Saturday, May 5, 2012

A job well done

A job well done Regarding “Winchester water woes,”
Too often we hear stories about municipal workers hanging around doing nothing.
We never hear about the times when they earn their money, so here goes: Having been in underground utility construction for the better part of 45 years, I would like to commend Rick Meleski, Dale Grey and their crews for doing a great job under adverse conditions.
These guys deserve a big “attaboy” for a job well done
Ashten Rue


Anonymous said...

Rick Meleski deserves to be "Employee of the Month" every month!

Anonymous said...

Adverse conditions ? You gotta be kidding me, a little rain and these guys should get a medal? Then they leave the town's main street looking like crap for nearly 2 weeks before they finish the job, yeah give em all a pat on the back. Oh yaeh, can someone tell me why we have two guys and a cop directing traffic all within 20 feet of each other and why 3 more "workers" are standing around watching all the while getting paid?

WOW said...

You don't often have anyone giving Dale and his little Golden Goose, his words for the Winchester hwy dept., a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

What jobs do you have that are so important that you can judge everyone else so negatively?

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous above. The job is called Winchester Taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, you are correct but do you think anyone from hwy or the town hall gives a S--- about the Winchester taxpayer?