Sunday, March 13, 2016

Depth of government disdain revealed,

The worst fears of the Founding Fathers has come to fruition. Most of them, I’m sure, must be spinning in their graves. The centralized, behemoth, multi-tentacled monster known as the federal government, has once again shown its disdain for the citizens of this once, great nation.
How so?
Consider the March 2, 2016, Union Leader article: Kinder Morgan: Federal regulations preempt state rules on proposed pipeline.
Did you get that? Federal regulations preempt state rules on proposed pipeline!
And, as citizens of New Hampshire, that entails one of the most hated of all land-grabs: eminent domain.
Even if families have lived, worked and died on their property for generations, the feds — for all practical purposes working for Kinder Morgan — can take and defile the land with a pipeline filled with highly flammable gas, creating an incinerator zone for three hundred feet, effectively wiping out any living thing — including humans — heaven forbid, if the unthinkable happens.
Is there any hope that our state can prevail at least in this aspect of the battle?
According to the article, the constitution pipeline, proposed for upstate New York, has full Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval, but Gov. Cuomo has refused to allow the state Department of Environmental Conservation to issue stream-crossing permits for the project.
This can — and should — occur in the Granite State; that is, if our elected representatives decide to ensure that the will of the people is manifest through proper legislative action.
There is much more to this than meets the eye; the fight isn’t over, it’s just beginning.
Eugene R. DeLalla


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