Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Planning Board Notice of Public Hearing 4-6-15

Town of Winchester
Planning Board
Notice of Public Hearing
The Winchester Planning Board will be meeting on 4-6-15 at 7pm on the Main Floor of the Town Hall, 1 Richmond Road for the following hearing:

The board will review an application for Earth Excavation Permit Renewal, which includes a request to excavate to a lower elevation, submitted by Mitchell Sand & Gravel. The property is located on Payne Road, Winchester map 15, lot 51. If the application is accepted as complete, the board will move into a hearing on the matter.

Should a decision not be reached, the hearing will stay on the Planning Board agenda until it is either approved or denied. The files are available for review at the Land Use Office during regular business hours.

Margaret Sharra, Land Use
Surprised this even made public on the board's agenda. Notice that the fact he wants to dig down another 80 feet wasn't mentioned; nor the fact that once he has finished looting all the material he can ship down to Mass. he'll simply walk away, leaving a huge hole in the ground to be filled up by rain water and that will eventually become a hazard to all living in the area. This is unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Never ceases to amaze me how few people give a damn what happens in this town even it appears in regards to their own land. No comments about the gravel pit and none about something as devastating as the pipeline. Those very few in favor of the pipeline think they are going to get rich or the town taxes will go down. WRONG folks. Check out what happened to other towns in their greedy path and find out what lies Kinder Morgan tells. At least the state house is finally waking up about eminent domain. Check out the Pipeline Awareness site and see what we are up against

Concerned said...

How did the March 26 meeting in Swanzey go? Wasn't able to make it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

regarding the meeting in swanzey; I heard that their planning board accepted some stuff from mitchells guy and despite not even having an application or a checklist or anything governing gravel pits or quarrys they accepted his application as complete despite a lot of protests and are having a public hearing on april 9 to decide what they are going to do. only 2 people from winchester went to the meeting.

the Winchester Informer said...

You heard right. The Swanzey Planning Board does not have any type of application or checklist governing this type of business. Mitchell's representative at the hearing submitted a few survey drawings, nothing else and despite objections from the public and questions from members of the board itself,the chairman of the board accepted a motion to approve his application to continue to operate. A public hearing will be held this coming Thursday night to see if they will extend his permits to operate and allow him to blast down another 80 feet over the top of the aquifer. We would strongly suggest that any and all Winchester residents that have blast damage or who have or had issues with their wells to attend and voice their concerns both at the Winchester Planning Board meeting, Monday night at 7pm where he will be seeking the same and the Swanzey meeting, Thursday night at 6pm.

Won't eat their dust said...

Winchester's meeting was - as usual - a joke. Board voted to approve renewal (before any comments by the public were made), and all discussion of the request to dig deeper was tabled until another meeting.
Why not save time and money and just give over control of the town to developers/pipelines/anyone with deep pockets to do with it/to it what they wish.