Monday, October 5, 2015

For countryside setting, pipeline bad fit

It is inconceivable to me to imagine the proposed Kinder Morgan 30-inch gas pipeline and 40,000 horse power compressor station plunked down on land in the Monadnock Region. A large pipeline and giant industrial compressor station complex does not belong in such a setting. It is like trying to fit a large ocean liner into Dublin Lake. No matter how you try, an ocean liner does not belong in a lake and there is no way a compressor station of this magnitude belongs in the countryside of rural New Hampshire.
It is an outrageous situation to have a huge profit-making corporation plan to drop a massive industrial complex (with pipes, lights and noisy contamination) on a beautiful, historic and rural area. It has no relation whatsoever to the heart and timber of the people. It bypasses any honest concern for the health of those people, the land or the animals living there.
A recent Harvard scientific study points to the undeniable health hazards of living next to a compressor station. And though I say rural, thousands of people and animals along the pipeline would be directly affected. It bears mentioning as well, that expert witnesses in the energy field from various N.H. organizations have testified that this gas pipeline is not necessary for Southern New Hampshire’s energy needs.

There is a tremendous amount of documented material written about the ills caused by fracking, pipelines and compressor stations, and about the safety violations of Kinder Morgan. I hope people throughout the Monadnock Region realize what is happening in their neighborhood.
We have been placed in a position to stand up and to fight this environmentally catastrophic proposal or look the other way and pay no attention to something that if it happens, will never go away and will effect New Hampshire forever. A documentary worth watching is one called Gasland (found on Youtube) and it’s successor Gasland II, which can be found on Amazon.

Francie Riggs

New Ipswich

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