for millionaires on Forest Lake upon the backs of the tax payers, while at the same time turn down paying for the insurance on the boat ramp. Dah!

Quote Forest Gump....Stupid is as stupid does....

seen it all before said...

38 Warrant articles on the ballot, name another town with more than just a few? Same people voted in again no matter what, same stagnant town paying higher than reasonable taxes. You're right, the town is filled with village idiots including the ones elected to the office of selectman.

Anonymous said...

The problem is good people refuse to run for office because of the clique mentality in Town Hall. We have some very qualified citizens that can run for office, but just like Bob Davis, will be defeated by the vocal minority. Until we are ready to back new blood 150%, our current boards are the status quo.

Just wondering! said...

You know what yanks my crank about this town? It is the fact that there is not enough common sense to go around when they vote guys like Ken Cole for budget committee. I wonder if he will smell like Bourbon when he sits on the budget committee like he does on the ZBA and the planning board. A sip or two makes better judgments.

If voters think you are going to cut your tax bills by voting this town idiot in office you have a surprise coming.

I like the way the kids in school that were old enough to vote in let out of school early.
I wonder if the 21 year old sped child voted for Colleen?

Anonymous said...

No we will not be electing the road agent, that will be next year.

Just Asking said...

Speaking of the road agent-BOS meeting of Mar. 14th, they voted at the road agents request to sell the towns 1/3 ownership of the joint owned street sweeper to Hinsdale. I would imagine it is probably junk anyway and a bad idea from the start. The question is, WHAT NOW, do we hire an outside service for big money or use the whole hwy crew and three pieces of equipment, which doesn't make any sense ether. Kind of funny none of the selectmen asked the question, although I'm sure it has been discussed in there little daily non-meetings.

Just asking 2 said...

Speaking of the BOS, when the people in the town hall aren't running around shuttling there kids i guess, they are running a nursery when we are paying them to pay attention. Are all the selectmen blind to whats going on, like they were with Puffer not doing his job?

Anonymous said...

What do expect when you allow the inmates to run the asylum? The select board needs their votes to stay in power so they allow tardiness, long lunches, leaving early and a host of other misconduct.There is no sense of duty or leadership at town hall. They are all a disgrace to us and the town.

Just Asking 3 said...

Back to the road agent, is it true that the red flatbed truck stopped at Kulicks yesterday,3/27, and dropped of a person that doesn't work for the town? If this is true than the driver should be suspended immediately.

Anonymous said...

Heck, if the past is any indication, the hwy people can do anything including theft, piney woods, and no one in power will do anything. So I guess if you want to shuttle a FRIEND around with a company vehicle its OK. I think if some one wants to compose a legal warrant article that would have the road agent run for his or her job every few years, it will easily pass.The town clerk has to do that and he may be in trouble next time. Lots of grumbling about the hours that they are open and the tax collector that doesn't seem to have enough to do.

Anonymous said...

Many of the voters of Winchester would like to see the NEW CHAIRMAN of the budget committee post an explanation of the take over of that committee. Use the Keene Sentinel or the Informer,a lot of people would like to know how this was justified.