Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How could they not oppose the pipeline?

What say ye?

N.H. Governor and A.G. OPPOSE pipeline ...
How do I know that? By simple deduction. In a recent court settlement the N.H. Supreme Court upheld a $236 million fine imposed on gas giant Exxon Mobil for contaminating thousands of ground water wells with the additive MTBE. Said Gov. Maggie Hassan: “New Hampshire’s natural resources and beauty are critical to our high quality of life and economy, a defining characteristic of what makes our state a special place to live, work and visit. Today’s decision is an example of the states vigilance in fighting against pollution that damages our environment and threaten the health of our people.”
Attorney General Joseph Foster noted separately, “This historic decision sends a clear message that New Hampshire will not permit polluters to endanger the health of its citizens and destroy it’s natural resources.”
So, based on those comments, how could our governor and attorney general NOT oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline? They know that chemicals and massive amounts of precious water are used to extract the gas from the shale fields in Pennsylvania; that every home, family and natural resource in the pipeline corridor between Pennsylvania and Dracut, Mass., are in the incinerator zone and merely collateral damage; that a 41,000-horsepower compressor in New Ipswich will be emitting the toxins benzene, toluene, sulfuric acid and formaldehyde; that Round-Up (Agent Orange) will be used to keep the pipeline corridor free of vegetation; that the very reason tourists visit New Hampshire is to view the beautiful scenery, not wide swaths of cleared forests.
I could go on. Everything that the governor and the attorney general so beautifully expressed is why they should oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline. How could they NOT? Add to those reasons the fact that the pipeline represents few jobs, and that the gas will be shipped to the highest bidder, not remain here for New Hampshire use.
How can the governor and the attorney general NOT oppose the pipeline? Or would they rather wait until the destruction and contamination put forth is like that of Exxon Mobil?



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