Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Winchester police officer arrested, accused of pointing loaded gun at someone

 The old, don't ask me, pass the buck defense .. Where is Sgt. Schultz when you need him?

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff
WINCHESTER — A local police officer has been arrested and charged with criminal threatening with a deadly weapon in connection with an August incident when he allegedly pointed a loaded firearm at someone. Kevin W. Martel, 25, is expected to be arraigned in December on the felony charge, Cheshire County Attorney D. Chris McLaughlin said Monday.
He said he did not have further details about the incident.
McLaughlin said his office learned of the situation last week, and that the incident happened in Winchester. He didn’t know if Martel was on duty at the time.
As of this morning, nothing had been filed in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene or Cheshire County Superior Court.
N.H. State Police, who are investigating the incident, referred all questions about the case to McLaughlin’s office Monday. The Winchester Police Department also referred questions about the case to McLaughlin’s office.
McLaughlin referred questions about Martel’s employment status to the Winchester Police Department. Winchester Police referred those question to the Winchester Town Hall.
An official at Winchester Town Hall said her office didn’t have any information about Martel’s employment status or whether he’d been placed on administrative leave.
Martel has been a member of the Winchester Police Department for about a year, based on annual town reports. He could not be reached for comment.
McLaughlin said he expects the case to be prosecuted in Cheshire County, but it likely will not be handled by his office.


Anonymous said...

Kevin will either get fired and take his uniform with him, or get promoted, its Winchester. Wonder why this is all a mystery, think someone might be lying?

Linder said...

Number one ATF rule as a cop. Never, never pull your gun unless you intend to use it. If you do pull your gun and it goes off place your hidden unmarked (serial numbers filed off) in his hands or a shive.

Plato.....This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.

Can't Wait said...

Maybe if the people in power in this town don't know what's going on, we can get some help for them from the national news organization's. Police stupidity is a hot news item now days. Good luck explaining the towns policies if they show up.

Unknown said...

I thought I had heard that this involved a student at the school, can anyone confirm or deny this?

Anonymous said...

Linder, I got to say.

"Plato.....This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are."

OMG, this has been the most accurate and truest post I may have ever read on this blog. I for one believe our officials are reflecting the same characteristics as the citizens. Inbred Ignorance, leading the inbred ignorance, is a perfect explanation.

Not Plato said...

I think a more accurate quote to best describe this town, the people who live here and those elected to govern would be the infamous one by none other than the Tom Hanks character: Forest Gump

"Stupid is as stupid does"

Really kind of sums it all up don't ya think?

Flying over this cuckoo's nest said...

I was going to say that Einstein had an appropriate response, but then learned that he may not have been the one to come up with it (http://www.news.hypercrit.net/2012/11/13/einstein-on-misattribution-i-probably-didnt-say-that/). Still, it certainly seems to fit: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Lost Control ? said...

I would think there would be some repercussion for keeping this a secret from the select board, unless the department heads are now running the town.

Anonymous said...

Were there not several other comments posted before the 8 noted above, or was I dreaming that? Where did they go and why?

the Winchester Informer said...

All of the comments sent in have been posted and none have been removed. If a comment had been removed you would see a blank space with a message that the comment had been removed by an administrator. Evidently you were dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Informer. Guess I must have been dreaming. As I recall, they were pretty good comments on subject.

ridiculous said...

Another 3 day work week for the chosen few, be in the town hall parking lot tomorrow at 7 am and see how many employees are late to work.