Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Board of Selectmen Regular Minutes 4-25-12

The shell game continues with your tax dollars. Also pay close attention as to how our town ambulance has been pulled from service to transport at the race tracks .. 11 seasons !!


Disappearing Dollars said...

The selectmen withdrew those two budgets from the regular budget and put them in as warrant articles. This in effect didn't allow the budget committee to question any of the line items, and suggest changes. In previous years, the same board included it in the regular budget. The selectmen were playing politics with the figures, and now there is this mess. It let the town budget figure get larger on paper by making it look as if it were smaller. A shell game. The sewer and water budgets were out of the regular budget which showed much smaller without them there. For those educated to know socialism, it is called double speak.

Anonymous said...

Is sewer and water payed by user fees?

You reap what you Sow said...

The budget committee did the job we elected them to do, the select board didn't like the outcome of the vote, and now they are going to make us all pay. As long as we continue to vote the same people into office there won't be any change in town hall policy.

Two Sides To Everything said...

The sewer and water is mostly paid from user fees, which is good. But, the two budgets were taken out of the presented selectmen's budget as line items. It made the budget look smaller than last year's, which camoflaged potential budget increases. Smoke and mirrors. The budget originally presented to the BC included s+w budget totals. After a couple of meetings the selectmen withdrew the two, and presented them as warrant articles. The budget committee wanted to trim them a little, so the selectmen made sure they didn't get the chance. Either a yes or no only. Had they left them where they were, this mess would not have happened. Of course they are now pointing the finger at the BC.

Scratching my head said...

For a recap of the items that got nixed (disallowed) by the DRA as being illegal –
#6 – $56,000 COPS grant (passed)
#7 - $56,000 salary for the cop (failed)
#8 – $50,000 non-lapsing fund for Conant Library (passed)
#9 – $1.00 non-lapsing fund for Fire Mutual Aid (passed)
#10 - $28,450 non-lapsing for town assessors (passed)
#11 - $20,000 non-lapsing fund for road construction (passed)
#12 - $26,192 Police “Interceptor” (failed)
#13 - $5,000 non-lapsing fund for emergency services (passed)
#14 - $4,000 Pickle Festival (passed)
#15 - $3,000 non-lapsing fund invasive plants in Forest Lake (passed)
#16 - $1,000 non-lapsing fund computer capital reserve fund (passed)

To the tune of over $193,000

The Water & Sewer (3&4) were for the tune of $538,000

Does anyone else notice a theme here? Such as "non-lapsing funds". The DRA has saved us some money on our next tax bill. Or should I say....our highly intellectual and "the best ever" board of selectman team