Thursday, October 29, 2015

WINchester Pipeline Awareness -- IMPORTANT MEETING !!

IMPORTANT MEETING --Select Board,Wed, Nov. 4th, 7 pm
 Liberty Utilities will be making a presentation to the Winchester Board of Selectmen in regards to their proposed spur line and about their option to provide natural gas service to a very small part of the town. All of this seems mute at this time as there is no gas pipeline for them to hook into to run a line to their facility in Keene. This is like putting the cart in front of the horse and an attempt to sway our select board into thinking this would be beneficial for the town .. IT IS NOT !

Its only been in the last few weeks that the BOS has taken a stand in response to our vote in March. You have made a difference with your calls, emails and attendance at meetings. It's important that we turn out again to reinforce opposition to NED.

 ~$5,000 to convert from oil to natural gas (if you live in the  proposed downtown area ),and why would you? - since the price of gas will rise (x 4 or 5) once NED gas gets exported to Europe!!!


Print this. said...

Here we go again Informer, misleading inaccurate facts that are not substantiated by any reasonable person. The Informer used to be a source of real truthful information we could trust. Yes there probably is a cost to change over to natural gas from oil, but we paid some $50,00 a year in oil to heat the school, if you consider the money we spend in cost of this oil to repair and heat the library, town hall and the school it will be cost effective and lower our taxes. the oil they burn is dirty grade one like a tar. Natural gas burns cleaner, less repairs, maintenance and upkeep. We do not expect you to post this because it goes against your agenda of fighting, misleading the public. You should go to work at the town hall they do a great job of misleading and lying.

the Winchester Informer said...

Well,rich, this was a subject that we were asked to publish; not a comment from the Informer ourselves, so why the rant and personal attack?

It seems that you have some personal vendetta against this blog. So, let me put you on notice, keep it up and you will no longer be allowed to post your comments.

Further, you have provided no facts or documented proof to back up any of your statements regarding expenditures by the town and any proposed savings and for your information, fuel oil is not a tar like substance and is not grade#1, once again you spout nonsense.