Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2016 Town Election Results

Ben Kilanski ..... 435

Herbert (Chan) Stephens..... 308

Richard C. Pratt Jr .....182
William McGrath .....171 
Robert Leustek ..... 159

Brandon Day ..... 48

Tory W. Frazier ..... 48

Raymond C. Williams..... 42

Planning Board
Michael Doherty .....505
 Gus Ruth ..... 445

Conant Library Trustee 2 yrs

Marcia Racine .... 598

Bonnie Leveille .... 498

Conant Library Trustee 3yrs

Linda Chase ..... 462

Denis V. Murphy III ..... 186

Thayer Library Trustee

Joan Gratton ..... 601

Supervisor of the Checklist

Bridget E. Pearce..... 601

                                                         Musterfield Cemetery Committee

Valerie S. Cole ..... 647


Denis V. Murphy II 584

Town Clerk

James Tetreault ..... 708

Warrant Article Results 

Article 2 ..... Yes 420 ..... No 341

Article 3 ..... Yes 487.....  No 269

Article 4 ..... Yes 425 ..... No 287

Article 5.....  Yes 465.....  No 298

Article 6.....  Yes 595 ..... No 162

Article 7 ..... Yes 499 ..... No 254

Article 8 ..... Yes 621.....  No 130

Article 9 ..... Yes 369 ..... No 389

Article 10 .....Yes 640 ..... No 117

Article 11 .....Yes 602 ..... No 149

Article 12.....Yes 576 ..... No 183

Article 13..... Yes 569 ..... No 194

Article 14..... Yes 405.....  No 338

Article 15 ..... Yes 545 ..... No 226

Article 16 ..... Yes 393 ..... No 369

Article 17 ..... Yes 545 ..... No 219

Article 18 ..... Yes 557.....  No 203

Article 19 ..... Yes 447 ..... No 301

Article 20 ..... Yes 389 ..... No 363

Article 21 ..... Yes 347 ..... No 401

Article 22 ..... Yes 291.....  No 347

Article 23 ..... Yes 415.....  No 255

Article 24..... Yes 370.....  No 292

Article 25..... Yes 382.....  No 271

Article 26..... Yes 453.....  No 210

Article 27..... Yes 319..... No 334

Article 28..... Yes 311..... No 348

Article 29..... Yes 333..... No 326

Article 30..... Yes 225..... No 443


No Funny Business, Please said...

Roberta stated in todays Sentinel that she will always back the vote even if its not what she was in favor of. Hope she doesn't forget that when it comes to the outcome of a few warrant articles, and picking a Berthiaume replacement. There are three people, 3rd 4th and 5th that would make good selectmen. In the past Winchester has always picked the next candidate with the most votes, that would be Richard Pratt Jr.

Mike Towne said...

I am really stumped by how the people in this town turned their backs on homeowners and the other towns in New Hampshire Coalition that are in the proposed routes of Kinder Morgan's pipeline or as better known NED's Pipeline. Article #9; asking that we approve and put aside a paltry $15,882.00 towards the Pipeline Coalition Fund, as our share to help in this fight to preserve our community and stop the heartless taking of someone's home, simply for profit, seemed very trivial compared to other spending warrants on the ballot. What's even more confusing is last year the citizens of this town voted to approve three petition warrant articles that denied permission for KM and/or it's employees, subcontractors or other agents to set foot upon any town property to perform surveys or any other company business. Another was passed to oppose any approval, construction of or installation of a natural gas pipeline by Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan and also to oppose any attempt to extract any amount of town water for any drilling or other business whether it be from a river, well or any other body of water .. and lastly and most importantly we/the town opposed the taking of peoples homes under the eminent domain law for this project and are opposed to any approvals of such.

What happened to all the support that we had last year and how in hell did last years opposition to these warrants nearly double in numbers this year.

Article #23 Yes 374 No 225
Article #25 Yes 386 No 211
Article #26 Yes 386 No 203

Something surely doesn't add up

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Mr. Towne. It's appalling and actually quite shameful that we are the only town along the route that will not chip in our fair share towards and legal fees to help stop this unnecessary pipeline from ruining what's left of this town. I would venture a guess that the people who voted the money down thing they are going to make a ton of money off the sale of their lands and fees they may ask of the pipeline company for crossing parcels of land they own. All at the expense of others who will be forced to move or deal with a very unhealthy and volatile product in close proximity to where they live, eat and sleep. Yes, shameful conduct, but this is Winchester.

I have read your answer said...

It adds up to - your little band of followers is just that - a little band out of touch with what most people want in town.
27 comments on a blog post does not mean overwhelming town support.
Haven't you noticed that nearly every pipeline related post has NO comments?
Readers are only interested in posts discussing Margaret Sharra's Svengali like mastery over Winchester or the ineptitude of Dale Grey and how much time Mr Austin spends driving around in the town car.
Contrary to what you state Winchester is NOT known for its historic sites, scenic beauty, natural attractions.
Where are all the resorts catering to the Winchester tourist trade?
Winchester is known for being a downtrodden, uneducated welfare town.
Ask anyone in Cheshire county.

Protest is useless said...

Dear simpletons: you can spend all you want on legal fees, but that pipeline IS getting built.
I know your little protests make you feel empowered ....
Have you ever driven around central square in Keene on Saturday morning and seen the handful of doofuses holding their anti war signs year after year?
And yet war is as popular as ever.
Must make them feel good to waste their time on a hopeless fantasy.

Anonymous said...

The people in Winchester has a long past history of don't wants. According to Mrs. Edith Atkins our only town treasure of a person, told me once, at the turn of the last century it was Dartmouth College who wanted to place the college here instead of Hanover, NH. Don't wants fought that. Then Winchester Repeating Arms wanted to build a factory symbolize the Winchester Rifle. The don’t want won again. The Horse Racetrack that was built in Hinsdale, Winchester was it’s first choice. The don’t wants won again. These people even fought the sewage plant. They fought cleaning up the Ashuelot River from being an open sewer. Whether it be Dunkin Donuts, Tractor Supply or a grocery chain or the pipeline, the don’t wants climb out from under their rocks and raise their ignorant heads. I bet these ignorant don’t wants fought paving Main street. Now you know why it is such a place for the ignorant to proliferate the town.

Anonymous said...

" Winchester is known for being a downtrodden, uneducated welfare town "

and the 2 posters above are the simple reason our town is labeled that way. A couple of dullards commenting on what they have no real perspective of .. sad little people, tiny fish in a big pond.

Anonymous said...

As for the pipeline I am still beyond upset that the BOS put the pipeline amount ( yes paltry compared to what other towns are doing) out as a warrant article instead of incorporating it into the legal fund line item of the budget. If the town voted in three articles last year to oppose the pipeline and they voted to be a part of the coalition doing what they did was just plain wrong. It will bite them in the a..... when the town needs mitigation money, defense money when there are explosions or road damage or any of the multitude of issues that require litigation and legal money. We will be on our own and raising taxes to cover the legal spending for years and years if it comes through. Those of you who voted NO will sorely regret your vote for sure.

dumbstruck and curious said...

Would one of you braggarts explain to me why anyone would want this pipeline to come to town and run through your backyards and take the chance on having the towns drinking water contaminated, an explosion or two in someone's neighborhood or having Kinder Morgan ban together with EverSource and getting the Utility Commission to okay the passing on to us, the expense to build this thing. Please I would really like to hear your reasoning if you voted no on article #9.

Shaking my head in amazement and not in a good way said...

I agree with the post of 8:44PM. The money should have been added directly to the legal budget in light of the results of last year's election.
Since that didn't happen, I wonder if it would be legal to start a fundraiser to raise the money and pay for the fees that way. I know - it still comes out of our pockets, and even moreso because only some will contribute - but at least we'd be part of the Coalition coverage.
I still can't believe that people voted to NOT approve this when they voted to approve nearly five times the amount for the first year's payment on a new fire truck - that one truck won't do any good if there's a problem with the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

The way the article is written may allow the BOS to come up with money in another way without the voters. I sure hope it does not take a special town meeting to correct this mess the BOS created by making it an article. Word is they thought it would pass and now are saying OOOOOPS!!!! Now what. We need to be supported by the coalition. The only people who are for the pipeline and would have voted against the money are sorely misinformed on the facts regarding the pipeline and the facts related to providing Winchester with natural gas.

Concerned said...

How about a recount on the "pipeline" vote? What would that take?

Anonymous said...

They already asked. There has been no more than one or two votes different in any recounts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous at 6:56.

Can't we do better than this? said...

The Town of Winchester took out an ad in the Sentinel, asking for people interested in serving on the Select Board to fill out Volunteer Interest Forms; guess that's how they'll fill Ken's empty seat. Looks like a certain person will still get to influence the Board instead of allowing the voice of the people to be heard by using the person with third highest number of votes in the election to have the position.