Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Get Out and VOTE !!

Voting is Tuesday 
March 10, 2015 
at Town Hall from 
8:00 am – 7:00 pm 
 A sample ballot can be seen here:

ARTICLE:  15   To see if the town will vote to continue honoring the provisions of RSA 32 as adopted by the town of Winchester in 1935 at the regular town meeting ..

Sneaky wording by the BOS to trick you into voting to get rid of the Budget Committee and put the 5 foxes in complete control of the Towns purse strings to appropriate whatever they want with no checks and balances by the people.


Section 32:1

    32:1 Statement of Purpose. – The purpose of this chapter is to clarify the law as it existed under former RSA 32. A town or district may establish a municipal budget committee to assist its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds. The budget committee, in those municipalities which establish one, is intended to have budgetary authority analogous to that of a legislative appropriations committee. It is the legislature's further purpose to establish uniformity in the manner of appropriating and spending public funds in all municipal subdivisions to which this chapter applies, including those towns, school districts and village districts which do not operate with budget committees, and have not before had much statutory guidance. 
A YES vote will ensure we continue to have a Budget Committee, a NO gives the BOS the power to do whatever it wants.
ARTICLE 16:  Shall the Town vote to adopt a Housing Standard Ordinance in accordance with RSA 48.

The State has already set minimum standards by which every landlord who rents must follow by law, whether a municipality has an ordnance or not. We don't need to establish another paying full time position to have someone enforce what is already on the books.
We don't need another unnecessary full time paying position , nor do we need our underqualified, untrained code enforcement officer poking her nose where it don't belong.



Anonymous said...

Winchester voters should know that in regards to article #15, this is the new wording that was voted on and approved at town deliberative which actually reverses the original wording from the Selectmen which directly called for the ending of the Budget Committee. The town attorney said that even if this article fails with the new wording it could not be enforced so the budget committee will stay. Regardless, please come out and vote on Tuesday and let your voice be heard.

Kevin on Swan Street

Time for change said...

The average voter will have NO idea what they are voting on with article #15, so its a good thing it cant be enforced. I don't think I have ever seen so much underhanded sneaky town rule in my whole life, and I've been around a while.

Smarten up People! said...

Just a reminder when you go to vote Tuesday with Winchester's low voter turn out! Low voter turn out has it consequences.

Sherm Tedford can not fart and chew gum at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Try the planning board articles every year!!!!! Every year they are asked to explain them in a handout or what the yes or no means and put them in context with the original text and they never do. Unfortunately in many cases voters vote NO because they do not know what the article is all about.

Anonymous said...

Vote YES on the pipeline articles. Let these greedy bastards know they can't come through our town without one hell of a fight. There are no tax benefits that is B.S.

Anonymous said...

Who's bright idea was it to out Sherm Tedford first on the ballot. Sounds like someone loaded the ballot just right for their good one boy club. Time for a change. Jack Marsh and Ken Berthiaume are the candidates opposing the pipeline. They get my vote!

Anonymous said...

Notice in the Town flyer they sent out explaining how to vote that they did not explain article #15 in regards to the budget committee like they did with all the others. They really are trying to keep people in the dark hoping they'll vote no and not realize they will end up with no budget committee to watch out for us.

Bob said...

If the town's attorney thinks Article 21 can not be enforced my attorney begs to differ. The town will be in for a battle if it passes.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you vote on 15 there will still be a budget committee. The wording was changed at deliberative to negate the warrant article and to make sure we still have a budget committee. Now let's get people on that committee. Only one person ran and their are two seats open.

Anonymous said...

Budget committee, I'll be doing brian Mosers name again. Maybe he would take it and maybe not, but its worth a try. If it drives a couple of the current selectmen nuts, O Well.

Anonymous said...

And the rest of the town!!!!! NO WAY NO HOW!!!!!! Isn't he where the problems all start????

different year same results said...

Another village idiot heard from. No, Mr Moser is not where the problems all start, it starts with those who have wormed their way into power in this town and those foolish people like you who continue to support them and look the other way as they continuously break the law for their own benefits.
I'm sure you all got your little "how to vote" pamphlets in the mail this weekend. Well, for those unaware, the act of using government property to influence the results of a vote is known as electioneering and is illegal in the state (RSA 659:44-a ). That's right, using taxpayer money to attempt to sway or receive votes is a punishable offense; yet our BOS and School Board commit this illegal act every year and the Town's attorney sits back and keeps his mouth shut until the next lawsuit is filed. Is it any wonder why this town is taken to court so many times each year?
When you have people in power who are willing to break the law to keep that power and people who blindly support them year after year, then you have what we have here, a dead town going nowhere.
It's past time that people got out and voted for a change of venue; but sadly, this is Winchester and as previous town elections show, not enough care about the town, our schools or themselves.

This is my last post ever and a day said...

Excuse me for saying this, the problem is not the person you might think is a village idiot who is part of a larger amount of misinformed voters whom are controlling and making all the decision on taxes for the rest of us. The way the Winchester votes pick their candidates is by name recognition while good qualified candidates are villainies with lies, mistruth and false innuendos made up,which are spilled out of the town hall's mouths. If your a candidates which and your not one of the town hall’s circle of friends or these candidates does not agree with the town hall‘s agenda the town hall makes an attempt to destroy any hopes of being elected

. If this town hall is allowed to destroy good candidates this town will always be a "$hit Hole" of a town. For example the person posted above will vote his hands and feet against Brian, solely by what the person heard about Brian Morse. The person is obviously uninformed because the person has no idea how much good and money Brian Moser has saved the town tax payers. I may not like Brian but I do like the money I waste on taxes that is pi$$ down the drain. I’ll write Brian Moser in for budget committee because I am sure Tedford has some stooges in mind for a write in vote that will support his agenda, more taxes and more control of the people from the town hall..

Anonymous said...

You are correct in what you say about the Sherminator's control. I noticed that the only article besides the Planning Board's that did not get an explanation of a YES OR NO vote was the one about the Budget Committee. And the Pipeline articles because noone on the BOS has done their homework on the issue to understand the articles.

UNREAL !! said...

Went and voted at 9:30 this morning. Counting myself, there were 3 other people voting and less than a half dozen cars in the parking lot! Geez, guess no one really does give a crap what goes on in this town.

Anonymous said...

To UNreal - the majority of the residents in Winchester, NH work at 9:30am, I am sure the town hall will be busy later this afternoon, Stop Complaining...

Linder said...

Let me guess one car was Sherm Tedford's wife, another car was Sherm Tedford's brother and the third car was Sherm Tedford's mother plus someone saw all the same cars and family there again in the afternoon. How dare you mention voter fraud. These people are pillars of the community.

Live Free or Die!

Anonymous said...

The Sherminator has been terminated!

From sentinelsource 09:15pm 03/10/15

Two Winchester selectmen were not re-elected Tuesday. Sherman Tedford and Bill McGrath lost their seats. They were bested by Jack Marsh Jr. and Ken Berthiaume.

the Winchester Informer said...

More from Winchester: Some confusion over whether voters really decided to abolish the budget committee. Selectman Chairwoman Roberta Fraser said they'll need to consult the town's lawyer on this one.

The $11M budget and two contracts -- one with teachers, the other with support staff -- also were approved by Winchester School District voters.

Winchester School District voters said they believe continuing to tuition their students in grades 9-12 to Keene High School is not in the best interest of the town. The article was informational only.

They also rejected spending $30,000 for partially funding enrichment programs for children in Winchester and the village of Ashuelot. That spending was not recommended by the school board.

Also, voters agreed with petition articles opposing the Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline.


Congratulations to all the winners and to the voters who were voting for a fresh start. To the poster who said the Informer only has a 1/2 dozen participants, better take another look at yesterdays results.