Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vote is bad for Winchester, by Robert Davis

It is another sad day in Winchester.

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. The article on Winchester abolishing the budget committee (Sentinel, March 12) stated the warrant article was not straightforward, which prompted local officials to seek advice from the town’s attorney.
The town’s attorney had full oversight Feb. 10 at the deliberative session; was this time to address the controversial language that should have never been allowed, causing this unclear, controversial article to be accepted as rewritten and presented to the town moderator to be read out loud and allowed for arguments.
Then the rewritten article was amended and voted to be placed on the warrant. When people’s questions arose, we the taxpayers then paid the town’s attorney for a second opinion, which looks like a ploy for covering up their mistakes. Something is not right here, unless you’re one of the supporters conspiring with the selectmen. In the town’s history, this was not the first warrant article that was purposely written to confuse the voters in a manner that would ensure the desired outcome.
Being a past budget committee member and one of the selectmen’s so-called “villains” of the budget committee, I was vehemently offended with the contemptuous underhanded lies the selectmen spilled out of the town hall in their attempt to abolish the budget committee for their own interest, not the voters.
In the past, the selectmen wanted a free hand to set the budget without any cuts, to be what they, the selectmen, determined it should be, without the oversight of the budget committee. Several years ago, the selectmen intentionally delayed the budget committee process, delaying members from getting the department budgets on time. It was a know fact the selectmen deliberately dragged their feet in preparing the budget, causing us, the budget committee to be delayed in getting started.
The final budget was submitted as required by law, but selectmen objected to our budget cuts. Then the selectmen threw a fit by taking the budget committee to court to have the selectmen’s higher budget restored. I have the budget committee minutes proving it was the selectmen that were delaying the budgets and not giving us the true facts, which caused bickering over the budgets.
I will predict the low voter turnout at the polls, with the confusing language on the Warrant Article 15, stating, “To see if the town will vote to continue honoring the provisions of RSA 32 adopted by the town at regular town meeting in 1935,” led to the passage.
Who knows what NH RSA 32 is about in 1935? J believe abolishing the budget committee will be detrimental to the town’s tax rate and the checks and balances. By allowing a few to decide how to spend your tax dollars for the majority is totally insane. Can anyone remember how our town manager was caught with corruption charges and the selectmen supported him all the way and tried not to fire him? If you think you’re the fourth-highest taxes in the state, just wait. If you think you can trust our selectmen to do the right thing, think again. Please voice your opinion and have the vote on Article 15 invalidated.

by Robert Davis


Linder said...

This comment was seriously edited by Keene Sentinel, as usual. You get what you get from the Sentinel.

Anonymous said...

Definitely confusing language, Robert, on Article # 15. I voted YES for it because I remembered that the Budget Committee was established in 1935.

Maybe next Year said...

If the voters had any idea what they were voting on it might have been different, but then again who knows, its Winchester. The selectmen have set up an advisory committee, so anyone who wants to be a lap dog for Fraser and Sepe can apply at the town hall. The new selectmen are going to have there hands full dealing with the old guard.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for speaking up!!!!!! We need a budget committee and we were hoodwinked. There needs to be an official check and balance.

Anonymous said...

Oops, guess that I need not apply. Sepe and Frazier have a hard time dealing with educated women and frankly so does the town.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the majority of the town have a hard time with educated women. Educated women have the sense not to subject themselves to the BS. But I disagree about Roberta and Theresa. I think they just might surprise you without all the intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the article was changed from what the selectmen wrote. I blame the person who rewrote the article. Plane and simple, it was rewritten to confuse the voter, trying to make it an illegal article. That attempt failed. With it the budget committee. Stupid is as stupid does - Forrest Gump

intimadite? said...

I doubt you could intimidate someone who has made a living doing just that.