Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Though there have been no reports here in our area, you can bet that once the word has spread on You Tube and Facebook there will be some knuckleheads that will think this is funny. Be ever vigilant when picking trash off of your lawns and along the roadside in front of your home.

Subject: Warning from Enfield Police Dept.

Kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in plastic drink bottles and capping it up - leaving it on lawns, in mail boxes, in gardens, on driveways etc. just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in the rubbish, but you'll never make it!!!  
If the bottle is picked up, and the bottle is shaken even just a little - in about 30 seconds or less it builds up enough gas which then explodes with enough force to remove some of your extremities. The liquid that comes out is boiling hot as well.
Don't pick up any plastic bottles that may be lying in your yards or in the gutter, etc.  
Pay attention to this. A plastic bottle with a cap. A little Drano. A little water.
A small piece of foil. Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!!

No fingers left and other serious effects to your face, eyes, etc.
Richard A. Crate Jr.
Chief of Police
Enfield Police Department


Anonymous said...

Thanks for instructing the dumb-heads in Winchester.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Anonymous said... 7:29 PM"
Now your going to teach the idiots how to make bombs?
Real smart.
This post should be removed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the real idiots are those parents who comment here in a negative manner but don't talk to their kids.

Anonymous said...

Regarding dumb heads.. kids are only as smart as their parents teach them right from wrong. Like the poster above me said, the real dumb heads are parents that have no clue what their kids are up too and just don't care until it hurts them or someone else.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this posting was done to inform people who want to stay alive. This is a safety concern. Now, we know that you should not pick up any trash! What about state workers that are charged with picking up trash alongside the road. They should be warned about these concerns. Frankly, I am more concerned about the value of life. As for instructing the dumb-heads in Winchester they all ready know how to do it. They use "facebook" and most of us do not "facebook".

Anonymous said...

I agree that the instructions and ingredients should not have been posted here or anywhere, A warning about picking up these bombs yes, but instructions NO.
I tend to think this may be all B.S. because I would think a Police Officer would know better than to give the people the instructions on how to do this.

thanks again said...

The only thing that is BS is your comment. The WI warns residents about a potential hazard aka "prank" with the potential for disastrous consequences and instead of being thanked for watching out for the town's people, instead gets harassed for his/her/their efforts. What a bunch of fools we have in this town.
Thank you Informer I appreciate your looking out for us.